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Posted by on Aug 3, 2015 in News | 0 comments

10 Of The Best Filthy Gorgeous Bachelorette Party Must Haves


These top 10 Filthy Gorgeous bachelorette party must haves will help any bride celebrate her deliciously dirty mind.

Written By

Scarlet Belle

As a recent college graduate, Scarlett refuses to follow the crowd when it comes to living her life. Working as a lingerie model to pay off student loans, she enjoys the time she has off to travel with her boyfriend to different adult entertainment conventions around the country. Her fascination for all things sexy has also lead her to write for Filthy Gorgeous

Oh, the romance of weddings! White dress, cake, family, bridesmaids, and of course, the groom. While I can’t say that I’m the marrying type, my girlfriends are counting down the days until they get to say ‘I Do.’ But what comes after love and before marriage? The bachelorette party! Her last night of freedom. Even more, an exciting night of drinking while watching male exotic dancers would not be complete without party favors. Now, you can go for classy and choose all white, or some other bridal sophisticated fair, but I’m a girl for tradition. And thankfully, when it comes to bachelorette parties, the tradition is oh so cheesy, oh so cheeky, penis favors! These fun trinkets can be taken out for a night on the town or for the private bash at home. Hilarious accessories for the crew can help jumpstart the party. This is prime time to make the bride cackle with tasteless trinkets and sexy suggestive styles that celebrate her deliciously dirty mind. Here, I am bringing you my favorite ten Filthy Gorgeous bachelorette party must haves. Ever loving and stable marriage needs a raunchy bachelorette party to help usher in marital bliss, and we’re here to help.

10. Naughty Confetti

Make it rain penises! Naughty Confetti comes in the shape of little willies for a fun and fabulous way to perk up the party. A must for that bachelorette party that needs a little spicing up, sprinkle it around, toss it in the air, or include a little handful in your party invitations.


Bachelorette Drinking Team Tank Top


It’s not a bachelorette party without obnoxious matching tank-tops! These tops indicate to everyone in the bar that 1) you are a member of the prestigious bachelorette party and 2) you demand a free drink. No girl’s night out is complete without one, and you’ll claim the attention of the room. Heck, you can even throw a penis sticker on it as well.


9. Marshmallow Willies

Marshmallow Willies Strawberry Flavored Marshmallows are perfect for the ladies with the sweet tooth! These penis shaped marshmallows are a sexy, tasty addition to your bachelorette party. Do candy totally different! These cheeky marshmallow treats are as naughty as they are sweet.

8. I Swallow Hanging Shot Glass

Hang this I Swallow Hanging Shot Glass around your neck and you’ll be sure to get free drinks all night! Let everyone know you swallow, liquor and more. And with the built in necklace, you’ll always have a glass handy to be filled.



7. Cock tail Shaker

Mix up the drinks in a very cheeky way with the eye catching COCKtail shaker. Working like a traditional martini shaker, the head unscrews, allowing you to mix, shake, and pour yourself and the girls a stiff one. Standing at 8 inches tall, size does matter when it comes to your liquor. And with roomy balls, just be sure to get to get every last drop… of liquor.

6. Naughty Shots Game

Ever wondered what Blue Balls, Buttery Nipples, a Butt Meister, a Red Headed Slut, a Nasty Bitch, and Blue Smurf Pee all have in common? They are some of the naughtiest drinks around! Never lose your glass, keep it handy around your neck. Make the bartender blush by giving him naughty recipes like Big O, Fuzzy Slut or Dirty Pussy.


The Virgin In White


5. Wild Willy’s Truth Or Dare Coasters

Have you ever looked at the coaster underneath your drink and thought, “Hey, why is this coaster not providing me with any sort of entertainment?” Besides warding off water rings and fancying up any drink that you place on them, Wild Willy’s Truth or Dare Coaster’s are sure to make your party a wild one! Make some memories that you may or may not want to forget.

4. Rainbow Cock Pops

When it comes to implied fellatio on a penis lollipop, there are two groups of women: the first group insists on realism and authenticity; the other recognizes how ridiculous it is for a lollipop to be shaped like a penis. Take your taste over the erotic rainbow with these multi-color pecker pops. These jumbo dicks are as fun to suck as they are to lick. Now how many licks will it take you to get to the bottom of this stick?



3. Tobar Happy Man Bottle Stopper

This cheeky little fellow’s massive appendage will plug the necks of wine bottles. Just “pull him off” when you want more! Tobar Happy Man Bottle Stopper has a nice girth that fits nicely in any wine bottle. And his rock hard part makes Happy Man ready for the job.

2. Penis Shot Glass

This cute ceramic shot glass is like a miniature version of a penis mug. Beige in color, these realistic looking peckers are printed with “I ♥ Peckers” on the side, in case anyone forgot. Perfect for that bachelorette party of for the chicks who just want to proclaim their love of dicks. Hey, we’re not here to judge either way.



1. Peckerheads Wine Charms

Make her last night as a single woman an exciting and memorable one. Surprise her with the first toast by decorating the glasses with Peckerheads Wine Charms! These fun, uniquely decorative charms will have the guest falling out of their seat as well as remind the bride of all the shapes and sizes that she will miss out on because she’s a one woman man now!

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