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Auction Recap: Sexy Stockings & Slutty Shoes


Filthy Gorgeous Auction Recap: Sexy Stockings & Slutty Shoes, April 4, 2015.

The April 4, 2015 auction was comprised of some of the sexiest women to ever show off their legs. Presuming a man is not wearing them over his head, the traditional stocking, clinging tightly to the leg of a sexy woman begs one to follow the seam up to a forbidden zone. The mind desperately imagines the spot wear the seam ends and the flesh begins. The prize that awaits one at the end of the stocking line can hypnotize and bring a lover to their knees. The imagination runs wild as the fantasy of slowly rolling the edge of the stockings down a milky thigh entices and delights. Shoes are a status symbol. A pristine pair of bright red sneakers can be just as appealing as the power of an incredible set of stilettos. They can stop a passerby in their tracks, prompt questions of origin, and if one is lucky enough, land that special someone’s digits. Ginger Miller, Danielle Denuex, Anneka Di Lorenzo, Victoria Johnson, and Jolanta Von Zmuda are only a few of the models Sexy Stockings & Slutty Shoes highlights. Many of these 35mm slides & 120mm negatives were taken by Bob Guccione and other well-known photographers for Penthouse.

Featuring 325 items, this auction had 37 bidders and a total of 423 bids. In Sexy Stockings & Slutty Shoes, the highest hammer price item sold in this auction was lot #215, a 9×12 original Cummings’ Balloonheads cartoon.


While each piece in this timeless collection was stunning, my editor’s pick was given to lot #144, an original and erotic erotic, 35mm slide featuring Isabella Ardigo taken by Bob Guccione in 1980.

Achieving elegance-in body, mind, and spirit-is Isabella’s greatest priority. This regal 1980 Pet of the Year once said that her every thought, attitude, and move echo the sentiment. Isabella “Concetta” Ardigo’s breathtaking beauty have long since catapulted her into the ranks of Italian Vogue’s most favored models; now, with her triumphant selection as winner of the world’s richest and most prestigious beauty contest, she achieved yet another dimension of admiration and acclaim. HThis one-of-a-kind slide is guaranteed to be an original and delivered directly from the Filthy Gorgeous Media archives. Each item will be packaged with an item specific certificate of authenticity and each certificate is customized according to lot and signed by the CEO of Filthy Gorgeous Media.

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