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10 Of The Best Condoms To Keep In Your Bedside Drawer


These 10 condoms offer textures and flavors to blow your mind.

Written By

Stella Rae

After finding work at a sex toy store during college, Stella Rae began to reveal and explore her deviant side. Bringing her love of sex toys into amateur porn was her calling and she excelled at it. Stella has recently found love and retired from the adult movie world, but has brought her sex experience and sass to FGM to finally put that college degree to use.

As Lil Wayne once said in his artful rap titled Lollipop, “Safe sex is great sex, better wear a latex.” And while this may be the smartest thing the rapper has ever said, we can’t agree more, so Filthy Gorgeous has compiled a list of 10 of the best condoms to keep in your bedside drawer. Besides protecting you and your partner, condoms are a great way to some fun into the bedroom. Act out the scene from Fifty Shades of Grey using the iconic foil wrapped condom or indulge in a Pina Colada on a penis with Condom Cocktails. Condoms come in a variety of textures, colors and flavors so you will always be able to find the best ones to fit all your needs, and his. Whether you choose a studded condom or one that sensually heats up with every thrust, these are 10 of the best condoms to keep in your bedside drawer.


10. Trojan Fire & Ice Condoms

These unique Trojan Fire & Ice condoms are sure to boost the passion and excitement in your relationship. A unique dual action lubricant coats the inside and outside of each condom. In addition to the usual slickness, the lube creates a special warming, tingling sensation when it comes in contact with the skin. The lube inside the condom will stimulate him while the lube outside the condom will bring your arousal and pleasure to new orgasmic heights. Spice up your sex life while still being safe when you choose these Trojan Fire & Ice condoms.


9. Iron Grip Condoms

Some people aren’t so keen on using condoms because they feel the barrier interferes with the pleasure. But Iron Grip silicon-lubricated latex condoms have done away with that problem. These condoms hug manhood for more sensitivity and natural-feeling pleasure. Though they are a tighter fitting condom, they don’t compromise performance. Men who consider themselves “smaller” praise Iron Grip because the condom offers a great, snug fit. They are thin while still being durable and secure, which is a perfect combination.


8. Condom Cocktails

Add a dash of delicious to your sexual explorations with these wildly flavored Condom Cocktails! Each container containing 40 condoms comes in three flavors inspired by classic cocktail favorites: crisp Appletini, exotic Pina Colada and sweet Strawberry Daquiri. They are great for oral play because they taste amazing and make fellatio oh so sweet! But in addition to being tasty, each premium latex condom is lubricated for incredible pleasure and protection so you can enjoy intercourse after (or instead of) oral. Condom Cocktails are safe to combine with any water based lubricant or your favorite sex toys.


7. Fifty Shades Of Grey Foil Packet Condoms

The Fifty Shades of Grey Foil Packet Condoms combine the erotic bond of intercourse and enhanced natural sensations. In the novel, Fifty Shades of Grey, Anastasia Steele says, “He takes out a foil packet, gazing down at me, his expression dark. He rolls the condom down over his impressive length.” Now you can look at your man the same way when he takes out these ultra thin, lubricated condoms. For barely-there skin on skin sensation and protection, these safe and comfortable Foil Packet Condoms are a great item to offer you a peace of mind so you can fully enjoy the moment.

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6. Trojan Charged Condoms

We know a good sex session can really heat things up, but these condoms turn up the heat, as well. Trojan Charged Condoms are pre-lubricated on the inside and outside with active sex enhancers L-Arginine, Maca and Ginger for increased pleasure for the both of you. They will warm up and excite for intensified pleasure as you make love! They offer increased stimulation with every thrust because they are deep ribbed to strengthen your shared orgasmic experiences. Trojan Charged Condoms are made from natural rubber latex that provide safe, trusted protection.


5. One Vanish Condoms

After protection, the most important things about a condom is how it feels. One Vanish Condoms allow you to feel closer than ever! The latest advancement in latex technology feels like a vanishing act, but don’t be fooled, they still offer complete protection. The ultra thin condoms are softer, smoother, clearer and purer than ever before which provide a more pleasurable experience for both you and your partner. The crystal clear premium latex of One Vanish Condoms is 35% thinner than most standard condoms and is lubricated for gliding comfort.


4. Trojan Double Ecstasy Condoms

With Trojan Double Ecstasy Condoms you will definitely feel the intense pleasure, not the condom. The radical design of the condom features a ribbed shaft that stimulates with every thrust. The premium latex condoms has a lubricant outside that will warm and excite her while the lube inside stimulates him for the ultimate pleasure combination for you both. Trojan Double Ecstasy Condoms are comfort shaped for a more natural feeling freedom of movement while the two of you turn up the heat. The tapered base means a secure fit that won’t let go, so he can trust away without worry and let the ribbed shaft drive you wild.


3. Donald Trump Condoms

Many people believe that if Donald Trump gets elected into the White House that we are fucked. Protect yourself from with these Donald Trump Condoms. “The Undisputed Richest Best Condom Ever Created” is a standard size, not as big as Trump’s ego. It is a lubricated latex condom that will have you enjoying a night of pleasure while offering protection. Condoms are a safe, reliable way to bring intimacy to the next level, whether it is during intercourse or oral sex. This is the perfect condom to use for after dinner activities following a dinner party that got a little too heated about the political debates.


2. Lifestyles CLMX Condoms

Take arousal to a whole new level with Lifestyles CLMX Condoms. It is slightly mint flavored for any lip smacking excitement, but the real pleasure is in the one of a kind design. Each scientifically engineered straight-shape latex condom comes with raised studs all over the shaft to multiply and intensify sensation and pleasure. You will feel the difference and love him even more for it. The condoms are lubricated with smooth and silky UltraGlide lube for effortless intercourse. The box containing 10 Lifestyles CLMX Condoms will go quickly as you both can’t get enough of the innovative design.


1. Trojan Studded Condoms

These Trojan Studded Bareskin Condoms allow you to experience ultimate sensitivity and maximum stimulation. The super thin design offers a feeling liek the condom isn’t even there, but the elevated studs along its length add texture for increased satisfaction. Enjoy a night of pleasure while still staying safe and protected. The ultra-thin latex condoms are lubricated with silky smooth lube which when combined, allows you to feel every moment more intimately. The roomy shape of Trojan Studded Bareskin Condoms allow comfort while still being very reliable.

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