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10 Of The Best Male Pornstars To Follow On Twitter


These 10 mega sexy male pornstars need to enter your um, radar and Twitter feed immediately.

Written By

Scarlett Belle 

As a recent college graduate, Scarlett refuses to follow the crowd when it comes to living her life. Working as a lingerie model to pay off student loans, she enjoys the time she has off to travel with her boyfriend to different adult entertainment conventions around the country. Her fascination for all things sexy has also lead her to write for Filthy Gorgeous.

In the event that your Twitter feed is flooded with mundane musings, may we suggest that you get it filled by male porn stars? Now you too can spice things up on your Twitter feed by following a few more adult film stars. Finally, that little blue bird is getting some XXX action. Nowadays, like any other celebrity, porn stars have a presence on social media. Some are better than others at the whole social media game. Some just fill your feed with endless invites to ”cam”, some will post naked tweets of themselves every few hours. It’s always a pleasure to see someone’s naked Twitpic right below a personal friend of yours tweeting about how their feet hurt from running, or a foodie posting the sushi they just ordered, or a pregnant lady giving morning-sickness color commentary. Recently, Filthy Gorgeous did a post about the ten hottest female porn stars on Twitter. While women tend to get a lot of the attention in the porn industry, some of the male porn stars out there are just as smoking hot; and we think they deserve a lot more attention than they’re getting. Whether you’re on the lookout for a pretty boy, a horror-porn hero or a dude who’s straight up strong and sexy, there’s plenty of male pornstars to go around. Here is our list for the top ten male pornstar twitter accounts that stand out from the rest.

10. Erik Everhard

Since beginning his porn career way back in 1998, Erik Everhard has become an absolute force of nature within the industry. Born Mitchell Hartwell, Mr. Everhard is both an actor and director, known for his gonzo pornography films. He made his first forays into adult films in 1995 around the age of 22 performing for web sites in Canada. At the urging of friends and colleagues, Mr. Everhard moved to Los Angeles in 1999 to pursue his career. His first shoot in the United States was for director Jules Jordan. Mr. Everhard’s production company, Everhard Entertainment, has received 6 awards To date, he has received 16 different awards on his own. Mr. Everhard attributed his career choice not to financial gain but to sexual enjoyment, saying he regularly enjoys sex and masturbation off camera. His unique style of sexual satisfaction requires a main ingredient of a delicious diva; or two.

9. Chad White

Chad White is a prolific straight male star working with many top stars and studios in the industry. Since his induction into adult film in 2008, Mr. White has performed in interracial, BDSM, plot-oriented, and many gonzo scenes. While not much is known about his life before porn, Mr. White has become a staple male star for Digital Sin and New Sensations Productions, appearing in over 50 of their productions combined. Also going by the names of Blair and Mattox, he is quickly becoming a go-to male performer for his muscular physique and impressive 9″ dick. The multiple AVN-nominated star is currently dating fellow porn star Nicole Aniston. His nominations include a 2015 nomination for Best Supporting Actor in Second Chances and a 2015 nomination for the Best Boy/Girl Sex Scene in Not Jersey Boys XXX: A Porn Musical.

8.  Johnny Castle

Sexy doesn’t begin to describe Johnny Castle, and hot doesn’t even come close either! Mr. Castle, born under the name Rocco Santini, is one of the hottest porn stars around, with almost a perfect body and perfect package. For those of you not in the know – and apparently haven’t watched movies very much – Johnny Castle is Patrick Swayze’s character in the 1987 movie Dirty Dancing. Arguably the porn star version is as studly as Mr. Swayze. Since 2006 Mr. Castle has chalked-up literally hundreds of videos. He started doing porn while he was in college working towards his Masters in psychology. A manager at Abercrombie, and a student with a 3.7 gpa, Mr. Castle decided to walk out on an important test to go shoot a scene and haven’t looked back since! Also performing under the name Antonio Lorca, Mr. Castle performed a few enthusiastic solo performances in 2007, teasing his body, but limiting himself to a strip tease and jerk off.  You can find plenty of material on Mr. Castle these days, and I am not complaining one bit!

7. Mick Blue

Not only did the country of Austria produce Arnold Schwarzenegger, but it also gave the world the erotic film star Mick Blue. Mr. Blue started masturbating at age 12, and ever since he started, he hasn’t stopped! This next-generation adult film stud began his exhibition work as a model in photo shoots for an Austrian magazine called OEKM. His first glimpse at performing sexually on camera came around September of 2000, while in Paris, working for a German company called Videorama. Still new to the whole industry, Mr. Blue began working steadily mostly in Europe. He was awarded in Belgium, Best Supporting Actor in March 2003 and received a nomination for Best Foreign Performer of the Year in Berlin, 2003. He began working in America in 2004. his German accent and his piercing blue eyes get the girls really wet. Mr. Blue might have an innocent look, but can do a very dirty scene. Him and his wife, adult film co-star Anikka Albrite, won AVN Awards for Male and Female Performer of the Year for Best Anal Scene for their scene in Hard X’s “Anikka”, making them the first married couple to ever win both awards simultaneously.

6. Tommy Gun

Tommy Gunn began his career in the adult movie industry in 2004 and was voted as the 2005 Best Male Newcomer of the Year. Back in the 90’s, Mr. Gunn entered a “hot body” contest, and even though he lost the contest, he was offered work as a stripper. For ten years, he traveled all over the country and the world, taking off his clothes every step of the way. A girlfriend and fellow stripper asked him to join her on a trip to Los Angeles to become a porn star. Since then, Mr. Gunn has appeared in over 1600 titles. Born under the name of Thomas Joseph Strada, he appeared in the 7th season of the TV series Entourage in 2010 and has a number of appearances in other mainstream films and TV series, usually credited with his real name. As the CEO of Assassin Pictures, Inc, Mr. Gunn directed and starred in a 3-D choose-your-own-adventure movie titled Cummin’ At You 3D in 2009. Although I’m sure his horny, hardcore style of pornographic pleasure also makes the ladies swoon with sexual dreams and delight.

5. Lexington Steele

Over the years, Lexington Steele has established himself as one of the most popular, most successful men in porn. Mr. Steele is one of the most recognized faces in the adult entertainment industry. Before joining the adult films in 1996, Clifton Britt worked as a stockbroker on Wall Street while also modeling for local agencies. He took on the name Lexington Steele and started appearing in adult movies in April 1996 in New York City, appearing in the interracial amateur productions of Lynn Carroll, an over 40 Milf and frequent co-star of Mr. Steele’s. He moved to Los Angeles and joined the industry full-time in March 1998. Together with his acting, Mr. Steele also owns two production companies, ‘Mercenary Motion Pictures’ and ‘Black Viking Pictures’ where he both acts and directs. This man has made a name for himself with his “massive 11 inches of hardcore punishment”, as stated on his website. His Playboy TV, Lex in the City and legendary Lex the Impaler series helped Mr. Steele win the AVN Male Performer of the Year Award three times.

4. Ron Jeremy

Considered to be one of the most popular male figures in the adult film industry, Ron Jeremy has appeared in over 2,200 movies since 1979. Nicknamed the “Hedgehog,” portly Mr. Jeremy is not blessed with film star looks and a chiseled six-pack (a decidedly unchiseled 12- or 18-pack would describe him a bit better). But his “regular guy” appearance, his nearly 10 inch long member, and his amazing endurance in front of the camera have undoubtedly contributed to his phenomenal success in an industry notorious for dumping those men who can’t perform on cue. Along with his adult film appearances, he has directed over 280 films, is the official spokesperson for the pay-per-minute pornographic website, runs Club Sesso, a swingers nightclub in downtown Portland, Oregon, has appeared in many non adult films and tv shows including 60 mainstream films, and has lent his name to a line of rum “Ron de Jeremy”, playing on the fact that “ron” is Spanish for “rum”.

3. Manuel Ferrara

A few years ago, a panel of female pornstars were asked who was their favorite guy to fuc and pretty much all of them said ‘Manuel Ferrara’. Mr. Ferrara is easily one of the most influential and dynamic forces in porn today and will go down as possible one of the greatest of all time. This man has won numerous adult industry awards, having the distinction of winning the AVN Award for Male Performer of the Year five times, more than any other male performer. Actively performing in the pornography industry since 1999 and directing since 2003, Mr. Ferrara inducted into the AVN and XRCO Halls of Fame.



Original autographed photograph of pornographic actress Alexis Texas. Alexis Texas is the stage name of an American pornographic actress. She began her career in pornography in 2006 at the age of 21. In 2011, she made her crossover debut to mainstream movies starring in the comedy horror film Bloodlust Zombies. In 2012, she appeared in the music video for “Bandz a Make Her Dance” by Juicy J.

2. Johnny Sins

Johnny Sins’ main qualifications are being an ultimate stud, a professional MILF banger, an ultracool motherfucka, and an American badass; at least, according to him. When a high school friend got into porn after graduation and told him that he would be perfect for porn, Mr. Sins took the first opportunity he could, he moved to Los Angeles and broke into the industry. He’s been working since 2006 for top studios including Hustler, Digital Playground, Zero Tolerance, Evil Angel, Vivid, Penthouse, Brazzers, and many others. According to fellow porn star Lisa Ann, “Mr Sins’ dick will blow your mind and make you fall to your knees, mouth wide open!” He is known for his chiseled, muscular physique, his shaved head, and lack of body hair.

1. James Deen

Regardless of whether you like him or not, you can’t deny that James Deen is pretty much the current king of porn. He’s good looking, charismatic, funny, smart, and a good enough actor that he’s played lead in a mainstream Hollywood movie, appearing with Lindsay Lohan in the The Canyons. As one of the most common faces of adult film industry today, Mr. Deen is considered to be one of the most promising actors in the industry. Born as Bryan Matthew Sevilla, he joined the industry when he was just 18 and grabbed his first Male Performer of the Year title at 22. As a teenager he listened to an interview with Jenna Jameson and when a male caller asked Jenna how he could become a porn star, she responded that he needed to be able to masturbate in a room full of 20 of his best friends. Taking this advice to heart, James began having sex at parties and raves. He credits this exhibitionist behavior with helping him perform in front of the camera.

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