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10 Of The Most Stunning Nipple Pasties Inspired By Miley Cyrus


These 10 stunning nipple pasties are inspired by celebrity and style icon, Miley Cyrus.

Written By

Scarlett Belle 

As a recent college graduate, Scarlett refuses to follow the crowd when it comes to living her life. Working as a lingerie model to pay off student loans, she enjoys the time she has off to travel with her boyfriend to different adult entertainment conventions around the country. Her fascination for all things sexy has also lead her to write for Filthy Gorgeous.


Only Miley Cyrus can make a wrecking ball sexy. But if there is one thing that Miley Cyrus loves more than anything else, it’s nipple pasties. She’s been seen wearing butterfly nipple pasties during on-stage performances, and ice cream cone nipple pasties when she went to a party during New York Fashion Week. They’ve even helped her channel Lil Kim for Halloween. Miley’s love of pasties often confuses critics who can’t reconcile the fact that she likes showing off her body and sharing a message of empowerment. But while celebrities like Miley Cyrus have been bringing these nipple stickers into the light recently, nipple pasties are more than just a fashion statement. Pasties are perfect for that sexy moment or for getting past silly indecency rules. Pasties have practical purposes as well. If you’re at a nude beach, they can keep your nipples protected. If you’re wearing sheer clothing or going for a braless look, pasties can help you avoid dreaded pointiness or chaffing. However, if you’re looking to rock some pretty outrageous nipple pasties, Filthy Gorgeous Media has compiled a list of 10 of the most stunning nipple pasties inspired by Miley Cyrus.


10. Helping Hands Pasties

What’s better to have on your breasts than a nice set of hands? Especially if those hands belonged to Miley Cyrus. Any ladies who’s ever fantasized about the Blue Man Group needs these Blue Hands For Your Breasts pasties. These PAS-TiTS are sexy, fun, and provide about 1 1/2 inches of full coverage, perfect for the ladies who are a little more top heavy. Play your own game of peek-a-boo with these sexy hands. You can also cut fingers off the hands to make your own hand signs like the finger, hang loose, devil horns, peace sign, etc. Peace, love and pasties!


9. Red Hot Love Pasties

Miley Cyrus knows how to stay hot and now you can too. Everyone is begging you to put a little fire in their life, and you can happily oblige and fire up the boys (and the girls!), with these Bright Red Hot Fire Flame Pasties. They are literally flame shaped and guarantee a steamy night. If you’re feeling hot hot hot, that’s not the temperature, it’s you! You’ll be turning up the heat and be hot to the touch with these blazing hot pasties. Just watch out. These pasties are enough to make all the hearts melt from the heat. Whoever touches you may get burned, but we’re sure they won’t be complaining.


8. Star Power

Since Miley Cyrus is pro LGBTQ rights, it wouldn’t be a stretch to see her wearing these rainbow pasties.  If you want them to know that you’re into LGBTQ activism too,  then these Colorful Five Star Nip Covers will help you get the message across! You’ll be able to taste the rainbow with these cute and colorful nipples covers. Perfect to be enjoyed year round and most certainly always at a LGBT or pride celebration, you will always be able to match your pasties to your sunglasses. Brighten up the night with these fun, striped, rainbow star pasties. Just don’t get lost somewhere over the rainbow.


7. Love Tassels

Much like Miley Cyrus, nipple tassels are perfect to stare at for hours and hours. This beautiful and attractive Heart Bra Nipple Covers are for the hottie who knows exactly what she want. A must have set in any bedroom for hours of fun and pleasure, these perfect tassels are ideal for burlesque, glamour models, pole dancers, or to simply spice up the bedroom.

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6. Booby-licious Bowties

As any fan of Miley Cyrus would tell you, Miley is a present to the world. So would could argue that she wouldn’t look sexy in a pair of sequined bow tie nipple pasties? You won’t be tardy for the party, if you’re rocking these Ayliss Sequin Bowtie Pasties on your nips! A life full of constant glam and glitter is made that much easier with this blinged out Sequin and Satin accessory. With a sparkly base and a completely glamorized satin bow, your breasts will be hard to miss. And don’t worry if you haven’t mastered the delicate art form of tying bow ties, because these come pre-tied. They are ideal for burlesque, glamour models, pole dancers, or for some sophisticated added spice in the bedroom. Make sure you’re dressed for success at any black bow affair and look snappy on the stage or the bedroom!


5. Butterfly Delight

Similar to the butterfly pasties that Miley Cyrus wore during a performance, these nipple pasties will have you rocking like Miley in no time. Every fairy needs wings; and you can borrow the wings of a butterfly with these Butterfly Nipple Covers. These pasties will make all the other critters crawl out of their cocoons to watch you spread your fabulous wings. There is nothing sweeter than kisses from a butterfly, and you can be grabbing all the attention with these. There will be no need to sting, because you’ll be floating like a butterfly. Now who says butterflies have no bite?


4. Lip Service

What could be better than a sexy pair of lips? How about a pair of lips on your nips? As someone who has openly admitted to being pansexual, Miley Cyrus might be first in line to get a kiss from anyone. Straight, gay, bi, or anything in between, these Lips Service pasties are designed for you! Perfect for when you want to give some sexy lip action, you can plant these kisses to add some extra love. These teasingly fun pasties are for a makeout session. Wear these and we guarantee that even if no one has their lips locked on you, they can’t help but to pucker up when you’re in sight.


3. Knock Out

As one of the biggest celebrities  in Hollywood, Miley Cyrus is accustomed to being surrounded by stars. Channel your inner A-list personality by being the star of your own show with these Black Star Pasties. These fun and flirty glitter pasties will dazzle and delight as they draw the eye to your natural charms. They are great, teasingly sexy, naughty, fabulous, and have the power to adapt to any breast, bringing out the inner superwoman in anyone. They will keep you shining until the very end. Dare to wear them under your evening clothes or with nothing but a smile.


2. Perky Pot Leaves

If your name is Mary Jane or Miley Cyrus, than these Green Leaf Cannabis Pastease were created for you. Glittery and 4/20 friendly, these pasties are in the shape of your favorite plant and are soft, cute, and legal everywhere! Perfect for any princess high cannabis queen costume, you will forever be known as the friend with weed. Which everyone knows, a friend with weed, is a friend indeed. So show off your love for cannabis and enjoy these trippy little pasties. Plus, you don’t have to worry about any stems or seeds!


1. Nip Slip

Miley Cyrus might be the queen of nipple pasties, but not even she has worn a covering this risque. These Nipple Pasties are perfect for #freethenipple movement! At last women can bare their nipples – so long as they’re anatomically male. It might seem like these little guys were created to clown on Facebook’s “no pictures of female breasts” policy. If you’re all for #freethenipple, but you’d like to wear a sheer top without the whole neighborhood seeing your nips, you can wear these little boob hats that are a cheeky swipe at the anti-woman prudes. These are fabric nipples over actual nipples. Meta-nipples. Inception nipples. The world would be a better place if all pasties were painted to look like nipples. Get around the censorship rules by wearing these pasties that look like nipples, instead of having to cut and paste Micol Hebron’s male nipple template.

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