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Posted by on Jan 25, 2016 in News | 0 comments

Bob Guccione’s Favorite Penthouse Pets

Bob Guccione’s muses manifested themselves as Penthouse Pets. His photography of these beautiful women defined erotic art for the latter part of the 20th century. At one point in time, muses were the Greek goddesses of inspiration in literature, science, and the arts. Without them, Homer would have never written The Illiad, and Euclid would have never had created the Elements of Euclid. Although these two visionaries are long gone, new generations of artists have continued to find their own muses in order to create wonderful works of art. For Bob Guccione, his muses came in the form of beautiful women, and while they were not Greek goddesses, they were goddesses in their own right. From Jane Hargrave to Pia Zadora, these women were the epitome of beauty and helped shape Penthouse Magazine to the well-respected company it still is today. With their dazzling personalities and to their alluring figures, Guccione’s muses molded society’s views on nudity and sexuality as a whole. The female body was no longer covered up and considered shameful. Instead. these women revealed that nudity was not only natural but could display a sense of sophistication rather than vulgarity. This lead to the era known as the Golden Age of Newsstand Erotica, which made Penthouse flourish. Without these women, Guccione would have never experienced success, making the ten women on this list the most mesmerizing and successful muses to ever inspire an artist.

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