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Posted by on Feb 19, 2016 in News | 0 comments

Amazon’s Funniest Condoms

Don’t be silly, wrap your willie! Safe sex is important, but so is originality. Many condom brands have gotten monotonous and boring, leaving buyers with the same color, taste, and packaging that they’ve had since the 1980’s. In order to encourage more people to not only buy condoms but to use them, companies should be focused on making the experience a fun activity instead of a boring obligation. Therefore, next time you’re looking to Netflix and Chill, order a few “Trump Condoms.” Or if you’re looking to try the next position from your Kama Sutra book, order a package of the “I Will Not Be Your Father Condoms.” That way, your partner will know that this is a baby free zone. So next time you’re looking for funny condoms as a gag gift or just as a reason to smile before getting it on, Amazon has condoms that will ultimately make safe sex more entertaining!

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