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Posted by on Oct 26, 2015 in News | 0 comments

10 Reasons That Kendra Lust Will Make You Fall In Love At Exxxotica


Fall in love with Exxxotica star Kendra Lust.

Written By

Willem Frankfort

Willem Frankfort is a lifelong activist, a bawdy troubadour, a voice for the people, and mildly degenerate. Like Socrates and Diogenes of ancient times, he sees it as his mission to expose hypocrisy, greed, and folly wherever it may be found. Pray that you never fall within his sights.

Kendra Lust hasn’t been in the industry for long, but her impact has been unmistakable. In a climate where youth comes at a premium, she was over thirty when she shot her first scenes. She found her niche in the lucrative MILF market, and business is booming! In three short years, this late bloomer clawed her way the top, taking her place among the porn MILF pantheon and winning awards like the 2015 XBIZ MILF Performer of the Year and 2015 Nightmoves Best MILF Performer. And if that’s not enough, she was crowned the first ever Miss Tushy 2015. With her warm womanly curves and ample assets, it isn’t hard to see why. Not only is she super hot, but she’s down to earth and loves WWE and wrestling. With a name like Lust, what’s not to love? If you have any sense, you already have a crush on this woman. On the off chance that you aren’t drooling over her yet, here are ten reasons to love Kendra Lust.

10. She’s a Virgo

This little fact of astrology provides us with one vital piece of information. She’s recently had a birthday. If you can’t show a girl love on her birthday, whether you believe in astrology or not, what kind of person are you? Savages. They say Virgos make good friends. When I watch her videos, I get a tingly feeling that tells me this is true of her. It’s an Earth sign, she’s probably very grounded. If you’re going to love a porn star, why not a down to Earth porn star? Why love Kendra Lust? It’s in the stars.

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9. She is a MILF and a Cougar

I love older women. Who doesn’t? Sometimes you need a cougar in your life. There is nothing like the sure hand of experience. She learned the arts of sex from personal experience, capturing them on video, only after perfecting each sexual technique! Watch any of her videos, and you will know that she handles the penis with the skill of a samurai warrior. It takes time to bring your sex game to that level. There’s no coyness or pretense in her performance. Like most older women, she gets right down to business! You should see what she looks like dressed as a school teacher.

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8. She is into Fitness

Need some motivation to go to the gym? Just watch one of her scenes. You will at least get a decent arm workout. From what I hear on the grapevine, Ms. Lust is all about that healthy living. Besides the obvious benefits to her health, her extra hours in the gym pay off a hundredfold for you, the pornographic film audience. Not only does she have T and A for days, but everything between those two parts of her body is taut and toned! Her MILF-iness is no accident, it’s cold and calculated. What do you expect? She’s a Virgo.

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7. Her Instagram

Like perving on Instagram girls? Me too. Kendra Lust happens to have an extremely hot Instagram page, with photos for the most demanding connoisseur. Each photograph on her account, @thereal1_kendralust, is more tingle-inspiring than the last! See every perfect curve of her body from multiple angles as she lifts, squats, and pouts her way into your heart. Also, she refers to her followers as the #LustArmy… which is just cool. Not only are they an army of people devoted to Ms. Lust, they are also lusting over her. That is some clever shit!

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6. Her Kim Kardashian Parody

It takes serious curves to match asses with the famous Kim Kardashian! It was hard to imagine something better than Kim’s double bubble covered in a thick coating of baby oil. That is, until I saw Kendra in the same poses. Lo and behold, Kendra Lust has a more luscious booty than one of the titans of the big booty community! As if that isn’t enough, Ms. Lust has also done a scene for BangBros in the same milieu. Is it hot? What the hell do you think?! It takes a special lady to get a pearl necklace in a pearl necklace, but she pulls it off.

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5. She’s Smart

You don’t become one of the most famous porn stars in the world in your mid thirties if you’re an idiot. She uses every asset she has to the maximum advantage. She is like Sun Tzu with a righteous bubble butt. This PAWG (phat ass white girl) has positioned herself for maximum crossover appeal. She was a registered nurse before she transitioned to her new career. God forbid if terrorists attacked the studio during a shoot… who do you want around to save the day? Kendra Lust and her big old brains. An educated nymphomaniac is a terrible thing to waste.

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4. Her Twitter

Ms. Lust cares about her fans. How do I know? I scrolled through her Twitter page, @KendraLust, and she replies to an incredible number of fan tweets. What a sweetheart! With animated gifs, videos, photos, and constant updates, she tweets everything her #LustArmy needs to know! She’s funny, caring, and just downright lovable. Aside from your standard porn star promotion fare, she posts about relevant issues such as breast cancer. If you like her work, consider donating to the GoFundMe link on her page for her girlfriend’s son, who is apparently feeling ill.

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3. Her Ass

Ass is serious business, literally in her case. Kendra Lust has one of the most amazing asses I have ever seen in my life! It looks like Peter Dinklage is riding piggyback with his arms around her waist. It looks like she is smuggling smoked hams in her yoga pants. It looks like God himself inserted a bicycle pump and inflated a perfectly round beach ball in each butt cheek! Her ass lives on eternally in the Platonic realm of ideal forms. One look, and you can almost feel the hundreds and thousands of squats it must have taken to build that thing. It is like the Death Star to her galactic empire.

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2. Her First Anal Movie

When you are in Idaho, you do not want a carrot! You want a potato! Kendra Lust has a spectacular ass. Those of us who have been watching her career have been anxiously awaiting her first anal sex scene like a kid waiting to ride his new bike on Christmas morning! I dare say it was worth the wait. has released her exclusive first anal scene, and it is pretty damn hot! I’m not a psychic or anything, but I’m almost certain where your web browsing activities will take you next. Be careful guys, don’t give yourself carpal tunnel now.

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1. She will be at Exxxotica!

That’s right! You can meet her at the Teacher Preacher’s favorite adult entertainment exposition! I promise you she’s even hotter in person. You can see the living embodiment of your nastiest fantasies, get her autograph, and have a nice conversation. She might even hug you! Imagine your arms wrapped around all that curvy womanhood. It’s not a dream! With Filthy Gorgeous Media as a sponsor at Exxxotica in Edison, New Jersey this November, I know I’m going in for my hug! If you have the means to attend, you would be a fool not to do the same!

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