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Posted by on Feb 2, 2015 in News | 0 comments

Auction Recap: Secrets Of Sexy Accessories


Filthy Gorgeous Auction Recap: Secrets Of Sexy Accessories, February 2, 2015.

The January 31, 2015 auction featured women that know how sexy accessories can be. In every woman’s wardrobe there are certain accessories that cannot be separated from their back story: the stockings she wore that night, the sunglasses she saw him through for the first time, and the jewelry her husband tore off to make room for his lips. In this auction bidders saw 35mm slides and 120mm negatives taken by Penthouse founder Bob Guccione. It showcases models such as Jolanta Von Zmuda, Joanne Latham, Delia Sheppard, and Victoria Johnson – just to name a few.

Featuring 275 items, the auction had 33 bidders with a total of 196 bids. The highest hammer price item sold in this auction was lot #45, a 1979 Joanne Latham 35mm slide originally photographed by Bob Guccione, at $60. “Looking at my figure,” the astonishingly sumptuous British beauty, Joanne Latham, once said, “you might say I’ve had more than a bit of blooming luck!” With her resplendent 40-23-36-inch form, her fans might say that the luck is all theirs.


While each piece in this timeless collection is stunning, my editor’s pick went to lot #28, an original nude, erotic, 120mm transparency featuring Anne Nazler taken by Amnon Bar-Tur in the 1960′s.

My weekly editor’s pick was given to this original transparency because it exemplifies what this auction is about, women knowing how to properly accessorize in order to make themselves sexy, but at the same time, keeping a sense of mystery. Anne Nazler was photographed by Amnon Bar-Tur sometime during the 1960′s. As a professional photographer, Amnon focused on men’s fashion which he covered for then-England-based Penthouse magazine between 1969-1972. The magazine later moved to the United States and continued to use archived photos shot earlier by Mr. Bar-Tur. This one-of-a-kind slide is guaranteed to be an original and delivered directly from the Filthy Gorgeous Media archives. Each item will be packaged with an item specific certificate of authenticity and each certificate is customized according to lot and signed by the CEO of Filthy Gorgeous Media.

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