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Posted by on Jan 21, 2015 in News | 0 comments

5 Of The Best Places To Hook Up In NYC


These are 5 of the best places to hook up in New York City.

Have you ever risked the possibility of jail time in order to get laid or how about the chance of being publicly humiliated in exchange for a killer blowjob? If so then you are probably one of the many that enjoy having public sex. While some cannot even fathom the thought of exposing themselves during this most intimate act, others straight up live for it. The combination of hormones, adrenaline, and doing something completely naughty and illegal is enough to drive many couples to experiment with public lovin’. So instead of another article defending why so many take pleasure in it, how about we give you a few suggestions. Remember, getting caught with your pants down in public is ILLEGAL and while few will be slapped on the wrist, most will be arrested or highly fined. However, isn’t that all part of the hype and excitement; to successfully get away with fucking freely? I would think so.

5. In A Taxi

Chances are if you have partied in the Big Apple, you have done something inappropriate in the back of NYC taxicab. For some of you, it may have been a full out sex romp as the result of some new drug that you were partying with, but for others, it  may have just been a quick blow job. Either way, there is definitely something to say about the delusion of safety we feel in that secluded back seat surrounded by big lights, crazy traffic, and a bulletproof plastic divider.

4. In A Hotel

There is something about a New York City hotel that turns any suburban mom into a sex maniac. However, if you want to get real down and dirty, you need to go all the way to the top. Having an orgasm on a rooftop should be on everyone’s bucket list. It could be a garden rooftop overlooking Central Park or a dirty ass pigeon hotel in the Lower East Side. Either way, being bent over for all traffic and anyone looking up, scores you a 10 on the HOT-SEX OHH-METER but is also your safest bet to not getting caught.

3. In The Subway

Move over Staten Island ferry sexscapades. Subway sex may just be a hotter method of travel fuckery.  Although I do not recommend going at it during the morning commute, I would suggest a late-night drunk boning on those hard plastic seats. Try to keep it as secretive as possible. Nobody wants to see you hanging on the pole.


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2. In Public Restrooms

Nothing beats having sex in a public restroom. The best one in all of New York City to have a quickie, is the one in F.A.O Shwarz.  If you have never visited the bathroom at this tourist hotspot and mega toy store, then you should just zip your mouth right now. They are family sized, private, and surrounded by music, costumes, games, and chocolate, making it one of the best places to be publicly pleasured at.

1. In Central Park

This would not be a proper NYC public sex post if it did not include Central Park. While this may be the most dangerous recommendation on the list because of the police paroling and public humiliation, it is also NYC’s most common playground for public fornication. Whether you sneak off to one of the lush gardens or hidden beaches, remember to be proud of this achievement. Boning is this iconic park would be like boning on top of the Empire State building: memorable, outrageous, and superior to all other sexual adventures.

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