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10 Of The Best Massage Oils For Your Bedroom


The 10 best oils for bedroom massages are sure to result in happy endings.

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Stella Rae

After finding work at a sex toy store during college, Stella Rae began to reveal and explore her deviant side. Bringing her love of sex toys into amateur porn was her calling and she excelled at it. Stella has recently found love and retired from the adult movie world, but has brought her sex experience and sass to FGM to finally put that college degree to use.

Like any good hand job, the trick to a giving a massage is all in the wrists. The addition of a little oil doesn’t hurt either. Whether it’s scented, flavored or contains all natural ingredients, there is one for everybody. To help narrow down the search, we have made a list of 10 of the best oils for every bedroom massage. Choose it yourself as a surprise or shop around with your partner to find one you both love. Either way, you are sure to find the massage oil that is perfect for you. Perhaps you’re looking for one that warms to the touch like WarmUp or you’re looking for something that is made with organic ingredients Sliquid Organics Massage Oil. Once you get your oil, turn down the lights and put on some of your favorite songs as you rub each other down. Massages are a wonderful and intimate way to be romantic with your partner. And just like any good hand job, a great massage has a happy ending. These are 10 of the best oils for every bedroom massage.


10. Pheromone Massage Oil

You will enjoy a massage even more with this lightly-scented massage oil that is enhanced with the powerful allure of pheromones. This Pheromone Massage Oil will leave skin soft, smooth and infused with a gentle scent of strawberry and citrus. This oil is easy to use. Just lay your lover down and drizzle some of it into the palms of your hands and rub your hands together to warm up the oil for your partner. Apply it a little at a time for smooth, even coverage that will make for sensual massage.


9. Sliquid Organics Massage Oil

Sliquid Organics Massage Oil is made with natural seed and nut oil blends for a totally natural, skin-pampering sensation every time you use it. With this massage oil, you will slip into sensual ecstasy, whether you are giving or receiving the massage. The vegan ingredients like coconut oil, sweet almond oil and jojoba oils will have you achieving massage nirvana. There are three different types of oil to choose from. Rejuvenation will wake you up and invigorate your whole body. Serenity will allow you to recharge while Tranquility naturally soothes you into relaxation. No matter which variety of oil you choose, you will be able to bring paradise right to the bedroom.


8. WarmUp Oil

WarmUp Massage Oil is the perfect companion for your next relaxing or erotic massage. Whether you pour the velvety smooth liquid into your hands or right onto our partner’s body, a gentle blow to the delicately scented oil heats it up. The sexy tingling sensation warms the skin and excites the senses. One of the best part about WarmUp massage oils is that they are lickable and available in three delicious flavors, Cherry, Strawberry and Caramel. Enjoy the sweet flavors as you follow up your massage strokes with a lick here, there or everywhere!

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7. Love Oil

Light a candle, dim the lights and close the door. Kama Sutra Love Oil is slippery to the touch, warm to the skin and irresistible to the tongue. Gently massage any variety of Kama Sutra Love Oil onto your partner’s skin then gently blow to release their powers. You can choose from Vanilla Creme, Raspberry Kiss or The Original, which is a delicately spicy cinnamon flavor. Rub a few drops of the Love Oil that you choose wherever desire draws you and unleash pulse pounding pleasure and erotic discovery. Each kissable, water based oil washes away with ease, leaving only the sweet memory of passion.


6. Body Heat Warming Oil

Grab your partner and turn up the heat. A sensuous massage with Body Heat self-warming oil will get both of you super hot and turn an average massage into something steamy! This oil is deliciously scented and flavored in edible Cherry or spicy Cinnamon. Body Heat Warming Oil glides on easily and then warms up as you gently rub it onto your partner’s body. Aside from being a massage oil that can get you both in the mood, the warming agent of the oil will help you both to unwind and relax just in time for a steamy sex session.


5. Femme Fatale Oil

In addition to adding some fun to the bedroom, Femme Fatale Massage Oil aids in tension relief. This exquisite collection of massage oils is pure seductive pleasure. Formulated using only premium ingredients, Femme Fatale Massage Oils is laced with pure gold to give your skin a rich golden shimmer as you apply it during the sensual massage. The combination of jojoba oil and vitamin E softens, moisturizes and nourishes your skin as it envelopes you and your partner in the relaxing scent of vanilla. Femme Fatale Massage Oil is highly effective and a little bit in your hand goes a long way.


4. Flirty Little Secret Oil

With Flirty Little Secret Massage Oil, you will be ready to give or receive a massage at a moment’s notice. Keep it in your purse, pocket or glove box in order to always have it handy. Used to focus on specific areas of the body rather than for a full body massage, this oil rolls onto smaller parts of the body like the shoulders, feet, etc, to allow for a more focused massage. Loaded with pheromones, the oil has a sexy smooth fragrance that is a blend of plums, raspberries, jasmine, cedar and sandalwood.

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3. Intimate Organics Aromatherapy Massage Oil

Nothing sets the mood for a massage like turning down the lights, playing some soft music and letting your fingers do the talking. Intimate Organics Aromatherapy Massage Oil contains certified organic extracts and natural oils which are safe and beneficial for your body. There are three scents to choose from that all include ingredients such as sunflower oil, sweet almond oil and coconut oil. Awake, Bloom and Chai are the unique scent combinations you can choose from to relax and indulge in your sensual side.


2. Kama Sutra Naturals Oil

Kama Sutra Natural Massage Oil allows you to really get in touch with your lover as you apply and massage this sensual oil all over their body. Prepare to be seduced with the light, silky and intensely sexy oil. Have your lover lay down in a comfortable place, warm a little oil between your hands for a romantic evening. Be sure to explore and massage every inch of your partner’s skin as you help to relieve their stress and turn them on. Kama Sutra Naturals comes in three fruity scents: Passionate Pomegranate, Tropical Fruit, Strawberry Divine so the fruit aroma will fill the room.


1. Prepare Me Gift Set

The Prepare Me Gift Set is loaded with all the lubes, oils and accessories you’ll need for a night of passion. The Jo Kissable Devilish Chocolate Massage Oil fills your bedroom with the scent of freshly baked chocolate cake as you gently rub it all over your lover’s body. The oil warms to the touch so you can only imagine your partner’s surprised and aroused reaction when you apply the oil to their nipples and other body parts. This foreplay-friendly oil is sure to have your lover turned on and hungry for more. The gift set also comes with Passionate Pink Champagne lube whether you use it for yourself or your toys. And when the night is wrapping up, the set includes Toy Cleaner that sprays on for quick, easy and effective cleaning to have them looking and performing like new.

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