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Posted by on Jan 6, 2016 in News | 0 comments

Are Loud Girls Worth The Trouble?

Sitting at the bar, drinking a Skinny Girl cocktail, hint of a tramp stamp showing as her tight jeans ride low, is the hottest piece of ass you have ever seen. Nothing gives you a hard on more than a chick wearing thigh high boots; She has got those on as well. You start to approach her from the other end of the bar, watching her as she carefully sips her drinking, licking her lips between sips. You would prefer if she was downing shots of tequila or drinking some high-end scotch, but cocktails will do. You haven’t been out at night in so long that anything will do at this point. Only one problem, she won’t shut the fuck up. Not only that, she is so loud and so verbose the only thing you can see is her mouth; and not in the “man, I’d like those lips on my dick” kind of way. It is only in the “holy shit how can I turn the volume down” kind of way. Not good. Not good at all. You can hear her from across the bar and the bar is pretty fucking loud.

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