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Posted by on Aug 26, 2015 in News | 0 comments

Ashley Madison Hack Is The Face Of Scandal


According to updated sources, the Ashley Madison hack has affected millions and continues to cause scandal at every corner.

Ashley Madison says goodbye to secrecy and hello to scandal. Known for being an infamous website for infidelity and adultery, Ashley Madison has made a name for itself in the mind of every married spouse in the country. However, due to a major privacy hack, spouses can finally get the answers to that burning question,  “Are they cheating on me?” With over 30 million names leaked, the once successful website for finding an affair and cheating partners has become the source of arguments, divorce, and in some extreme cases, suicide. So while the homepage of the site promises 100% discreet service and boasts that they have an award in trusted security, Ashley Madison can now kiss their clients and reputation goodbye. Unfortunately for those that ever had an account, according to sources, the hacking has just begun. Cheaters beware!

With the profiles of numerous politicians, executive, and celebrities already leaked, people are left to wonder just who will  be revealed next. In the newest video by Jerrick Media, three celebrities are caught on camera, creating their user submission profiles for Ashley Media. Although there has not been any proof that these three celebrities have been involved with the site in anyway, Jerrick Media pokes fun at these gentleman because of their scandalous and relationships in public. The first celebrity in the video goes by the username, BATDICK69. Any guess on who it can be? Well, if he is the hero this website deserves, he is not the one it needs. It’s Ben Affleck, star of the new Batman Vs. Superman movie. Despite his blurred face and autotuned voice, Affleck is recognizable through his self description as a “Ultra accomplished 40-something looking for successful sexy 20-something for discreet rendez-vous. You should probably be paying me for this since I’ll be doing you a favor; you’ll be hooking up with Batman.”

According to the media, Affleck and Jennifer Garner are getting a divorce due to the allegations that Affleck had an affair with a family nanny. Could this nanny have found Affleck on Ashley Madison? Only time will tell if his name will appear on the list of the accounts that were hacked! However, Affleck isn’t the only celebrity to get a divorce after rumors of an affair surfaced. The next celebrity in this video, 9INCHWOODY, has his own fair share of marriage scandals. “…Just be ready, since the minute I get off the green I gotta hit something that ain’t a golf ball or else I’ll explode..” Can you guess which golfer is looking for a 19th hole to hit his balls into? Tiger Woods! After his very public divorce from his Elin Nordgren, reports came out that Woods had had an affair with multiple women. Although he has multiple sponsorships to support his golf career, he might have made millions by getting into bed with Ashley Madison.

You Won’t Believe These Celebrity Ashley Madison Profiles

Although the last celebrity in this video was never married, he has two children with a famous baby momma who he brags about in his profile submission tape. Going by the username, DISDICK, this celebrity says, ” I need someone who can help me relax after spending the day with my bitchy baby momma and her even bitchier super-controlling mom. But you should be at least as hot as my baby momma…” Although there are multiple stories about celebrity baby mama dramas, there is only one family that is known for drama. The Kardashians have made themselves comfortable as Hollywood’s luxe family that everyone is trying to keep up with. As for DISDICK, or Scott Disick, he has finally had enough of the Kardashian clan and has moved on from his baby mama, Kourtney. Could this be a result of his time spent on Ashley Madison? With a family this insane, it wouldn’t come as much of a surprise.

Even though none of these three gentlemen have been linked to Ashley Madison in anyway, the rumors continue to grow with the hack. Along with what men might have signed up for this site, another rumor has started to grow about the women that use the site. It has come to light that a great deal of the female profiles on the site were created by Ashley Madison and could have been written by anyone, including men. So who are you actually seeing when you look at hottie’s profile on Ashley Madison? Well in the video, “You Won’t Believe These Ashley Madison Profiles,” Jerrick Media reveals who might actually be making the profiles of these sensuous women who have interests in married men.

You Won’t Believe These Ashley Madison Profiles

If there are men that are still interested in joining Ashley Madison, despite the massive hacking into their “secure” database, men should know what they are really getting into. Approximately 90% of Ashley Madison profiles were created by actual men. Only about 5% of accounts are created by actual females, and the remaining 5% were fake profiles created by the site in order to catfish their users. This video highlights three of these potential fake profiles. KINKEEKITTE, BARBIE72, and HOTTIEMUM are all examples of just how dangerous sites like Ashley Madison can be. You never know for certain just who is on the other end of that screen name. With new reveals coming in daily, Jerrick Media just has one question to ask: what will happen next with the Ashley Madison hack? Only time will tell.

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