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Erotic advertisements are all over the media today. Whether it’s a shampoo that is being advertised, or a certain brand of tooth-paste, there is eroticism in ads. There is content that can be viewed even by children, as only adults will understand the true reference. There is also content that can be very explicit. Such content is usually featured online, and it’s much more explicit and erotic than what we’re used to seeing on TV. Erotic advertisements are a great way to advertise adult websites, as well as certain products that do not have to be related to sex at all.

The first erotic ads generated a lot of heat when they first appeared in the early 1980s. But despite the controversy, they were very well received, because let’s face it, sex sells in any form. Most readers turn their attention to content that involves models showing skin, breasts and provocative clothing. They can contain a lot, or a little nudity, as long as they get the imagination going. Such images and videos feature an advertisement that is cleverly hidden, prompting the viewer to remember the product, or service that is being advertised.

There are cases where the erotic, highly sexual ads are used to advertise things that don’t have anything to do with sex at all. You would be surprised that even companies that produce coffins will use beautiful, naked women in order to promote their product. Seeing a beautiful body leaves an imprint in our mind, and it’s certainly hard to forget such unusual combinations.
Sexual ads are often used in promoting services you wouldn’t expect to be promoted that way. Legal services are often promoted by featuring hot secretaries dressed somewhat inappropriately. That certainly makes one’s mind start thinking about work-place related affairs, and fires up the imagination to a boiling point. You will not forget the name of the company that featured one such ad.

Sex is generally a great way to advertise different products and services. It doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with adult websites as sex usually has the ability to draw the viewer in. However, as great as those ads might be, they need to be very well designed and thought through, as they have the ability to have a negative impact as well. Sex can be a hilarious thing, and most of the ads that are out there are very well thought of, making us truly interested in the products and services that are being advertised.