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10 Penthouse Magazines That Showcase The Best Of The 90′s


From Pamela Anderson to Charlie Sheen, these 10 Penthouse Magazines showcase the best of the 1990′s.

Written By

Lacey Cotton

A 63-year young bad girl stuck in the free spirit mode of her youth. When she’s not nude horseback riding, she writes for Filthy Gorgeous Media. Her bad girl expertise on all things filthy comes from her years of exploring swinger clubs with her late girlfriend, Bella, and small-bit roles in erotic films.

Penthouse magazine might be best known for its Penthouse Pets but these epic covers prove that there is more than meets the eye. With write-ups about some of the hottest ladies, these covers from the 1990′s are like a trip down memory lane. They highlight the good, the bad, and the ugly of the decade. But to keep this list Filthy Gorgeous, we didn’t skimp on the pretty blondes, but to balance things out, we added some of the hottest hunks who were on the rise during the time. That means we included the Olympic gold medalist who was fighting for a second comeback, the young rapper on the rise, as well as the legendary rock band that is still touring after 30 years. The hottest of them all, comes from a Canadian blonde  who  traded in her itty bitty red one piece for just a towel. If we say so ourselves, a plain white towel has never looked better. Even now, she’s still lauded as one of the most beautiful lifeguards ever. Here are 10 of the hottest Penthouse magazine covers of the 1990s.


10. George Foreman

Most people might associate George Foreman with the fat-reducing George Foreman Grill that he endorsed in 1994, but his legacy far-extends household appliances. Better known as “Big George,” he is a two-time world heavyweight champion and Olympic gold medalist. His incredible boxing records have afforded him the opportunity to go against some of the most recognizable names in boxing. That includes Smokin’ Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali in The Rumble in the Jungle that took place in Zaire in 1974. During the time this issue was released, he was on the way to his second comeback having fought and won the fight against Alex Stewart.


9. Barbie Ashton

Barbie Ashton was November’s “Penthouse Pet of the Month.” When this cover was shot, Ashton disclosed that she’s once lived in Puerto Rico, as well as Virginia and Maryland. As a movie buff, she enjoyed horror and suspense films written by Stephen King, particularly his film, Pet Cemetery. Her pictorial in this magazine took place in Miami when Barbie was just 26 years old. Judging by her risque photos, this Barbie wasn’t as plastic as her namesake doll.


8. Charlie Sheen

Since 2012, Charlie Sheen has been seen on television sitcoms like Anger Management, which he snagged after having spent seven years on the CBS Hit Two and a Half Men. However, in the 90′s, Sheen was burning up movie theaters having played in Cadence, The Rookie, and Beyond the Law that he starred in right around the time this issue was released. At the time, he was also commonly in headlines regarding personal issues. Sheen, who was born Carlos Estevez to Martin Sheen, was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, in 1994, solidifying his ranking as an actor. Yet according to Bree Olsen, he was just as comfortable doing sex scenes on and off his sitcoms.


7. Natalie Smith

English adult model, Natalie Smith, was voted the “Penthouse Pet of the Year Runner-Up” in 1995 after readers wrote in supporting the then 27-year-old. The model moved to the United States after vacationing here making upstate New York her home. She was featured on the 1993 cover of Penthouse alongside Mark Wahlberg even though he was going by Marky Mark at the time. Judging by her cover photo, this naughty cowgirl’s smile Natalie Smith had  good side as well. Yeehaw Natalie!

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6. Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson has more tricks up his sleeve than just that powerful right hook he showed in Hangover when he put Zach Galifianakis’ character to sleep. Just look at his stats, and you’ll notice that out of his total of 58 fights, he won 50. Those wins include 44 that were achieved through a complete knockout. He is a former undisputed heavyweight champion of the world being the youngest boxer to win multiple heavyweight titles at the tender age of 20 years. Mike Tyson was featured on the cover of Penthouse that year because his sex appeal is almost as deadly as his punch.


5. Zdenka Podkapova

This former professional gymnast is Czech-born competing for the Czech national team for five years before becoming an adult model. Her first photo shoot was in 1996 and just two years later, she was featured in Penthouse. Podkapova went on to become “Penthouse Pet of The Month” in 1999, the same year she was featured on this cover wearing a man’s shirt and tie and a come-hither-stare. Two years later, she also won “Penthouse Pet of the Year” in 2001 making her the second ever Penthouse Pet from Europe. This European beauty proves that some of the best things in life come from across the pond.


4. Mark Wahlberg

Whether you call him Mark Wahlberg or by Marky Mark, the Boston native has definitely made his mark on entertainment. The 44-year-old started out as a musician, transitioned to modeling then acting where he has made the biggest impressions. Not only has he starred in box office hits like The Departed and Shooter, he has also served as the executive producer of four HBO Series. They include Boardwalk Empire, Entourage, How to Make it in America and most recently, Ballers starring Dwayne Johnson. Walberg did this cover at the cusp of his acting debut in the TV film The Substitute. He later went on to film a big role alongside Danny DeVito called the Renaissance Man. Walberg is shown with Natalie Smith, “Penthouse Pet of the Year” 1995.


3. Paige Summers

Though Paige Summers was voted as “Penthouse of the Month” in 1966, it wasn’t until 1998 that she became famous. She is pictured here in a sequins dress mesmerizing readers with her blue eyes. She did the cover the same year she won “Penthouse of the Year.” She was the first North Carolinian to be chosen. As a part of her reward, she was given a Sportage Suv in exchange for advertising. She has appeared on the The Howard Stern Show as well as various Penthouse videos.


2. Aerosmith

Aerosmith has been praised as “America’s Greatest Rock and Roll Band.” The blues-inspired band, which was created in 1970 in Boston, has recorded 15 studio albums and has toured nearly every year since its creation. Their sound is most recognizable by lead singer’s Steven Tyler’s belting scream in songs such as “Walk This Way.” When Tyler and lead guitarist of Aerosmith, Joe Perry, was featured on the cover, the band had just released the “Get A Grip” album. They were inducted into the Rock Hall of Fame in 2001. Since the 70′s, they have been awarded six American Music Awards, four Billboard Music Awards, and sixteen Boston Music awards.


1. Pamela Anderson

This blonde bombshell might have reached mega stardom following her role as C. J. Parker, but it was her appearances wearing fewer clothes than her famous red bathing suit. That includes this 1993 cover featuring the Canadian-American actress wearing only a towel. She has been featured in Home Improvement and V.I.P. Anderson also recently posed nude for Flaunt magazine proving she’s still a Baywatch babe.

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