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10 Of The Best Sex Articles From Esquire Magazine


These top 10 sex articles from Esquire will get you hot and bothered.

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As a divorcee ready to conquer the world, Anita’s first goal was to get her body back to looking like it did when she was a teenager. Fitness, eating well, and a healthy sex life have proven to be a winning combination for this mother of one. After she fixed her own psyche, Anita set her sights on fixing the world, focusing mainly on the ignorance surrounding the LGBTQ community. She writes for Filthy Gorgeous between pride rallies and raising her pride and joy, her son.

Ah, Esquire—the suave, debonair, hyper-masculine equivalent of the fearless, alluring, feminine magazine that is Cosmopolitan. However, both continue to be as raunchy as humanly possible as they explore the one thing that is on the minds of both men and women: sex. Esquire magazine dishes out the sex and relationship advice like no other magazine can because, although it is tailored for men, the accurate and especially deviant sex advice applies to women. In 2007, the magazine teamed up with Marie Claire in order to complete an extensive study about sex wherein they asked men and women extremely personal questions to find out what the state of sex is like today. The study ranged from questioning how many times a week each gender had sex to who enjoys anal, role-playing, sex in public, light bondage, S&M, same-sex encounters, or watching their partners get off more. The answers were just as shocking as the questions, and Esquire Sex has continued to ask the tough stuff ever since. Some of the topics found on the website include what happens when you give up sex for a year, successful internet dating, how to have colonial-style sex, the best positions for office sex, how losing your virginity now is better than it was 20 years ago, and much more. Here are the top 10 best articles about sex that Esquire has to offer the sexually inquisitive.

10. How to Have Sex in the Car

Esquire seems to have been inspired by the allegations that Tiger Woods and one of his mistresses had sex in the back seat of an expensive car he owned. On February 13th, 2015, they posted an article on tips and tricks to having sex in a car without getting caught. As they say, having sex in a car is “very, very today.” Eric Marlowe Garrison, sex counselor and author of The Foreplay Bible, explains, “My rule for car sex is, if you wouldn’t feel comfortable going there [an open area] for a picnic during the day or even pulling over for hot chocolate at night — and those are the same amounts of time you’d need — I wouldn’t recommend sex there.” Having sex in a car is new terrain for most people and will keep you both excited because it’s so new, but remember you can receive a public-indecency charge, which can carry a fine of up to $1,000 and/or jail time, if you are caught.

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9. Brody Jenner Explains Why Fivesomes Are ‘a Nightmare’

Most people can only dream of a fivesome, but Brody Jenner has been there and done that already. In an interview with Esquire on July 20th, 2015, he explained why fivesomes are overrated: “One time I did have four girls and just myself, and that was absolutely too much. I was totally out of my league. It was just not that fun. It was a nightmare, actually. It was too much going on. You’re doing, like, a puppet show. You’re trying to take care of too many girls at once and there’s one of you.” He also went on to say that one of the best things he’s learned about sex is that no one is perfect at it. “Everybody makes mistakes and that’s why during the awkward moments when you accidentally bump heads or hear weird noises you just have to go through it—it happens to everybody. It’s all good.”

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8. The #SexDraft Might Be the Funniest Thing to Happen to Sex in Years

You’ve heard of the NFL draft, the NBA draft, and probably the Race Draft. Now there’s the Sex Draft. Comedian Cerrome Russell started the hashtag #SexDraft on Twitter on June 22nd, 2015, and it went global within hours. He told Cosmopolitan, “One of my friends on Twitter asked what sex things do men not like that women do. So I started the sex draft kind of like NFL free agency, where you trade something you don’t like and get something in return.” One of the best tweets from a Twitter user read, “The female delegation demand that men eat a proper portion of fruits and veggies if they want women to swallow.” Another read, “The men’s delegation proposes that mind reading be removed. We just want to satisfy you completely in exchange for morning sex.” Russell said that as funny as the Sex Draft is, having some real rules in place could make sex better.

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7. The 5 Worst Anal Sex Experiences Ever

Although anal has become popular over the past few years, it’s still very awkward to try out. Porn makes it look so easy and clean, but that’s far from the truth in reality. In an article posted September 4th, 2015, five brave women shared their worst experiences with anal sex and it’s all pretty bad. One of the worst stories shared was about a woman and her boyfriend who used too much lube, making their sexy time turn into a “freaky colonoscopy/sloshy enema colonic.” Another story shared was about a woman who forgot she had eaten Indian food such as chana masala and palak paneer, and ended up relieving herself on her boyfriend’s bed after sex. A third was about how a woman and her boyfriend tried anal sex but there was so much resistance that “he got freaked out and left the room and didn’t come back for over an hour.”

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6. Airbnb Listing Shuts Down After People Allegedly Had Too Much Sex in It

How would you feel if you let people stay in your home only to find out that they were having sex parties every day? Esquire reported that a Hollywood Hills Airbnb rental had been pulled from the site after neighbors complained that people on the property were “buck naked, people doing sex out in open,” smoking and drinking next to a bunch of tents and lawn chairs outside owner Dita de Leon’s mansion. Airbnb is a website for people to rent lodging, so the people partying do not own the manion. According to neighbor Sanjeeb Kumar, the listing, which was described as a “Hollywood Hills Camping Retreat” and was available for $35 per night, turned into a crazy sex party with people doing wild things “[in] our own backyard, it’s scary. [I was] scared to come out.” Since then, the mansion is no longer available to rent.

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5. 10 Ways to Have Sex Better, According to Science

Sex is all about emotion, but there is some science to it. Esquire rounded up the top 10 best ways to have better sex according to science, and the advice is fantastic. One of the top tips is to “use your ears,” meaning that men should talk to their significant others about what they want in the bedroom and out, but the ultimate key is to listen and understand what they want. Bringing a little bit of the kitchen into the bedroom is said to help, too. Lynn Edlen-Nezin, Ph.D and co-author of Great Food, Great Sex, explains, “Arginine is the basis for Viagra, so men should stick with foods high in it—such as oysters, fish, and other lean proteins. Everything that’s good for you above the waist is good for you below the waist as well.” The best advice is that intercourse isn’t everything, so working too hard to do something new probably won’t make it work.

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4. Study: Abstinence Causes Lasting Sexual Confusion

Esquire reported on a study by the University of Washington which showed longtime abstinence caused men to continue uncomfortable sexual communication even after they lost their virginity. After getting hitched, the men also struggled to discuss sex with one another for fear of disrespecting their wives. “While the whole point of these support groups is to honor sex in marriage, these men have gotten so used to thinking about sex as something negative that they bring those concerns with them to the marriage bed,” Sarah Diefendorf, a sociology graduate student at the University of Washington said. “Once they’re married, these men struggle to manage those concerns in the absence of the supportive community they once benefited from.”

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3. Everyone Is Lying About How Much Sex They’re Having

“Is everyone having more sex than me?” is a common question most people ask. As it turns out, most people are lying about the amount of sex they have. Data scientist Seth Stephens-Davidowitz, who uses big-data sets—like Google searches—to see if people lie in sex surveys, has found that “people are greatly exaggerating how much sex they’re having” and that “sex in the United States is surprisingly rare.” People seem like they’re having a lot of sex because of something called “pluralistic ignorance,” or when a large group of people privately rejects something but publicly goes along with it because they think everyone else likes it. Sex is in right now, so people are pretending to be super into it in order to seem cooler and are using social media outlets such as Twitter and Instagram to show off. As Esquire puts it, “people seem like they’re having more sex than you, but they also seem like they’re having more scones, which might not be true, either.”

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2. Ask a Sex Expert: Can Sex Actually Kill You?

People scoff at the sex death scenes portrayed on Spike’s 1000 Ways To Die, but it turns out that sex can actually kill you. There are the outrageous deaths seen on the show—such as a cougar who died from a hickey, a ski instructor who was electrocuted while having sex, and a woman who died from a particularly strong orgasm—but studies show that you’re 2.7 times more likely to have a heart attack during or just after sex. Besides this, there are many different sexual acts that could cause bodily harm if done incorrectly, such as choking or autoerotic asphyxiation. The best advice is to take extra precautions when completing these acts and taking it easy if you feel like you might be on the verge of a heart attack. Other than that, sex should be a fun experience that you shouldn’t worry too much about.

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1. I Got a Professional Vagina Massage in Hopes of a Better Sex Life

No, this isn’t a massage with a “happy ending” for women. According to Esquire, the yoni massage— “yoni” being Sanskrit for “vagina”— is adapted from Taoist massage and tantra. The goal is not orgasm, but to increase a stronger connection with one’s self, which will translate to a better sex life. The masseuse interviewed claimed the treatment will “activate the chi energy within the body to allow intuitive healing and release to happen.” Yoni massage and other tantric practices, she explained to writer Sarah Ratchford, can enhance people’s sex lives by teaching them self-respect and intuition. The idea is that if you can learn what feels good to you, you can communicate that to your partner — something women often have more trouble with than men. Overall, this massage is to help women get in touch with themselves and feel empowered.

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