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10 Of The Best Kim Kardashian Fake Nudes


Here’s your chance to admire modern artistry – Photoshopped porn of famous Hollywood starlet Kim Kardashian.

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Polly Dix praises inappropriate behavior, a crusader for the irregular, and thrives off of the idea of “the new normal”. She uses her wit and intellect to charm the masses.

Kim Kardashian’s ass once broke the internet. Now an expecting mother, Kardashian has transformed herself from being Paris Hilton’s closet organizer, to a multimillion-dollar brand. If Google’s most recent list of the most searched people is any indication, she’s one of the most famous people in the world. Between her candid reality show, no-holds-barred interviews, cute PDA with husband Kanye West, and provocative photo shoots, the middle Kardashian sister hasn’t left much to the imagination. After Kim’s near decade in the spotlight, she has been married three times, became a mother, and showed the world just how amazing her body really is.

It is important to stress that Filthy Gorgeous Media is displaying this offensive and degrading material in the hopes of educating the public to this dangerous activity of people photoshopping celebrities onto naked bodies. These images are not of the real Kim Kardashian. Only the most naive among us would actually believe that these are real images of Kim. Instead, enjoy the fact that photoshopping porn onto famous Hollywood starlets has been elevated to an art form.

Breaking The Internet


Kim Kardashian has no regrets about that infamous Paper shoot that, to use the online world’s most annoying phrase, “broke the internet”. The reality star posed nude, exposing her oil-covered derriere. When asked if she’d do the shoot all over again, she replied: “Absolutely!” “I always learn from my mistakes but something like a photo shoot, I never regret,” she said. “I would so do them over. She described the shoot as “empowering”, explaining that it helped build her confidence at a time when she didn’t feel happy about her body.

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Double D Delights


Kim Kardashian was born on October 21, 1980, in Beverly Hills, California. In recent years, the she has garnered a Paris Hilton-like celebrity status thanks to her curvaceous style, a hit reality TV show, a string of workout DVDs, and last but not least, a scandalous video showcasing her sexual exploits with former boyfriend, rapper Ray J. In 2006, she opened a boutique with her sisters, Kourtney and Khloé.

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Sexy Socialite


Kim Kardashian is one of the most successful people in reality television and she also happens to be married to one of the most famous music artists on the planet. She has a reported net worth of $85 million, while her husband Kanye West’s net worth is recorded at $130 million. Kim started raking in the dough from social media back in 2009 as Business Insider previously reported that she was making $10,000 per tweet on her Twitter account, having brands and companies pay her to tweet.

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Behind The Scenes Of Keeping Up With The Kardashians


How does Kim Kardashian keep herself looking flawless? A lot of money. According to Daily Mail, she spends about $1 million on maintaining her beauty each year. Kim did an interview with Into the Gloss and opened up about some of the items she spends her earnings on. Kim said she gets her eyebrows done by Anastasia Beverly Hills and the price for that is $50 for a high-end brow shaping. She also pays to have several makeup artists, from Mario Dedivanovic to Joyce Bonelli to Rob Scheppy.

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Body After Baby


Kim Kardashian announced that she’s expecting baby number two during a Keeping Up With the Kardashians sneak peek on May 31, 2015, and the reality star has never looked happier! But while the world doesn’t know too many details about baby West other than reports that it might be a boy, the happy news is already worlds away from her pregnancy with her first child, daughter North. Kim is no longer involved in a bitter breakup, they’ve moved into their dream home, and they made things official by getting hitched in Italy.

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Deliveries Around Back


Kim Kardashian’s biggest ASSet has been the topic of conversation for years. Despite being a reality tv star and a mom, Kim probably best known for her insane figure. Last year she showed it all off in a nude spread for Paper Magazine that really got people talking. That small waist and ample behind will very likely go down in history, right there next to the high-profile derrieres of Jennifer Lopez, Nicki Minaj, and Beyoncé.

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Black Guys Only


Some have suggested that for as much as Kim and Khloe emote, they are really only exploiting their black men. This is a problematic premise in that it supposes that black men aren’t lovable. Reggie and Lamar are attractive, rich and obedient little puppies. What woman wouldn’t love that? If anything, the sisters, who’ve always had enough money to live in Beverly Hills, drive Bentleys, and eschew traditional work, have historically advanced the careers of their boyfriends.

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Life After Kris Humphries


Before anyone knew who she was, Kim was married to producer Damon Thomas, and then her infamous nuptials to baller Kris Humphries were splashed all over E! and the cover of PEOPLE. Since the union imploded in 72 days, it was an embarrassing situation for her. This time, Kim is dialing it down, choosing not to turn her wedding into a media circus. She has exercised incredible restraint with her personal life since linking up with ‘Ye, opting for low-key, Instagram and talk show-driven reveals of photos of their daughter North, instead of pocketing a six-figure sum from a glossy.

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Nip Slip


Kardashian, it seems, is almost wired for fame. A preschool classmate of Paris Hilton, she grew up under the glare and privilege of Beverly Hills, getting an up-close view of Hollywood’s pleasures and pitfalls. Her father, the founder of Movie Tunes, Inc., a music and marketing company, was a prominent attorney. A close friend for many years of O.J. Simpson, Robert was one of the football star’s defense lawyers during his murder trial. In fact, it was the attorney’s home that Simpson left during the famous Ford Bronco police chase shortly before his arrest. Robert Kardashian died from cancer of the esophagus in October 2003.

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Ray J Hit It First


In early 2007, a video of Kardashian and the rapper in bed made it into the hands of Vivid Entertainment, a large adult film company. Vivid, which paid $1 million for rights to the 30-minute tape, widely promoted the release of the video, which it called Kim Kardashian Superstar. Kardashian quickly countered with legal action, suing for invasion of privacy. But in May 2007, three months after the video’s debut, she agreed to a $5 million settlement. “It definitely puts you in a category that I would wish upon no one,” Kim Kardashian later said on The Tyra Banks Show. “Your reputation is all that you have, and if people prejudge you over something that you did, than that kind of sticks with you a long time.”

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Top 5 Kim Kardashian Ass Moments

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