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10 Of The Most Expensive LELO Toys


These top ten most expensive LELO toys are worth every penny.

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Scarlet Belle

As a recent college graduate, Scarlett refuses to follow the crowd when it comes to living her life. Working as a lingerie model to pay off student loans, she enjoys the time she has off to travel with her boyfriend to different adult entertainment conventions around the country. Her fascination for all things sexy has also lead her to write for Filthy Gorgeous

Orgasms feel better when you’re using a 24k gold vibrator. Globally, the sex toy industry is valued at $15 billion dollars and with such a large variety of toys for men and women, it’s no surprise that so many people are hopping onto the sex toy bandwagon. These top 10 most expensive sex toys from LELO offer a classy take on dirty deeds with their sleek, futuristic designs. With so many different kinds of luxury toys available, everyone is sure to find something they will enjoy. From oral sex simulators to 24- karat gold vibrators, LELO reaches a large audience including beginners and experts. Their unique and specialized line of toys makes it easy for everyone to experience a ground breaking orgasm, alone or with a lover. This list of top ten LELO toys offers a lavish experience in sex toy shopping.


10. Mia 2

Perfect to throw into your purse or clutch on your way out the door for a night of secret pleasure, Mia 2 is ideal for the woman who isn’t afraid to indulge in herself. This powerful bullet is great for beginners or the discreet vibrator extraordinaire. Mia 2 is rechargeable with the USB built right into the product. It’s sleek design resembles a lipstick case and while it’s small, it is packed with six unique vibration patterns and adjustable intensity. Get your Mia 2 in order to experience its hidden power.


9. Tor

Get rid of your old disposable penis rings and step into a new world of pleasure. You’ll get pleasure that will last and last, just like you! The Tor allows for your erection to stay bigger and harder longer. It’s a cross between a penis ring and a vibrator and promises pure enjoyment for hours for the both of you. Bring yourself and your partner to pure ecstasy with this luxury sex toy for him!


8. Siri 2 Music Vibrator

Feel the beat in a whole new way! The LELO Siri 2 Music Vibrator listens to your music and vibrates in time for pulse-pounding pleasure. This petite and ultra-powerful rechargeable vibrator fits in the palm of your hand and vibrates in response to ambient noise – whether it’s your favorite slow jam, or even your lover’s naughtiest whispers. This little mix of a vibrator is super quiet, super powerful, and is also waterproof. Try taking it with you for a wet and wild good time in the shower and you’ll start any morning off with a bang!


7. Pino Ultimate Stimulation Package

Trying to find a unique gift for your successful man? Well, the Pino Ultimate Stimulation Package has a little something for you ladies, too. Dubbed one of the best sex toys for couples, it vibrates and pleases him and her. The penis ring’s unique design offers clitoral stimulation as it enhances his size and performance. Enjoy it anywhere since it is completely waterproof. Also included in the gift set are a pair of silver cuff links and a money clip engraved with “Always Be Closing.” It also includes a storage bag and detailed instructions. While this gift is meant for him, it’s also a little something for yourself.

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6. Hula Beads

Created to be the perfect balance of pleasure and exercise, the LELO Hula Beads are a must have in your toy chest. Start your day in the shower or after a gym session as you work out your kegels. Later on, invite your man to join you as he controls the beads from a remote or use them to please yourself alone. With greater kegel muscles, you will gain greater control and have stronger orgasms, so why not get a toy that helps you and also lets you test out the progress later on?


5. Ora

Ever miss oral sex but don’t have that someone in your life to deliver? Well the Ora Sensual Oral Pleasure Massager is your new best friend. At the end of a rough day, hole up with this gadget and experience a full on clitoral orgasm. Designed to feel like oral sex, the massager comes with a moving pleasure nub that moves up and down your lips and all over your clit like a real tongue! Take it into the shower to start up your morning or into the hot tub as you wind down your evening. Hand it over to your man and let him completely control your orgasm. The LELO Ora Sensual Oral Pleasure Massager is an absolute must have in any woman’s toy drawer.


4. Ina Wave

Being one of the first rabbits with a “stroking feature” everyone should own an Ina Wave. This sex toy is used to mimic a lover’s fingers and hit your G-Spot in a way that will make your toes curl. Pair that with the special clitoral stimulator and you are in for one hell of an orgasm. The Ina Wave has 10 distinct patterns that each offer their own various levels of intensity. Use it for yourself or hand it over to your partner for a controlled orgasm. It’s rechargeable, waterproof, and amazing.


3. Insignia Soraya

It may look like a piece of art, but the LELO Insignia Soraya is more than just easy on the eyes. Dubbed the Michael Kors of vibrators, it has two separate motors to offer extra power and bliss. One motor is positioned in the tip of the vibrator to deliver pleasure up and down your body. The second is in the stimulator focusing all its energy on your clit to send you over the edge in ecstasy. With over 70 different vibrator functions between the two motors, this is a sex toy that will keep you cumming back for more.


2. Olga

Perhaps the classiest of sex toys, the LELO Olga is pleasure fit for a queen. Available in 24-karat gold or Stainless Steel, it offers deep satisfaction or G-spot and clitoral pleasure. This non-vibrating toy can be heated or cooled to give you a different experience every time you take out your golden dildo. Smooth and seamless, it is a joy to the eye, as well as the body.


1. Yva

Pair Olga with Yva and you will experience an orgasm that is fit for a goddess. It’s more than just a powerful massager: it’s sexual jewelry, a lifestyle accessory, and it’s perfect for exploring different temperatures and sensations. The gentle and resounding vibration sent out by the cool metal is luxurious against naked skin, or just hold it in your hand for a few moments and it warms in the palm of your hand. As a lavish gift or just to spoil yourself, the Yva is sure to please.

10 Of The Best And Most Expensive LELO Toys

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