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10 Of The Best Male Sex Toys


10 of the best male sex toys for the distinguished man.

Written By

Lexx Long

Lexx is an erotic photographer that focuses on the BDSM subculture in the D.C. area. He can often be found in his studio working with his models or at his girlfriend’s house where they both teach others the proper and safe way to incorporate BDSM. Due to his years behind the camera, Lexx is no stranger to all things kink and enjoys sharing his experiences on Filthy Gorgeous.

Jerking off is something most men start doing in grammar school but it typically never evolves into anything more than using lube and your favorite hand. Many men are hesitant to buy their own sex toys due to a stigma that toys are for girls. But for those brave enough to experience the pleasure a toy can give, they are rewarded with intense orgasms. For the men that want something more high tech than a rubber tube that screams, “I’m fucking a plastic pussy!”, there are toys that are sleek, sophisticated, and sensual. No matter what you a man invests in, it beats beating off with your hand! These 10 male sex toys are Filthy Gorgeous approved and are guaranteed to satisfy!

10. Foot Job Stroker

If you are interested in foot jobs, look no further. The Penthouse Pet Collection Justine Joli Cyberskin Foot Job Stroker is a realistic mold of Joli’s feet. Known primarily as a fetish model, Justine Joli was a successful porn star who retired in 2014 but her feet live on in this Penthouse mold. The firm arches of her feet were designed to squeeze him tight and  her soft toes and hand painted pink toe nails are made to satisfy. At a size 6 ½, these pretty little feet are perfect for those who love foot worship.


4 Zag Galaxy Fitted Boxer Shorts


Famous astronmer, Carl Sagan, once said, “We find that we live on an insignificant planet of a humdrum star lost in a galaxy tucked away in some forgotten corner of a universe in which there are far more galaxies than people.” Carl is said to have worn underwear dedicated to each planet and the Venus pair were his favorite. BR4SS fitted boxer shorts are more supportive than regular boxers, less restrictive than boxer briefs. The custom fit on BR4SS boxers minimizes “riding up” and shows off your body’s shape. Tagless.


9. Sunny Leone’s Pocket Pal

The Sunny Leone UR3 Pocket Pal is one sensual stroker. For fans of this middle Eastern hottie, this perfectly molded pocket pal is an exact replica of Leone’s vagina, with every detail vividly depicted. Made of Doc Johnsons revolutionary UR3, it is an extremely soft and welcoming place for your cock. Molded to perfectly stretch and grip your member just like a real human vagina, it also has internal ribbing which adds a unique sensation as you penetrate Sunny’s depth.

8. Tenga Sleeve 3D

Welcome to the cutting edge of men’s sex toys, brought to you by the Tenga Sleeve 3D. If you prefer the sensation of a lightly ribbed or textured toy, try the Spiral style – just squeeze it during use for desired tightness, and to create a heady whirling feeling around the penis shaft. If you prefer something a little smoother, try the Polygon style – with slightly different sensations at each angle and edge, it’s a realistic feel with a little something extra.



7. Vibrating Penis Pump

As a high quality pump, the Vibrating Double Penis Pump is built to last. The seamless, polycarbonate tube and the easy to use cylinders give you complete control over the size you want to have. The goal of this device is to enhance the thickness and length of your penis as well as make it hypersensitive to increase pleasure. Since this is a double pump, you can grab a buddy and pump together while hanging out.

6. Ass To Mouth

Let the sexy lips suck you! The texture and climax signature sexflesh and internal pleasure ridge, Marie surround your cock tight fun and soft, supple skin sexflesh. She hot hole is open, easy to clean! Plus nothing like having a little ass at your fingertips whenever you want it! This compact, portable masturbator is made of our incredible SexFlesh material that is velvety soft to the touch. Feels as close to the real thing as you can get! The inner surface of the pleasure tube is ribbed for extra stimulation, and the hole goes all the way through for easy clean up!


Adult Life: Belladonna


5. Vibrating Cock Ring

The Iconic Ring vibrating cock ring is part of a curated collection of iconic sex toy designs. Only recently introduced to the market, vibrating cock rings have immediately become a classic! The first hands-free vibrators to become widely available, they’re an easy way for couples to share sensation. Unlike the disposable products that are most common on the market, the Iconic Ring features replaceable batteries for an extended life.

4. Sasha Grey’s Deep Throat Pocket Pal

Your most desired fantasy starlet, award winning performer Sasha Grey, is now available for hot oral action! Get more of what you already crave with the Sasha Grey Deep Throat pocket pal is molded directly from her sexy pouting lips. With a closed end, the suction pleasure is further intensified. Made of luxurious UR3 material, it is the closest feel to the real deal.



3. Alpha One O Ring

Elevate your next orgasm with the luxurious metal and silicone Alpha One O Ring. Use it solo or as an enhancement to fellatio or as a cock ring during intercourse. Choose between the luxurious 24k Gold Plate and sophisticated Stainless Steel.

2. Stoya’s Fleshlight

One of the amazing aspects of Fleshlight is the fact that it allows you to have sex with your favorite porn star. The Stoya Destroya Fleshlight is a high quality masturbation sleeve in the mold of Stoya herself. Made of pink Lotus texture, this Fleshlight was made to simulate the sensation of realistic vaginal intercourse. With four tightly spaced chambers, the Lotus lets you have sex with your fantasy girl.



1. Tenga Flip

Tenga is the premier name for luxury in men’s masturbation sleeves, and the Tenga Flip is leading the pleasure-giving pack. This sleeve is Japanese-engineered for sensory overload, via strategically-placed, sumptuously textured pockets of sensation. And those considerate geniuses at Tenga even show you, with the help of circular indents, where to apply extra pressure for the ultimate in pleasure. Trust us – you’ve never had it this good.

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