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Auction Editor’s Pick: The 1970′s Was Funky Music And Frisky Females


The editor’s picks of the upcoming Filthy Gorgeous Auction, The 1970′s Was Funky Music And Frisky Females.

Written By

Baxter Reynolds

Having worked as Head Curator of exhibitions at many prestigious art galleries around the country, Reynolds is no stranger to fine art. Reynolds now works as a freelance curator for Filthy Gorgeous Media, allowing him to pursue his own personal love of erotic photography.

“You’ve got something on your chest: my eyes.” Pick up lines were an integral part of the vast semen-drenched spawning that was the 1970’s. Young adults by the tens of millions flooded local bars to perform a mating ritual that preceded a night of recreational sex. While pick up lines may be cheesy by today’s standards, for those that grew up in this decade, they remind you of the nights spent making out to the sounds of Pink Floyd. There is something fun and flirty about a pick up line, and this auction delivers on the nostalgia of that era of free love, disco, and bell bottoms.

Plug in the lava lamp, play your favorite 8 track, and view some of the most gorgeous women from the 1970′s in The 1970′s Was Funky Music and Frisky Females auction. We have selected 35mm and 120mm transparencies taken by Penthouse founder Bob Guccione, and his fellow Penthouse Photographers. Discover some of the most far out babes such as Joanne Latham, Avril Lund, Cheryl Rixon, Victoria Johnson, and Jane Hargrave. Can you dig it?

35mm Victoria Johnson

Original nude, erotic, 35mm slide features Victoria Lynn Johnson taken by Bob Guccione in 1977. Victoria Lynn Johnson, also known as Victoria Lynn, was a favorite of not only Penthouse readers but of the founder and editor Bob Guccione himself. There are multiple reasons why Johnson was the Pet of the Month for August 1976 but the 1977 Pet of the Year. First, she is a natural redhead. Second, she had a perfect classical figure in the 1970′s. Third, she was a remarkably adept model in terms of posing, and always looked great in the favored Guccione costumes and prop such as floppy hats, half-bras, and post-Victorian garter belts.

35mm Anneka Di Lorenzo

Original nude, erotic, 35mm slide features Anneka Di Lorenzo taken by Bob Guccione in 1975. Print and/or markings on the slide mount are original. This redhead acted as a muse for Bob Guccione’s vision to create an erotic cinema that was as lavishly imagined and was produced as a gigantic Hollywood epic. He brought Di Lorenzo, Lori Wagner, and others, to Rome to make his epic Caligula. Di Lorezno once aspired to be known as “the sexiest woman in the world” yet the actress experienced mental health problems and paranoia following her film career. However, nothing could have predicted her perplexing death.

35mm Jane Hargrave

Original nude, erotic, 35mm slide features Jane Hargrave taken by Bob Guccione in 1977. One of the qualities that distinguished a Penthouse Pet from a Playboy Playmate, or any of the other girlie-mag personae of the Golden Age of Newsstand Erotica, was a certain air of refinement and sophistication. Despite the fact that Guccione’s girls were baring much more than Hef’s, there was often a kind of enigmatic aura about them. Out of all the Pets to come out of Penthouse, Jane Hargrave helped set the standard for what it takes to become an icon.

35mm Avril Lund

Original nude, erotic, 35mm slide features Avril Lund taken by Bob Guccione in 1974. Print and/or markings on the slide mount are original. Avril Lund was Penthouse magazine’s 1974 Pet of the Year. If Penthouse has been good to Avril, than Avril – with her indomitable 40-24-36.5 configuration – has been good to Penthouse. Her March 1973 layout brought in the highest percentage sale of any issue that year, and her subsequent personal appearance tour attracted record crowds everywhere.

120mm Patricia “Cherokee” Barrett

Published original nude, erotic, 120mm transparency features Patricia “Cherokee” Barrett taken by Bob Guccione in 1973. When a red Indian girl pow-wows us as much as Patricia “Cherokee” Barrett, we have no reservation about according her. Cherokee was 22 years old at the time of her photo shoot with Bob. She is referred to as Cherokee, because of the 6.25% Redskin blood in her veins, give or take a corpuscle or two. She does possess in full measure (36-22-35) all those attributes that made her ancestors both noble and scarce.

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