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Posted by on Sep 29, 2015 in News | 0 comments

5 Reasons Why Bigger Is Better For Your Sex Life


This list proves that men who are bigger are simply and indisputably better lovers.

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Ginger doesn’t have soul, but she’s got more than enough sass to make-up for it. This outspoken red-head has been celebrating her 29th birthday for the past five years the only way she knows how: through an abundance of hard liquor and a thirst for the extreme. Her freelance writing career led her to Filthy Gorgeous, where she can finally document her one night stands and x-rated adventures.

It’s never-ending—and no, that’s not a reference to his penis, though it should be. What I’m talking about is the argument volleying back and forth between women, men, and experts alike over what’s better: a bigger member, or knowing how to use it? Why not both? Yeah, I said it; why shouldn’t a woman want to take her piece of dessert and deep throat it, too? We’re ravenous, after all (and hopefully, later, ravished). Recently, Filthy Gorgeous published an article about how a man needs cock control more than he needs a big penis, and while it’s true that a man definitely shouldn’t be struggling through his performance, that’s no reason to settle for less. Sex should be akin to a dessert buffet that leaves you sated, not a diet that leaves you less than satisfied. As an experienced woman myself, I’ve come up with the final word on the matter in this list of five reasons why bigger is better for your sex life.

1. Confidence

Bigger is better because well-endowed men seem to be more self-confident and less hung-up about sex. Think about it: if you had consistent reaffirmation from society and your partners throughout your adult life, you would be, too. Just like how any person who’s frequently told they’re beautiful or funny finds unwavering solace in their looks or humor—people gravitate towards what they’re good at and draw confidence from that wet well of compliments. Not that it’s impossible for a larger man to have awful confidence, but you’d have to search pretty long and hard to find them. Bigger penises simply do something miraculous to the male psyche, transforming men from mere horny ponies to sexually driven centaurs ready to ride. Bigger penises are also a requirement in porn, and porn is the medium through which people measure their sex lives, whether they admit it or not. Maybe not your average day-to-day vanilla sex life, but that triple banana fudge sundae with whipped cream and nuts fantasy sex life you know every woman secretly craves. He knows she wants it. She knows she wants it. (Of course we’re talking in cases of total consent here.) It’s just hard not to look at a fully erect big dick and not imagine the feel of it, and guys, being in-tune to women’s carnal needs and desires, can sense that.

2. Keeping It Up

Smaller men struggle to keep it up. I don’t know if there’s ever been a study done relating to sex problems and penis size, but I’ve found that smaller men seem to suffer from premature ejaculation and problems in keeping an erection. Look, I’m not a scientist, but I am drawing from personal experience (an invaluable tool) and my time spent on internet forums, so it’s more than just hypothesis, it’s a damn documented observation. It could be that this problem is a direct result of lack of confidence—after all, smaller men are kind of relegated to the fringe ends of society. Want to bring a man down a peg or destroy your relationship beyond repair? Just compare his member to a tic-tac and you’re golden. And I get it, I really do—women are intimidating vixens, aren’t we, especially us strong, independent women. Still (and this is going to sound harsh), I don’t see why it’s my problem to deal with yours when we’re both just trying to get off. What fun is a waffle a la mode if it’s covered in melted ice cream? It’s not, it’s messy, and I’m not going to lie about the fact that I’m the type of woman who likes her pick of the best at the dessert bar.

3. Selfishness

Men with smaller penises seem so much more concerned about their climax than mine. And my climax is important. Essential, even. Hello, I have let you in for a stay in the penthouse suite that is my body, and you’re getting to get so hung up in the foyer that you’re not even going to take a look around? It’s lazy. It shows a lack of adventure. Honestly, sometimes I feel like men on the smaller side are just doing it to themselves. They’re the underdog going up against the big boxer in the ring, but there are still some people rooting for them to win, if they can get that one good thrust in, and what do they do? They let you down. First they can’t get it up, and then they underperform. Here’s my advice for men with small dicks: masturbate. A lot. Learn to keep an erection and then study cunnilingus like you’re learning a new language. If your penis has become a chore and sex has turned into such a workout that you’ve lost sight of the fact that it’s not all about you, allow me to remind you that foreplay is still, and will continue indefinitely to be, an appreciated art form, please and thank you.

4. Variety

A small penis slips out during different positions. A large one never does. I think this one speaks for itself. As previously mentioned, men on the smaller side have to work harder to please a woman, which can result in sex turning into a workout. Sex shouldn’t be akin to a gym sesh where he’s so busy trying to lift your legs and twist your hips just to get inside that it loses its appeal. Or worse, put a pillow under your butt just to get the right penetration angle. I thought I left geometry behind in math class. Men with bigger dicks that stretch on into infinity are inherently better at sex because the act is a bit more effortless, fluid even—no matter the position, he can slip it in and keep it there, ensuring a theme park water ride of pleasure instead of a quick turn on the Slip n’ Slide.


The friction caused by a large penis results in faster, harder, and more frequent climaxes. This is the most important reason of all—if you can’t feel it, then what exactly is getting you off? (Answer: Probably your vibrator later.) A big, thick dick causes more satisfaction simply because the extra girth increases the friction and pressure on the walls of the vagina. A bigger penis leaves a woman feeling filled, a feeling emphasized in each of our incredibly sensitive and ready nerve-endings. There’s also more sensation to the clit, a huge deal as any woman knows. And, the cherry on top of an already towering sundae: he rubs up against the g-spot, too. I don’t have statistics to back this up, but I’m willing to bet that bigger men have an almost 100 percent orgasm rate—10 out of 10, five stars, 0 percent margin for error. I’m sorry, smaller guys: your flaws may not seem big, but that’s exactly what the problem is.

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