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Auction Editor’s Pick: Confident Naked Women Are The Sexiest


The editor’s picks of the upcoming Filthy Gorgeous Auction, Confident Naked Women Are The Sexiest

Written By

Baxter Reynolds

Having worked as Head Curator of exhibitions at many prestigious art galleries around the country, Reynolds is no stranger to fine art. Reynolds now works as a freelance curator for Filthy Gorgeous Media, allowing him to pursue his own personal love of erotic photography.

The new era of the aggressive woman is here. Women have more power in everything and are expected to assert themselves in every area: jobs, politics, sports, and most importantly, sex. Women no longer have to wait around for the man to make the first move anymore. Instead, more and more men are saying that they are turned on by women who are sure, confident, and sexually demonstrative. Confident women know how to charm a man with just a smile, a wink, or a playful touch to the arm. The women in this gallery know that their confidence is the sexiest thing they can wear, but their lingerie doesn’t hurt either.

These Penthouse girls radiated confidence when they stripped down for the Master of Erotica, Bob Guccione. In Confident Naked Woman Are The Sexiest, our favorite girls won’t hide a thing from you. This auction highlights the beauty of Donna Barnes, Danille Deneux, Pia Zadora, DiVina Celeste, and Sheila Kennedy in a mix of 35mm slides and 120mm transparencies.

35mm Brandy Ledford

Original nude, erotic, 35mm slide features Brandy Ledford taken by Bob Guccione in 1991. Print and/or markings on the slide mount are original. Brandy Ledford, also known as Jisel is an American actress, model and Penthouse magazine’s 1992 Pet of the Year. In 1998 a homemade video tape of Ledford having sex with both Mötley Crüe singer Vince Neil and pornographic actress Janine Lindemulder was leaked to the public. It was eventually released commercially by the same company that distributed the infamous sex video of actress/former Playboy model Pamela Anderson and Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee.

35mm Jolanta Von Zmuda

Original nude, erotic, 35mm slide features Jolanta Von Zmuda taken by Bob Guccione in 1976. Print and/or markings on the slide mount are original. At 22, Jolanta Von Zmuda was decidedly a romantic. Her wistful erotic fantasies included “making love by a bubbling stream,” and her preferences in lingerie ran from “soft, romantic little things that can easily be pushed aside in the heat of passion.”

120mm Lynn Partington

This published original 120mm transparency features Lynn Partington, which was taken by Bob Guccione in the 1970′s. Before Lynn Partington posed for Penthouse, she was actually a bunny girl in the London Playboy Club. In 1971, Lynn was Penthouse Pet of the Month, and in 1973 she was up for Pet of the Year with four other girls including Patricia Barett, who won. She graced the Penthouse pages with her sultry 35-21-35 physique, standing 5’5” tall. Lynn’s December 1971 cover photo features the first bare bottom to appear on the cover of Penthouse.

35mm Pia Zadora

Original nude, erotic, 35mm slide features Pia Zadora taken by Bob Guccione in 1982. After working as a child actress on Broadway, in regional theater, and in the film, Santa Claus Conquers the Martians, she gained national attention in 1981 when she won a Golden Globe Award for her sexually driven performance in Butterfly. The film told the story of 17 year-old sexpot named Kady (Pia Zadora) whose opening scene set the premise for the entire movie. Wearing a flimsy low-cut dress that showed off her ample breasts, the voluptuous and baby-faced Zadora with her pouty lips was hitchhiking to Good Springs on the Arizona-Nevada border. She locates the shack of hermit miner who asks her, “Miss…somethin’ you want?” Provocatively, Zadora drinks fresh creamy milk from a dipper while looking at him, claiming: “I like it warm with foam on it.”

Warren Tang Signed Letter w/ Slide & Polaroid

Original nude, erotic, 35mm slide features Laura Leap taken by Warren Tang in 1989. Lot 125 also contains a signed letter addressed to Jane Homlish who was Bob Guccione’s assistant and a polaroid or Laura. Warren Tang is a well known for Penthouse and he got his break back in 1986 when he submitted his first test shots of a fashion model to Penthouse. Bob Guccione and Jane Homlish gave him the opportunity to do the layout. Samantha Townsed was later published as a feature pictorial.

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