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10 Items Every Weed Lover Needs To Own

Girl smoking weed

Every weed lover should own these 10 handy items.

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Anita Hardwood

As a divorcee ready to conquer the world, Anita’s first goal was to get her body back to looking like it did when she was a teenager. Fitness, eating well, and a healthy sex life have proven to be a winning combination for this mother of one. After she fixed her own psyche, Anita set her sights on fixing the world, focusing mainly on the ignorance surrounding the LGBTQ community. She writes for Filthy Gorgeous between pride rallies and raising her pride and joy, her son.

The battle over legalization of weed is as relevant today as the battle against prohibition nearly 100 years ago. Only in America does it take 100 years to learn not to make the same mistake again. The ten top weed articles offer insight and validation to the ongoing war against the conservative religious and far right elements that would keep humankind from toking and smoking. Weed is no longer an alternative recreational drug. The sour flower has been gaining popularity with mainstream culture steadily over the past few decades and the obsession is only starting.

10. Hello Kitty Grinder

Hello Kitty likes smoking Mary Jane more than any other cool cat. This is the perfect present for a girlfriend. It is not a character you would instantly associate with a grinder which makes it a nice curve ball present! And plus, it’s pretty cheap. This grinder is a four compartment grinder which is certainly necessary for the grinder to work effectively. This particular model is only 2.2 inches in diameter and some may say it is a bit tacky, but if you like Hello Kitty and you like grinding, then this is the one for you.


The Weed Cookbook


If you are lucky enough to live in a state with legalized medical marijuana, this book, The Weed Cookbook: How to Cook with Medical Marijuana, has forty five recipes to put that dispensary Cali good-good to proper use. Cure what ails you with a hot plate of “Mary Jane’s Mac & Cheese” washed down with a fresh cup of “Dragon Piss”, with some “Coco & Zoot’s Ice Cream Delight” for dessert. With detailed instructions, this is the perfect reference for anyone who wants to incorporate cannabis into their daily diet.


9. Smoke The Galaxy Sweatshirt

Smoke up the galaxy with this colorful weed sweater. This beautiful bud sweatshirt will keep you nice and warm on those cold music festival nights. This item is made with an extremely soft garment using HD Photographic Printing Technology. The fine mixture of polyester and cotton allow us to print high definition images and create unique, fresh and innovative products.

8. Zobo Water Pipe

Smoke with grace and class from this hookah style water pipe. One of the most well-known effects of marijuana is the powerful surge in appetite many users feel after smoking or ingesting the drug, colloquially known as “the munchies.” This effect of THC has to do with the underlying reason why the chemical affects the human brain so potently in the first place. Our brains typically produce their own chemicals that fit into these same receptors, so by mimicking their activity, THC can artificially alter the same factors in dramatic ways.



7. Reefer Madness

In Reefer Madness, high-school principal Dr. Alfred Carroll relates to an audience of parents that marijuana can have devastating effects on teens. In his story, a drug supplier entices several restless teens, including sister and brother Mary and Jimmy Lane and Mary’s boyfriend, Bill, into frequenting a “reefer” house. Gradually, Bill and Jimmy are drawn into smoking dope, which affects their family lives and leads to a terrible crime.

6. Coca-Cola Grinder

This two inch steel mini grinder designed to look like a Coca-Cola can for easy stashing. Every dealer claims they have the best weed. No matter what shwaggy garbage they are holding they will swear it is God’s gift to reefer-heads. So how do you make sure you get your dollar’s worth? By knowing what you’re buying. The AK-47 has 36.6 percent THC, it is as powerful as most hashish! It looks and smells like Sour Diesel, but it is almost twice as strong. This will put you on the ground as fast as the firearm bearing the same name. Underestimate this shit at your peril!


Hot Girls Love: To Smoke Weed


5. Pot Leaf Bikini

Support the cannabis industry by outwardly expressing your love of cannabis with this pot leaf bikini. The emerging cannabis market is utilizing technology to provide convenient access to the psychedelic flower. “Meadow,” a California based start-up, is an app that enables valid medical cannabis patients to order strains from their favorite dispensary. Within the hour, medical cannabis will be delivered to the patients door. Meadows staff plans to integrate the app with local dispensary’s inventory, to provide real-time updates on available strains.

4. Two Hose Hookah

This 22 inch quality hookah is an example of modern production applied to an old tradition. It is easy to assemble/disassemble, clean, and store away, making it the perfect hookah to take on the road. Weed is no longer an alternative recreational drug. The sour flower has been gaining popularity with mainstream culture steadily over the past few decades and the obsession is only starting. Increased measures to pursue legalization in places like Washington, Colorado, and even NYC have helped to accelerate its acceptance as a form of recreation.



3. Zelda Joint Holder & Lighter

This Legend of Zelda joint holder is great to bring to a party. This amazingly detailed stainless still case is equipped with a build in refillable butane lighter. It can hold up to 10 regular size cigarettes. This case is water proof and the lighter can be removed. Whether freaky or geeky, marijuana is common ground for all subcultures. For users looking for a smoking experience catered to their hobbies of choice, there are many creatively titled strains. Each boasts a slightly different experience and is designed to fulfill the needs of both serious and casual users. The favorites here are the ones aptly named for an aspect of the geek world based on the buds side effects.

2. Multicolor Glass Pipe

This premium hand blown glass pipe with exterior twists for a better grip. New strains are being created all of the time, especially as the medical marijuana market is taking off. One of the most important advancements of medicating is that the evolving strains can now cater to individual needs. Each of the strains above is developed to bring an enhanced and unique smoking experience to the users. This process has made the evolving plants awesome not only for those with medical needs but the recreational users as well.



1. Pot Leaf Pasties

What do most guys love more than pot? Boobs! Give your girl a pair of these pot leaf nipple pasties and you can get high in a more natural way. But in places like Washington, Colorado, and even NYC, weed has been legalized. Even more states have already began utilizing the plant for medicinal purposes. These factors are proving that the marijuana market is being tapped into from every angle on some level, legal or not. Now, any serious stoner knows that while smoking the weed is fun, it’s the hunt for the best strains that can really make the experience. As the industry grows the smokers relationship with the plant is changing as well.

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