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10 Of The Wealthiest Male Pornstars Of All Time


Like the 10 wealthiest male pornstars of all time, the money just keeps coming.

Written By

Stella Rae

After finding work at a sex toy store during college, Stella Rae began to reveal and explore her deviant side. Bringing her love of sex toys into amateur porn was her calling and she excelled at it. Recently, Stella has recently found love and retired from the adult movie world, but has brought her sex experience and sass to FGM to finally put that college degree to use.

Pornstars sure are rich in sexual satisfaction, and we’re not just referencing the wealth of inches they pack below the belt. We’re talking about the millions that they accumulate throughout their careers for doing something that we all love. Being a breakout star can lead to the big buck and quickly. Plus, if you’re a natural on set, it can land them with contract after contract for decades to come. Once they get the hang of the porn business as actors, they will start to learn how to play the field as businessmen who can go on to open their own porn related companies. At that point, the money just keeps on coming and coming, much like these guys on screen! Although none of these men have made a notch on my lipstick case, I still enjoyed compiling the list of the 10 wealthiest male pornstars of all time.

10. Danny Mountain


31-year-old, Danny Mountain is one of the newest faces in the porn industry. Perhaps that’s why he’s number 10 on our list. This English born pornstar is easy on the eyes with his conditioned physique and handsome face. Once you get past his six pack, something else will definitely get your attention, and with a member like that, it’s no wonder he’s successful and worth an estimated $1.5 million. He has starred in over 600 films and doesn’t show any signs of stopping. Since his debut in 2004, Danny has been nominated for several awards and has won “Best Sex Scene” with his wife, Mia Malkova.


9. Tommy Gunn


Pornstar Tommy Gunn has been in over 1,000 adult films. With a resume like that, his estimated worth of $2 million dollars comes as no surprise. He has won over 15 awards including “Best Supporting Actor” and “Male Performer of the Year.” His talents surpass the adult film industry, though. He has appeared in in the season seven finale of HBO’s hit series Entourage and has delved into the business world. He launched his own underwear line that includes pieces for both men and women. I wouldn’t mind getting in his underwear, but I guess I can settle for the ones he mass produces.


8. James Deen


James Deen is not your average male pornstar and that is exactly why we love him. His lack of muscle, like the stereotypical pornstar, is replaced with charm and his boyish good looks. But he isn’t lacking below the belt. His estimated worth of $2 million is not astronomical, but James plans to do porn for as long as he can, so he has a lot of time to increase that number. He is the youngest male performer to ever win the AVN “Male Performer of the Year” award in the industry, which implies that he is making waves in the porn world and will be riding his fame for years to come.


7. Evan Stone


Perhaps best known as the Fabio of the porn world, Evan Stone is worth an estimated $2.3 million. He has been nominated for over 20 awards throughout his career that includes over 1,500 movies. He has even performed with WWE wrestling super star, Chyna in Backdoor to Chyna. Even at 51 years old, Evan houses a conditioned body and his blonde hair and blue eyes make for a handsome face.


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6. Evan Seinfeld


Better known as Spyder Jonez in the porn world, this guy ranks in at number six with a net worth of $3.4 million. His rock ‘n’ roll persona with tattoos and bandannas breaks the traditional pornstar stereotype, but his image hasn’t hurt his success. While married to Tera Patrick, he performed with her in several adult films. In the final scene of Reign of Tera, he performed an orgy with 10 Asian porn stars where he was the only male. Since their divorce, he has continued his work in the porn industry through his production company Iron Cross Entertainment. Before he was Spyder Jonez the pornstar, he was a musician in several bands and acted in the HBO prison drama, Oz.


5. Lexington Steele


Jersey boy, Lexington Steele left Wall Street in 1994 to pursue his career in porn and we have no complaints. His estimated worth of $4.1 million can be attributed to his huge, black, 11-inch dick, and has dubbed it “11 inches of hardcore punishment.” He has made appearances in regular television shows such as Weeds and Nip/Tuck. In 2003, he opened his own production company, Mercenary Motion Pictures, for which he now exclusively performs and directs. Like many others, Lexington entered the porn world then used the industry and his degree in business to his advantage and became a successful and wealthy pornstar and business man.


4. Ron Jeremy


Ron Jeremy got his start in the porn industry after he left his job as a teacher. He posed for Playgirl and eventually moved to the adult film industry. His success in porn has lasted for 35 years and has earned the ranking as one of the most well-known and wealthiest pornstars, with a net worth of about $6.5 million, Along with performing in about 2,300 adult films, Ron can also attribute his success to other realms of the film world. He has acted in movies and television shows and has also written a memoir. While he might not be the best looking on the list, having sex with a porn idol like Ron Jeremy is still something to brag about.


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3. John Stagliano


John “Buttman” Stagliano is credited with sparking the popularity around the “gonzo” adult film genre, hence his nickname. These films involve the female ass, and often include kissing, licking, and biting it, but often steer clear of anal sex. Later, the films centered around this genre began to introduce anal. In 1989, he started his own company, Evil Angel, to sell his own films. His estimated $8 million net worth is a result of his unique porn career, as well as his production company which has put out hundreds of films.


2. Peter North


Starting out in gay porn, Canadian born, Peter North, was an overnight  success. He has since transferred over to straight porn but deems himself bisexual. His net worth of $10 million can maybe be accredited to his lengthy and hefty ejaculation shots. In some films, they last upward of 20 seconds. He has performed in over 2,500 pornos and had a hand in producing over 20 adult films. In 2001, he successfully began his own production company called Northstar Associates.


1. Rocco Siffredi


Italian porn star Rocco Siffredi has found his niche and it has made him millions; $27 million to be exact. Rocco is most well known for his rough anal sex scenes and analingus. While his films range from ordinary to extreme, his work is often recognized and has built him a large and loyal cult following. Because of his infatuation with butts, he has done work with John Stagliano’s production company. Since, he has opened his own production company based in Budapest called Rocco Siffredi Productions.


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