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Posted by on Jan 10, 2015 in News | 0 comments

Batman’s Harley Quinn Is A Nymphomaniac

Joker’s girl is one bad babe. It’s not the Joker that she’s seen getting busy with here, though. Instead she opts to spend her time being sexy and crazy with fellow supervillain, Deadshot. This scene is the perfect example to justify her spot at the top of the V.I.L.F. list (Villain I’d Like to…fill in the blank). Not only is she the naughtiest of all, she happens to be the one most deserving of sympathy. A late comer in the Batman universe, the Joker’s female counterpart didn’t appear until 1992 in the animated series. Meant to be a small bit role, the character was widely popular and has led to an incorporation of her story into the Batman mythology. What’s not to love? This crazy chick loves the Joker with unrelenting enthusiasm even though she never gets anything back but the occasional violent gesture. Some girls are into that so judgement shall be withheld. Though this broad claims she wants a sadistic bad man, she might just need someone to say to her, “Come to the good side, girl. Lose that zero and get with a hero”. Even if she’d smack anyone before those words left their mouth, it would be criminal not to try and win the heart of this beautiful, intelligent (albeit unhinged) harlot. It’s probably those girly blonde pigtails and the excessive use of spandex in her costume that’s inspiring this hero complex, but whatever. She’s a rad, bad girl and anyone would want to save her for themselves.

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