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10 Of The Best Fashion Pieces From Married To The Mob


Make your wardrobe Filthy Gorgeous with these 10 pieces from Married To The Mob.

Written By

Scarlet Belle

As a recent college graduate, Scarlett refuses to follow the crowd when it comes to living her life. Working as a lingerie model to pay off student loans, she enjoys the time she has off to travel with her boyfriend to different adult entertainment conventions around the country. Her fascination for all things sexy has also lead her to write for Filthy Gorgeous

Married to the Mob is not your average women’s fashion brand. Known for its hats, the brand oozes of style, quality, and androgyny. According to their site, “Married to the Mob was conceptualized on a hot sticky New York City day in summer 2004. Sitting on her stoop on Spring Street and working on her second to-go Margarita, it dawned on label founder Leah that while there were tons of great street brands for guys, there was virtually no version out there for females. Thus the concept for MOB was born: A streetwear label designed for women and by women.” This list highlights ten of the sexiest Married to the Mob products that have the ability to sexually empower all Filthy Gorgeous women across the globe.

10. B*tches Sports Bra

In the world of hip hop clothing, a divide between men’s and women’s gear has always existed. In order to put woman’s street fashions ahead of the curve, Married to the Mob’s founders and designers took the loudness of men’s brands and integrated in their own boldness, resulting in a look that defines a new generation of women. The B*tches Sports Bra captures the new wave of feminism that is empowering women across the globe. There is no other hip hop clothing for women line around that can reach the level of boldness MTTM has.


Geekin Beanie


This Geekin Beanie is an essential for every closet. Let’s say you slept through your alarm, or you’re late for a date. The worst part of both situations? Your hair just will not cooperate. Whether it’s too flat or too frizzy, the first solution for many women is to tie it up it up to resemble a passable “messy bun” look. Why bother? Grab the Geekin Beanie and voila! Bye, bye messy hair, and hello fashionista!


9. High RN Muscle Tee

Weed is no longer an alternative recreational drug. The sour flower has been gaining popularity with mainstream culture steadily over the past few decades and the obsession is only starting. The High RN Muscle Tee is perfect for any Mary Jane going to a concert or for any woman that wants to the combination of art world style and hip hop brashness that make MTTM a true innovation on the fashion scene.

8. Let’s Bone Cropped Tank

Put an end to all that cat calling and creepy whistling with this tank top. The Let’s Bone Cropped Tank is a bold statement piece that is perfect for the empowered woman on the go. Although it will ward off the unwanted advances of everyday creeps, it still has the power to attract positive vibes from others around you. Since it is a cropped tank, get ready to strut your stuff with this fabulous ab-displaying top that is as fierce as you are.



7. Club MOB Sweatpants

With MTTM’s daring statements, you’ll find yourself the center of attention whenever you sport these comfortable yet stylish Club MOB Sweatpants. These sweats styled to be streetwear-chic with sneakers and boots and a top that ties it all together. Being a Supreme Bitch is hard but someone has to do it. The women that rock these pants are supportive and loving but also will call you out on things and fight if needed. They can be dangerous if you get on their bad side, and usually they don’t give a fuck about things!

6. B*tch As F*ck Muscle Tee

“As Fuck” is a phrase that is commonly inserted after any adjective to make it stronger. The Bitch As Fuck Muscle Tee by MTTM takes that phrase and attaches it to the already strong adjective, Bitch. If you know you’re the boss bitch, or the Queen B of your friends, then this tank top is for you. Wear it proudly because MTTB has flipped the script and is determined to stop letting the bitch label hold women back. Don’t be nice. Be a bitch. Why? Because bitches are going to rule the world.




5. Face It Muscle Tee

The definition of a basic bitch is a woman who engages in typical, unoriginal behaviors, modes of dress, speech, and likes. She believers herself to be unique, fly, amazing, and a complete catch, when really she is boring, painfully normal, and sub-par. The Face It Muscle Tee stands out among all the generic shirts and tells others, “Face It, You Basic.” Be unique, unapologetic, and embrace your true self because that’s all you can be.

4. We Gucci Cropped Sweatpants

Married to the Mob is not just a brand, it’s a way of life. For everyday wear, or when you’re working out at the gym, these Gucci Cropped sweatpants will fit easily into your wardrobe. They read “WE GUCCI” on the right leg and “MARRIED TO THE MOB” on the left leg, alternating in the instantly recognizable brand’s colors. Elastic ribbed waistband and cuffs along with a drawstring keep these pants comfy and snug, but it has a sexy tapered fit hangs that perfectly off yer body. So what does “We Gucci” mean exactly?  To have as much style and confidence as you, of course!



3. Zooted Muscle Tee

Blow the haters a little kiss goodbye with the Zooted Muscle Tee. This premium cotton tee features a center front graphic and cutoff sleeves so you can show ‘em that you mean business. Rock this shirt with denim cutoffs and your favorite sneakers to complete the look. Take on the day, or feel powerful on a date by wearing this tee. Whatever you do, just make sure to represent the kind of chick you really are in tank from Married to the Mob.

2. New MOB City Crewnecks

Uncertified bitches can shop some place else. The New Mob City Crewneck is for the Most Official Bitch only. This classic crewneck has a crew collar box fit with a cropped cut, accenting the right areas of yer body. With long sleeves and a fleece lining fer the most comfortable fit, no girl would dare mess with yew. So watch out world, there’s a new bitch in town.



1. Fine Boyfriend T-Shirt

Married To The Mob has been making waves and causing controversy in the fashion industry by emblazoning their designs with slogans like the one on the Fine Boyfriend T-Shirt that proudly displays, “Fine Ass Feminist” By putting these words on t-shirts and sweats, fashion is not only re-appropriating them, but also changing pre-conceived notions about feminism. “I think girls have been scared to call themselves feminists,” says designer Leah McSweeney from MTTM, “because in the past, in pop culture, a feminist has been deemed as a man-hating lesbian who looks butch and doesn’t care about looking cute, and that’s not really the case at all.”

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