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Posted by on Jun 15, 2015 in News | 0 comments

10 Of The Best Pairs Of Boxer Briefs For Your Baby Daddy


These 10 pairs of boxer briefs will spice up your baby daddy’s underwear drawer.

Written By

Scarlet Belle

As a recent college graduate, Scarlett refuses to follow the crowd when it comes to living her life. Working as a lingerie model to pay off student loans, she enjoys the time she has off to travel with her boyfriend to different adult entertainment conventions around the country. Her fascination for all things sexy has also lead her to write for Filthy Gorgeous

Looking for the perfect father’s day gift for your baby daddy? Look no further! Boxer briefs are the way to go. Filthy Gorgeous has assembled a list of the top 10 boxer briefs your baby daddy could ever want. Whether he is a hippie, a racecar enthusiast or an animal in bed, you can be sure to find the briefs that fit your man’s personality the best.

10. Brooklyn Briefs

For your fast-talking, hard-working city slicker, here’s the Brooklyn Briefs. These briefs have a beautiful image of the iconic Brooklyn Bridge plastered across the soft and breathable material that will make him nostalgic for the city even if he didn’t grow up there. These are perfect for anyone that has a commute into the Big Apple, or has something in their pants that would rival even Empire State Building. No matter what reason you have for giving these to your man, let him know that you’d like a ride on his bridge any night of the week!


Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare


Let your baby daddy do what most men want to do: play video games all day in nothing but their boxers. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare envisions the powerful battlegrounds of the future, where both technology and tactic have evolved to usher in a new era of combat for the franchise. Delivering a stunning performance, Academy Award winning actor Kevin Spacey stars as Jonathan Irons – one of the most powerful men in the world – shaping this chilling vision of the future of war.


9. Snake Bite Briefs

Does your man ever ask you if you are a snake charmer? Because you sure as hell know how to raise his cobra! With a premium snake skin print, these briefs are designed with fashion in mind. The fabric, length, fit and waistband are stretchy and comfortable and the design will put a splash of fun in his wardrobe. From an intense work out at the gym, to a sexy night in the bedroom, these boxers are sure to support that trouser snake of his.

8. Jaguar Camo Fitted Boxer Shorts

Watch out! Some men are known to bite back! These red and black printed jaguar spotted briefs are perfect for that animal in your bed. With a two button opening on the front and a black waistband, these briefs will keep your man feeling comfortable all day while also giving you easy access to what matters the most. Although these boxers are ferocious, give them to your man and you’ll be able to tame him.



7. Superman Briefs

These blue and red briefs are perfect for your child’s favorite real life superhero. Your baby daddy is sure to get a kick out of  the Superman logos on the front and back of the briefs, and the cape that will flutter as he rescues the damsel in distress during a night of role playing.  With its bright colors, soft fabric and aerodynamic features, these briefs will keep his man of steel happy.

6. Tie Dye Briefs

Is your baby daddy a hippie? No problem! Ethika has a tie dye pair of briefs for the liberated soul. With 92 percent cotton and 8 percent spandex, these briefs will bring your man peace and tranquility. So whether he is one with nature, or just one with his own body, Ethika’s specially crafted briefs will unlock the flower power in you and your baby daddy.


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5. Big Elephant Briefs

Ethika’s Big Elephant Briefs are a great choice for the baby daddy with a huge trunk. The grey and white patterned fabric will hug his hips and thighs all while giving maximum support. Don’t make him beg for peanuts, instead coax him with something a little sweeter, and your man will tap into his wilder side.

4. Morning After Briefs

Morning After briefs are both original in design, and brightly colored for that fashionable baby daddy in your life. With a light blue base and pink flamingos, these wacky briefs will make your man feel comfy whenever he has them on. While the “morning after” might not always be the best experience, let him know that he is still your favorite person to wake up next too.  However, remind him just how much work you put in the night before and have him give you breakfast in bed in these briefs by Ethika.



3. Sunnyside Up

Both you and your baby daddy will wake up on the sunny side of life with these tropical briefs. The blue, white, and black design of waves and palm trees on these briefs will always have you feeling like you’re on a secret vacation. Whether you’re newly weds, or been together for years, these boxer briefs are the perfect way to make any night feel like a honeymoon.

2. Jungle King Boxer Shorts

These Jungle King boxers will make you roar. Depicting a man fighting a lion as the design, the breathable fabric and fitted form will make your baby daddy feel at ease all day. Plus, these briefs will insure that he will always be the king of your jungle because let’s face it, that lion isn’t the only pussy he will be getting his hands on.



1. Reward Briefs

Is your baby daddy always on the go? Ethika’s Reward Boxers are sure to suit his personality. With a black and white checkered design that resembles the flags used in Formula One race car driving, these boxers will rev his engine and get things heated in the bedroom.

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