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Posted by on Jun 18, 2015 in News | 0 comments

Auction Editor’s Pick: 35mm Joanne Latham


The editor’s pick of the upcoming Filthy Gorgeous Auction is a one of a kind slide of the charming Joanne Latham by photographer Bob Guccione.

As an editor, I have the privilege to examine the Filthy Gorgeous archive of original and erotic slides and photographs. In this week’s auction, my pick goes to a 35mm slide of Joanne Latham.

The June 20, 2015 auction explores the Penthouse Pets of the 1970′s who were some of the sexiest women to have ever graced the pages of Penthouse. The early 1970′s were a crucial time for the Guccione aesthetic in erotic photography, The big news at the time was the full frontal nudity, pubic hair and all, that Guccione displayed in his magazine. This was something that Hugh Hefner vowed he would never, ever show. While Playboy put their girls in outdoorsy and largely all-American settings, the Penthouse girls of the 70′s, had their leggings and props and vintage wooden chairs which evoked a much more bohemian lifestyles. These were art girls with naughty sides.

While each piece in this timeless collection is stunning, my editor’s pick, again, goes to lot #67, an original, erotic, and unpublished 35mm slide featuring Joanne Latham taken by photographer Bob Guccione in 1979.

Joanne Kandy Latham is a former English glamour model. Her statistics were quoted as 36-23-36. In 1979 the two major Men’s magazines, Playboy and Penthouse, fought a very publicized battle over her for the first nude pictures. Latham signed a contract with Bob Guccione and Penthouse which promised a fee of £70,000 for her to appear in the 10th Anniversary edition. Latham adorned nineteen pages of the magazine. That edition made U.S. history, selling more in Dollar percentage than any other magazine to date and making a profit of $18 million. After a brief affair with Guccione Latham’s contract was terminated with Penthouse Magazine when she fell in love with the Guccione’s son. She moved from New York to Los Angeles and briefly became the girlfriend of Hugh Hefner living in the Playboy Mansion. In the early eighties Latham returned to England to her Midland home in the village of Tettenhall.

“Looking at my figure,” said the astonishingly sumptuous British beauty, Joanne Latham, when she first burst onto our pages, “you might say I’ve had more than a bit of blooming luck!” Eyeing her resplendent 40-23-36-inch form, we’d say that the luck is all ours. She refuses to let mass adulation turn her pretty, flaxen head, however. “My friends nicknamed me ‘Shuga’ because of my sweet disposition,” she maintains, ” and I intend to stay nice-though someday the right man might come along and persuade me to be a little naughty.” Still just under a tender 20 at the time, Shuga admits she has yet to get sweet on one particular man.

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Filthy Gorgeous Media is the ever evolving legacy to the original erotica media magnates and the parts of American culture they contributed to. They were visionaries advancing the fields of publishing, journalism, first amendment rights, futurism, fine arts, photography, and more. Filthy Gorgeous Media is devoted to illuminating all of the varied corners of their legacy and their impact on the past, present, and future. Filthy Gorgeous Media sets the tone for the future of erotica by combining its golden age with contemporary culture, creating a new found appreciation for the genre.

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