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10 Of The Best Tantalizing Thongs


These 10 tantalizing thongs will make any ass more spankable.

Written By

Scarlet Belle

As a recent college graduate, Scarlett refuses to follow the crowd when it comes to living her life. Working as a lingerie model to pay off student loans, she enjoys the time she has off to travel with her boyfriend to different adult entertainment conventions around the country. Her fascination for all things sexy has also lead her to write for Filthy Gorgeous

Forget the old basic panty! Thongs are the hottest thing to cover that coochie! Although most women rely on thong underwear just to prevent panty lines and avoid the awkward scrunching that occurs with full-fledged briefs, they also allow a woman to feel sexy. There is something about the reveal of a thong that quickens the pulse and allows any woman to show off her best asset. Just a small piece of fabric stands between your lover and your most intimate area. Filthy Gorgeous has compiled 10 tantalizing thongs that will fill any requirement or desire. So whether you are looking for a thong that will add some spice to your sex life, or just a thong that will make you feel confident and sexy all day long, Filthy Gorgeous has you covered.

10. Sensual Straps

If you are searching for the hottest sexy thong to light up your sex life, then this sexy thong is a combination of straps meets beautiful lace in a teensy shape that is a must have for the midnight hour. With three straps on either side, this little number will fit snugly on your hips while providing undeniable sex appeal. However, there is no need to worry about it making you bulge in any unsatisfying ways because the nylon/spandex blend will move with your body. Plus, if you’re wearing these for your lover, they aren’t going to be on long!


Strapless Vibrating Thong


Say goodbye to embarrassing panty lines, unattractive tan lines, and uncomfortable waistbands with this incredible Plus Size Vibrating Strapless Thong. No dimensions necessary because this thong is strapless and should fit most. The clever design fits similar to a headband and effortlessly clings to your body without straps, thanks to the comfortable contoured support wire. The powerful bullet tucks away discreetly inside a pocket in the thong and delivers incredible vibrations directly where you want them. It’s your little secret!


9. Coco’s Peep Show

Created by Coco Austin, star of Ice Loves Coco, this thong was created to be sexy, and a one-of-a-kind style that will look sexy, fun, and fabulous on everyone! Coco is one cougar who knows booty! Feminine lace in front tells you something sweet is waiting, while a satin ribbon ties on each hip means it will fit a wide range of body types. What’s not to like? So be ready for your next encounter with the paparazzi and don’t be caught with an unflattering crotch shot! The Cocolicious Peep This Lace Side-Tie Thong ready to wear when the moment’s right!

8. Romantic Rendezvous

The embodiment of seductive opulence is the Elise Dot Lowrider Thong. This set is designed with scalloped style lace creating a unique shadow effect and Elise’s slinky mesh trimmed in contrasting elastic adds to the groupings romantic feel. The delicate lowrider thong has layered side straps that create daring yet flattering cutouts at the sides. Combine that with the scalloped style lace front panel and sheer swiss dot mesh base, you have the makings of a sensual and romantic thong that is sure to please anyone.



7. Coochie Surprise

This sexy lace thong is perfect for easy seduction. Just lift your skirt and let your crotchless lace thong do the rest. He’ll check out the keyhole front, back details, and he will most certainly appreciate the easy crotchless design! With little ribbon accents, this thong has some feminine modesty to this otherwise hot-hot-hot thong! Not only is the thong great under skirts, dresses, jeans, or pants, it can also be worn by itself for a flirty quickie!

6. French Kiss

Start with this racy, lace aqua thong with straps and you will see his eyes pop, and his knees will wobble! With glittery fabric and clear rhinestones on black lace, this French Kiss thong will be part of the sexiest looks you have ever created. Every detail is about romance, sensuality and sex! A thong like this is perfect for any get-away, planned or unplanned. So have one ready to go when you do.


Hot Girls Love Thongs


5. City Of Love

You don’t need to go to Paris to experience a night full of love. The Paris Flock thong is crafted in sheer nude mesh with a graphic patterned velvet flock and trimmed entirely in soft black velvet for a luxurious and soft feel on the body. With double straps, this thong is double the fun! Wear one when you’re looking to impress your lover, or just looking to feel sexy and confident! Either way, you’re going to love the way you look in this thong.

4. Butterfly Kisses

This racy butterfly panty leaves little to the imagination with its see-through mesh front, open-crotch design and G-String back! The front of the thong features a breathtaking butterfly lace appliqué that’s a true work of art. The butterfly features shining rhinestone eyes and shimmering sequined wings that make it look like its flying in your bed! The wings of the butterfly spread wide to show off your vajayjay in the open crotch below. The opening is extra-large to make sure nothing gets in the way of you and your lover when the moment is ripe!



3. Raunchy Rhinestones

Don’t cover up your assets, put them on display in the Rhinestone Body Jewelry Thong! Made for decoration rather than for function, this piece is eye catching and is sure to make nights more steamy. Whether you’re wearing this little number as a birthday present, or just for a night when he deserves something special, nothing is hotter than red lace and rhinestones. So drape yourself in both, and show that you are queen of the bedroom.

2. Making Magic

Created by Cosabella, this thong is part of the €œ”Magic City”€ collection. The exclusive capsule of sexy and sumptuous lingerie is inspired by the dangerous and decadent Miami based series set in 1959. This exclusive “€œMagic City”€ collection is inspired by the sultry and seductive Lily Diamond and this thong is guaranted to turn heads. Create your own kind of magic in the bedroom with this little sheer number.



1. The Gift That Keeps Giving

This thong was created with the idea that all butts are gifts. They deserve to be treated nicely, and when delivering them to someone we care about, they look best all wrapped up in a bow. While the white satin thong conveys innocence, the large bow creates a sense of whimsical fun. Ask your lover to untie you, but only if they are ready for a present that will last all night long!

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