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Auction Editor’s Pick: If Love Is Blind, Why Is Lingerie So Popular?


The editor’s picks of the upcoming Filthy Gorgeous Auction, If Love Is Blind, Why Is Lingerie So Popular?

Written By

Baxter Reynolds

Having worked as Head Curator of exhibitions at many prestigious art galleries around the country, Reynolds is no stranger to fine art. Reynolds now works as a freelance curator for Filthy Gorgeous Media, allowing him to pursue his own personal love of erotic photography.

The auction If Love Is Blind, Why Is Lingerie So Popular features women in lingerie so tantalizing, that it will ignite passion and create lust. These women know that lingerie is a weapon of seduction, and that anticipation is almost as important as the moment a woman allows a man to breach the shield of lingerie. Sexy lingerie can do as much for a man as it does for a woman. It can define what is to come next for the man. More importantly it can define who a woman is without ever being seen by a man.

If a woman is feeling flirty, they can wear opaque stockings so they require removal before their man can see the best parts. If they are feeling frisky, they can wear sheer thigh highs, so there is nothing left to the imagination. The sight and touch of the fabric serve as a reminder that sensuality exists. So while love is blind, lingerie is meant to invoke all the senses, not just the sight. Plus when lingerie is involved, lust is invoked and lust isn’t blind, it has eagle vision.

35mm Jolanta Von Zmuda

Original nude, erotic, 35mm slide features Jolenta Von Zmuda taken by Bob Guccione in 1978. When Jolanta Von Zmuda was 22, she was decidedly a romantic. Her wistful erotic fantasies included “making love by a bubbling stream,” and her preferences in lingerie ran from “soft,romantic little things that can easily be pushed aside in the heat of passion.” Passion is a sensation with which Jolanta’s 36 1/2-23-36 body is well acquainted. She reportedly liked “a rugged, good looking man,” has a preference for American males, and was outspoken when describing the nature of her sexuality: “If my man turns me on physically, I will make love with him any time of the day or night.”

35mm Brandy Ledford

Original nude, erotic, 35mm slide features Brandy Ledford taken by Bob Guccione in 1991. Print and/or markings on the slide mount are original. Brandy Ledford, also known as Jisel is an American actress, model and Penthouse magazine’s 1992 Pet of the Year. In 1998 a homemade video tape of Ledford having sex with both Mötley Crüe singer Vince Neil and pornographic actress Janine Lindemulder was leaked to the public. It was eventually released commercially by the same company that distributed the infamous sex video of actress/former Playboy model Pamela Anderson and Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee.

120mm Maggie Burton & Penthouse 1973

This published original 120mm transparency features Maggi Burton, which was taken by Bob Guccione in 1973. Lot 30 also comes with the January 1973 Penthouse magazine which features Maggi Burton on the cover, as well as the Pet of the Month. This 120mm transparency was published as part of her pictorial. Maggie Burton was born amid the apple trees of Queensland orchard, deep in Ned Kelly country. Maggie ripened into a petite (5ft 3ins) but fruitful (35-22-35) configuration, and bloomed as a Pet at the London Penthouse Club.


120mm Karen Sather & 1973 Penthouse Magazine

This published original 120mm transparency features Karen Sather, which was taken by Bob Guccione in 1972. Print and/or markings are original. Lot 70 also comes with an issue of the February 1973 Penthouse which features Karen Sather on the cover, as well as the Pet of the Month. The 120mm transparency in this lot was published as the cover photo. In an interview, Karen said she prefers the company of men. She enjoys their brand of honesty and humor, and is suspicious in the company of other women. “If a man hates you, he will tell you to get out of his life. A woman never does. She keeps on pretending to like you, for her own reasons.” In personal relationships, Karen said she liked to be dominated. She cannot form any kind of friendship with a man whom she cannot respect. “A man loses all his sex appeal when he loses his ability to command a woman’s respect. I like a man who can create a whole world of his own around him, and who can just irresistibly involve me in that world.”

35mm Danielle Deneux

This original nude, erotic, 35mm slide features Danielle Deneux, which was taken by Bob Guccione in 1980. Print and/or markings on the slide mount are original. During an interview, Danielle Deneux once said she was quite pleased with her pretty face and remarkable 37-25-36-inch assets. “The thing I’m proudest of is my pride. I left home at the age of 14 rather than take orders from my stepfather. A few years later I caught my boyfriend cheating on me, and I walked out and never once looked back-even when he begged me to reconsider.” said Danielle.

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