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10 Of The Sexiest Blue Collar Jobs


These 10 men represent the sexiest blue collar professions.

Written By

Elizabeth Herley 

Elizabeth is a lover of writing and cheesecake. She often gets Elizabeth Hurley’s mail, but the sound of her name is where the similarities end. Elizabeth hopes to, one day, travel into space.

The history of the term “blue collar worker” is that men (or women) who had certain jobs needed to wear blue denim clothing because they were sturdy and didn’t get dirty easily. Truth is, you might want to get down and dirty with many of these hot laborers, denim shirt on or denim shirt off; uniform on or uniform off. Here are the top 10 hottest blue collar jobs. Take your pick!

10. Subway Operator

What is more powerful than a train speeding through a tunnel? Perhaps it is the man driving that train. He knows how to help people get on and off…even if you can’t always hear what he saying over the loudspeaker. Some men are better seen and not heard.

9. Landscaper

Need your hedges trimmed? Feel like your grass is so overgrown that someone needs to mow through it to find the flowers? Landscapers know how to blow your leaves away, leaving a clean landscape for all sorts of things to bloom.

8. Policeman

Another hot guy in a uniform. But these brave men carry guns, these guys can frisk you, these guys keep the streets safe; And having a badge doesn’t hurt either.

7. Fireman

The hotter the fire, the hotter the firefighter. They are sensitive enough to save a pussy from a tree, and strong enough to save you from a burning building and carry you down to safety. And what says hot more than a man in a uniform carrying a really big hose? They even come to the rescue if you have burnt dinner and the house has gotten too smokey; and they don’t care what you are wearing or not wearing when they arrive in their big, powerful trucks.

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6. Window Washer

These men are quite skilled at getting things wet and clean. The wetter, the better. They risk their lives to go up tall, straight buildings to make sure those windows are as transparent as your soul. They go up the scaffolds slowly, deliberately, and cautiously to get the job done. With the right soap and sponges, they know if clockwise rubbing or counterclockwise rubbing works best.

5. Doorman

What is more of a turn on then a man who is chivalrous? He knows how to open your door, where to put those packages, and how get you what you need. Whether it is hailing you a cab, or checking your box for mail, these uniformed wonders can take care of you with or without gloves on.


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4. Mechanic

Having trouble with an engine that hasn’t started in a while? If you need some adjusting of your belts or your tires need a good rotating, mechanics know exactly what to do to get you purring like a Ferrari. Having all of that grease around can be quite helpful in many, many situations.

3. Plumber

Anyone skilled enough to clean out our pipes and fix hot messes down by the boiler are alright by us. Sump pump not pumping properly? They know what to do. They call it plumbers crack for a reason…you never know what you might find when you look!

2. Electricians

Sparks might be flying before you call these skilled workers, but they continue to fly when they enter the job site. Need your fixtures updated? Need your power restored? This guy knows what to do about a blown fuse. They have a tool belt stocked with all sorts of goodies to take care of any problems you have when turning things off…or on.

1. Lumberjack

Imagine the man with the big strong hands in the tight plaid flannel shirt cutting down a thick, long tree. Man, it must get really hard going back and forth with that powerful saw to cut those tougher branches down. It helps when they take their shirts off, and give those taught muscles more room to work.

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