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10 Of The Best Erotic Games To Get You In The Mood


Game night just got erotic with these 10 adult games that will help you get in the mood.

Written By

Stella Rae

After finding work at a sex toy store during college, Stella Rae began to reveal and explore her deviant side. Bringing her love of sex toys into amateur porn was her calling and she excelled at it. Stella has recently found love and retired from the adult movie world, but has brought her sex experience and sass to FGM to finally put that college degree to use.

These 10 erotic games will have you reminiscing about the first time you played spin the bottle. So get ready to turn down the lights, and turn up the heat on your sex life. Playing an erotic board game with your lover is a great way to easily and comfortably test new limits and bring a little something extra to the bedroom. This list of board games were created by adults for adults with the idea that the best part of any game should be about having naughty fun with each other. Indulge your sweet side with a game involving chocolate syrup, or live out your fantasy affair without even leaving the bedroom. With these adult sex games, the foreplay during the competition turns you on, and in the end, everyone wins!


10. Massage Seductions Game

Everyone loves a nice massage. But now turn the muscle relaxing techniques into a game with Massages Seductions Game. Set the atmosphere with candles and soft music. Start by choosing a card with the massage technique that appeals most to you and your partner. Light the massage candle and use it as a lotion to rub into your lover’s skin. The Warming Heart Massager heats up to add extra sensations into the rub down. So, whether you are trying to trick your partner into giving you a massage or you want to remove the stress from his life, this is a great game for a quiet night in with the ultimate relaxation.


9. Fantasy Affairs Game

This game leads you and your partner into an affair without ever leaving the house. Dive into the realm of erotic fantasy and role play with the Fantasy Affairs Game. You each start by choosing a Fantasy affairs card game which can include classics like the naughty housewife seducing the handyman or a strip club patron who’s eager for a private dance. Then alternate rolling the die and moving your pieces around the board. Along the way you will experience creative kisses, naughty instructions and collect heart tokens. The first to collect five wins! The prize? To live out the Fantasy Affair of your choice.


8. Fifty Ways To Tease Your Lover Game

If you liked Fifty Shades of Grey, then you will love the Fifty Ways To Tease Your Lover Game. Start by rolling the dice. The highest roller goes first. Roll the dice alternately and add each number you roll to the last, until one of you reaches a sum of 50. The first one to a sum of 50 gets to pick a card from the stack of tease cards. You may draw something like: “Tie your lover standing with their hands above them. Blindfold them. Now kiss, lick, tickle, and explore every erogenous zone” or fantasies like mutual masturbation. No matter what you draw, this game is sure to subtly, and safely bring out the kinky side of you both. The game includes a satin blindfold, feather tickler, and rope tie to aid you in the execution of your fantasies.


7. Oral Sex Game

Just the name of this game gets people going! The object of the Oral Sex Game is written all over the title. As you and your partner move your individual game pieces around the board, you will tease each other. The first person to reach THE TONGUE on the game board gets oral sex! With five oral sex techniques for him and five for her, you are sure to have an experience like never before. Play this game a couple of times and it’s like taking a class on the art of eating out. So, whether you are an oral extraordinaire or looking to add more skills to your oral repertoire, this is the game for you and your lover.

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6. Game Of Chocolate Decadence

Sweeten up your sex life with some chocolate. The Game of Chocolate Decadence allows you to enjoy many nights of seductive, creative play as you paint one another with delicious body syrup. You and your lover take turns rolling the die and moving around the game board. You perform the action assigned to each space as you land on it, such as “Remove an item of you clothing” or “Passionately kiss your lover.” The first person to reach the Chocolate Decadence Heart wins the game and gets to select their favorite award to act out. The game comes with everything you need to make your night with your sweetie even sweeter.


5. Casino Boudoir Game

Have the rush of fun and adrenaline you get at a casino in the comfort of your own home with the Casino Boudoir Game Box. Test the odds as you play Sexy Slots, Couple’s Casino Craps, Roulette Sex, and BJ Blackjack. As you play the games, you earn sexual rewards, then at the end of the night, redeem your chips for favorite sex positions that are printed directly on the chips.


4. Sex! The Board Game

Grab your lover and have some fun with Sex! The board game, that is. As you roll the die and move around the board, you will land on spaces that designate commands, such as Kiss, Feed, or Strip. Roll the specialty game dice to create a sexy combination. One gives you a part of the body, as in neck or lips. The other tells you how to perform that action, like suck or stroke. Draw a trivia card and ask your lover a question. If they answer correctly, you both win a sexual positions card. Tease and tantalize your lover as you each try to collect six cards. When you’ve collected all six, you act out the sex fantasy you have created.


3. Bondage Seductions Game

Try out your kinky bondage fantasies with Bondage Seductions Game. Whether you are pros or bondage beginners, this game will make your erotic fantasies come true. It’s simple. Grab the dice and roll. Find the card the matches the numbers on your dice and read your fantasy out loud. The possibilities include play submissive or act as the kidnapped victim to your lover’s sexy villain, as well as many others. Enjoy lap dances, tongue worship, and spanking. The game includes two silky ties for bondage, a blindfold mask, and a rubber whip.


2. Bathtub Love Game

Rub a dub dub, have some fun in the tub. Relax, unwind all while getting turned on with the Bathtub Love Game. Drizzle the fragrant Love Suds into running water and step into the warm, fluffy suds. Toss the 10 plastic bubbles into the bath. You and your partner will take turns opening them and follow the naughty instructions inside. There are 40 different waterproof message to choose from to enhance a night of good, clean fun.


1. Hot And Spicy Dice

In this game, everyone wins! The Hot and Spice Dice Game comes with two sets of dice, pink for her and blue for him. Each die depicts a body part, an action, and a location. As she rolls the dice, you could be commanded to lick her nipples in the dining room. When it’s his turn, you might have to suck his balls in the kitchen. Take turns rolling each set and see what unexpected combination you wind up with. The possibilities, and the fun, are endless.

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