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10 Of The Most Filthy Gorgeous Real Housewives


These 10 Real Housewives are some of the most filthy gorgeous the show has seen.

Written By

Jus Lamore

Jus L’amore, can be found wearing her sexy Supermom costume, while being Wonderwife…When the night strikes, she’s no stranger to unleashing her inner Sex Kitten!

As a die-hard Bravo network fan, it seemed only fitting that I be given the honor of crowning the 10 most Filthy Gorgeous Real Housewives. One may assume this was an easy task but with over 35 women to choose from, who are all stinking rich and some kind of sexy, this list was anything but.

Of course, beauty and hot bods were my initial appeal when it came to awarding a spot on the list, but unlike other gossip articles, Filthy Gorgeous likes to keep our content extra naughty and always innovative. Here at FGM we find catfights, moderate drug use, and criminal pasts all endearing qualities. Have a leaked sex tape? No problem we will gladly boner rate it. Do you happen to sell sex toys? Perfect, we do too! Accused of smoking weed? Awesome! We love chicks who puff the potski. So aside from these women being physically beautiful, I made sure they all had some substance, from being bat shit crazy to currently incarcerated, here are the 10 Most Filthy Gorgeous Housewives of 2015.

10. Bethenny Frankel

If Bethenny Frankel from The Real Housewives of New York had a theme song it would be Drake’s, “Started from the bottom now we here”, because this chick is one straight up hustler. On more recent episodes, we learned about the heartbreaking childhood of Ms. Frankel, which included a negligent mother, drug addicted stepfather, and plenty of fucked up shit to last a lifetime. So to see her enormous success today with Skinnygirl cocktails as well as being an author, television host, and reality star, is what earned Bethenny a guaranteed spot on our list. With a net worth of over 25 million, Bethenny doesn’t let her status silence her loud mouth and unfiltered commentary.

9. Sonja Morgan

This housewife of New York is no stranger to small dresses, young men, and plenty of drunken stupor occasions. While she may absolutely be delirious at times, claiming to be an entrepreneur with businesses worldwide yet simultaneously filing for bankruptcy, her stunning looks and good intentions let her get away with it. Sonja’s carefree attitude, drunken tendencies, and tight little ass are enough to earn her a spot on any list.

8. Kim Richards

It would be impossible to discuss the Housewife pandemonium without mentioning 50-year-old Kim Richards. Unfortunately, known for her slurred words, alcohol abuse, and family ties with Paris Hilton, Kim is often called the ticking time bomb of the cast of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. However, if all you know about Kim is her mishaps then shame on you. Her IMDB is full of movies and television hits proving she may be the only housewife with any raw talent, not to mention her incredibly hot headshots from the 1980′s. Total babe!

7. Brandi Glanville

This 6 ft Amazonian blonde bombshell has the mouth of a truck driver, manners of a cave man, and body of Victoria Secret model. Known as the black sheep of the Beverly Hills cast, Brandi loves to have sex, talk about sex, and even film herself having sex. While I absolutely despise the bitch, she must have been some kind of fun if hotty/actor Eddie Cibrian agreed to marry her. Although, look how that turned out, despite Brandi’s kinky bedroom ways, Eddie cheated and left Brandy for polar opposite country music star, Ms. Leann Rimes.








6. Teresa Giudice

What better housewife story than that of Mrs. Teresa Giudice, mother of four daughters, reality star, and author of 3 NY Times bestselling cook books. Oh, and a convicted felon who is currently doing time at Federal Correctional Institution for multiple accounts of fraud, duh, can’t forget that tidbit of info. While I did find the last season extremely emotional for her families sake, I still can’t help but think that Teresa may quite possibly be the dumbest woman I have ever seen. Aside from her terrible English and lack of common knowledge, the woman does have a look that is undeniably attractive. From her thick black locks, naturally tanned and toned six-pack, and an ass so firm you could bounce quarters off it; TG is the epitome of a New Jersey Italian princess.

5. Melissa Gorga

While I do agree with Joe Guidice that Melissa’s face can resemble that of a horse, there is no denying that she is one hot MILF. By far the richest of her cast of the New Jersey housewives, she is not only rolling in the doe but even after birthing three adorable kids, she still has the body of a 5th year college student. With her epic music career and mega hit single, “On Display” (yeah, right) Melissa is what housewives everywhere strive to be. It is also no secret that M-dog likes keep her man satisfied in the bedroom, ridding him of his bodily “poison” whenever he deems necessary. Shit, I would bend over everyday too if my hubby built me an in-house recording studio with famous producer to match.


Watch Real Housewives of Orange County











4. Tamra Judge Barney

Blonde, beautiful, and bitchy is the name of Tamra’s game. With a reputation of being a total gossip whore on the set of Orange County housewives, her well-defined body, low blow insults, and sex appeal, are what keep Tamra on our radar. I can almost guarantee Tamra is a boss in the bedroom, whipping, restraining, and dominating the hell out of husband and business partner, Eddie Judge.

3. Joanna Krupa

This Polish goddess/model/actress is by far the most gorgeous female to grace this list. Voted Sexiest Swimsuit Model in the World as well as landing two Playboy covers, I’m sure Joanna knows just how pretty she is. As far as any other standout qualities that’s about the extent of hers, but honestly when you’re that hot and live in one of the sexiest places in the US which is Miami, what else really matters?

2. Kenya Moore

Another model/actress gone housewife (even though she is not technically married) is none other than former Miss USA, Kenya Moore from the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Known as a flirt and even called a whore, perhaps it is jealousy that consumes her cast mates, I mean the woman is gorgeous, semi famous, and unwed. Not to mention her indisputable talent when it comes to acting because how else could one so easily perfect all those dramatic tantrums, finger pointing, and victim role-playing.

1. Kandi Burruss

This self-made Atlanta housewife is as cool as they come. From her days singing in the girl group Xscape to writing and producing mega hits for TLC, Beyonce, and Pink, Kandi Burruss is a woman of many talents. Those accomplishments alone would have landed Kandi a spot on the 10 Hottest Housewives, but it was the launch of her sex toy company, Bedroom Kandi, that catapulted her to number 1. She is legitimately the ultimate package with her good looks and ample curves matched by big brains and an even bigger bank account.

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