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10 Of The Sexiest Celebrity Brunettes Of 2015


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Blondes have more fun, but these 10 sexiest celebrity brunettes of 2015 make sexy look effortless.

Is there anything quite like getting caught in the smokey-eyed gaze of a raven-haired beauty sitting across a crowded room? There is a certain mystique to the dark-haired woman, especially the sexiest celebrity brunettes of 2015. The word ‘brunette’ is a French term, perhaps this lends to the romantic notions surrounding them. Visions of long, leisurely afternoons sitting outside of Parisian cafes, chestnut brown hair cascading down her back in the mid day sun. There is a long line of brunettes in the eternal Pantheon of sex symbols. Yesteryear has seen the likes of Bettie Paige, Natalie Wood, Sophia Loren, the list goes on to include present day beauties like Sibel Kekilli, Kat Dennings, and Michelle Rodriguez but who has picked up the hot looking brunette torch? These are 10 of the sexiest celebrity brunettes of 2015.

10. Sibel Kekilli

Sibel does not have an official Twitter. Instead read about her on Wikipedia.

As much hatred and disappointment as I have for her character in Game of Thrones, there is no denying that this girl is smoking hot. The German former porn star turned cautionary tale for lustful dwarfs broke all our hearts towards the end of the most recent season. There is little doubt that Sibel Kekilli was breaking more than her fair share before she landed the role as Shae. She exudes exoticism and that bad girl vibe I just can not seem to resist. She is willowy and sleek, with a very overt air of sexuality. Although her role on Game of Thrones has come to an end, I am quite certain we will see her again.



9. Kat Dennings

Brains and beauty makes this child prodigy  into a supporting actress to the stars. Kat Denning has a voluptuous figure that is enough to turn many a man’s and at least ten percent of women’s heads instantaneously. She has big baby blue eyes, full lips, the va va and the voom as well! She has a distinguished acting career stretching back to her debut in the HBO estrogen-fest known as Sex and the City. She broke into Hollywood as a sexually curious teen in the modern comedy classic 40 Year Old Virgin. She more recently appeared in the latest Thor film, and can currently be seen on the CBS sitcom, 2 Broke Girls.



8. Michelle Rodriguez

Since her debut role as a boxer in Girlfight, Michelle Rodriguez has been typecast as the tough girl. Her toned, super-fit body is a delight to the eyes. Her smile could disarm an ax wielding murderer. She is your garden variety spicy Latina super-vixen crossed with the heart of a kickboxing champion, exemplifying the notion that a strong woman is sexy! How many women could make an eye patch as sexy as she made it look in the Machete films? She recently reprised her role as She in Machete Kills, and is releasing the second of a series of short films about the life of a famous actress this year. You can also expect her return as Lefty Ortiz in the upcoming Fast and the Furious 7.



7. Zoe Saldana

Zoe Saldana looks like the majority of women that I have lusted over for my entire life, amalgamated into some sort of super-fine being sent to hypnotize the masses. She looks hot painted up in green makeup. She looks hot as a computer generated blue alien. She actually made Trekkies want to have sexual relations with Lieutenant Uhura more than they already did! Her hotness is absolute and undisputed. If you haven’t caught her in Guardians of the Galaxy yet, I recommend it highly. She is due to appear in the upcoming Nina Simone biopic, and has been tapped to appear in several sequels to Avatar, schedule for release in the next few years.

6. Alison Brie

One of the stars of hilarious NBC sitcom, Community, Miss Brie has that girl next door quality. This leaves you completely unprepared when she decides to drop the full power of her sexiness upon you! Before you know it, Allison Brie is in your face with butter-soft skin and her buxom, ample bosom. She certainly knows how to rock a short dress or exciting little outfit, if it is necessary to the integrity of the scene of course. This woman can make a preacher’s eyeballs sweat using nothing more than a pair of thigh high stockings and a low cut blouse. She can also be seen on AMC series, Mad Men, as well as heard on the Netflix original animated series, Bojack Horseman.



5. Natalie Portman

Natalie does not have an official Twitter. Instead read about her on Wikipedia.

Long ago, when I first saw her playing opposite Jean Reno in The Professional, I prophesied that Natalie Portman would one day grow up to be an uber-hottie. Lo and behold, my powers of precognition have proven themselves accurate! She is the kind of beautiful that burns a permanent image on the visual cortex of the red blooded American male. Her body is slender and sinewy, although, in the parlance of our times, she’s got cake. Born in the holy land of Jerusalem, God said she shalt be hot and he thought it good. She was seen most recently as the female lead of Thor: The Dark World, and has several films currently in post production.



4. Zoe Kravitz

Miss Zoe Kravitz is a triumph of genetics. Her mother, Lisa Bonet was consistently one of the hottest looking women on television for two decades. Her father, improbably handsome rock star, Lenny Kravitz. Is it any wonder that their offspring is one of the most gorgeous women I have ever seen in my life? I do nothing but stare at hot women and pictures of hot women all day long… for a living. The girl has a flawless face and a figure that, upon my first viewing in the film X Men: First Class, caused me to mumble incoherently and drool on myself for at least fifteen minutes. I would literally sell my soul to the devil to have relations with this woman. She appears in several films scheduled for release in 2015, including a new installment in the Max Max series.



3. Mila Kunis

Mila does not have an official Twitter. Instead read about her on Wikipedia.

I first noticed her as Jackie on Fox’s That 70′s Show. Mila Kunis was cute, but miraculously, she has managed to grow in hotness with each passing year. It would be impossible to describe this woman’s facial features using any word short of absolutely stunning! Her soft, supple curves could incite any man to sin! Her confidence sells it even more, as she proudly presented her baby bump for all the world to see. She recently gave birth to a baby girl with long time beau, Ashton Kutcher (@aplusk), a child who will almost certainly grow up to be a stunner just like her mother. Watch her in the upcoming Wachowski science fiction adventure, Jupiter Ascending, coming out in 2015.



2. Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba has a career stretching back into her childhood, but I first became aware of her nearly supernatural hotness as Max on the short lived Fox series, Dark Angel. Her lips are all soft, and kissable, and hold on… I need a minute. She is impossibly hot, in the face as well as in the body. I would not be surprised if she told me that she was created in a laboratory. You could calibrate scientific instruments on the preciseness of her womanly curves. Before her career is over, I am sure that she will be regarded as one of the most beautiful women ever to work in Hollywood. Most recently, she steamed up the screen in Machete Kills and Sin City: A Dame To Kill For.



1. Megan Fox

A classic beauty with an hourglass shape that refuses to quit and legs that go on for a millennium, Megan Fox has returned to Hollywood prominence as April O’Neill in the latest reboot of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. She made the transition to full on sex symbol in Michael Bay’s Transformers movies. Each film since then, she’s looked more smoking hot than in the last. Despite the impressive curve of her swerve, she has been known to poke fun at herself with cameos in such films as The Dictator.



A Sexy Brunette in the Boob Tube (1975):

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