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Posted by on Mar 15, 2015 in News | 0 comments

Breaking Taboo: Anal Sex


Anal sex is becoming more commonplace, but for some, it is still taboo.

We all know how much I enjoy discussing a good asshole. No, not your asshole ex-boyfriend. I mean the actual hole in between your ass cheeks. From Why Men Love Anal Sex to the The Pros & Cons of Anal and of course the revolutionary discovery of The Male G-Spot, Filthy Gorgeous Media has about covered every aspect of enjoying this sinful yet sensual act.

That is, of course until now. It is time to take our ass play experimenting to the next level. Move over rim job and thumb up the butt, there are bigger boys in town and they go by the name of anal beads, butt plug, and prostate massagers. From beginners to old ass pros, here are some of the best sex toys for the best anal play.

Lube and lube applicators are a must when it comes to playing anally. Since the butt does not lubricate itself like a vagina, you must add your own to keep things pleasurable and as pain-free as possible. The thicker the lube the better so look for a product made specifically for this kind of play, like Wet Uranus Anal Lubricant. If you prefer a water-based product, check out Wicked Anal Jelle Lubricant. You may also want to consider an internal lube applicator like a lube shooter, which inserts your choice of lube for added protection and without all the mess. I don’t know about you, but I want things as slick as a Slip N Slide when it comes to the ass.

Anal Beads are the perfect addition for all stages of anal play. From beginners to experts, these Sassy Anal Beads allow you to work your way up the anal bead ladder starting from the smallest tip ¼” to the largest 1”, with ten various sizes in between. It may take some time to achieve full insertion, but with practice, patience, and the right lube, you’ll be an anal bead pro in no time. You should also check out the Silicone Flexi-Power Rod Anal Vibrator, which can be used as a dildo, anal beads, and back massager. The added weight of the metal is also said to bring an entirely new sensation to the bead game. Talk about a multitasker, damn!

Butt plugs are the most commonly used anal sex toy as well as the easiest. Designed to be inserted and left inside, they can be worn during all sexual activities from oral, vaginal penetration, or even just walking around the house. They are perfect for opening and relaxing the anus and often intensify orgasms due to the added feeling of fullness. Ladies, try vacuuming with one of these up your toosh, guarantee you will be looking for release after 10 minutes. The most important thing to remember when selecting a plug is that is has a flared base to keep it from getting lost in your anal abyss forever. That is why I like the Butt Plug A&E Anal Trainer Kit. Not only does it come in three sizes but it also has a flared base with a retrieval ring for thrusting and quick removal.

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A Prostate Massager is perfect for the more advanced players and male g-spotpleasure seekers. The almighty special g-spot can be somewhat difficult to reach with fingers but when stimulated correctly it can give the most dramatic and earth-shattering orgasm a man will ever experience. I suggest beginners to start out with a non-vibrating device and with time cross over to the battery-operated side. I read great reviews about the Sinclair Select Onyx Prostate Wand and perineum simulator. It’s curved design and c-shape allows one horny fella to use this hands free by rocking back and forth. While I am extremely curious about this product, I am pretty sure it will never find a place in my household, said the “you’re never touching my ass” husband of mine.

No curious sex voyager should be without proper entertainment and instruction. That is why you must own the butt goddess, Tristan Taormino’s DVD, Expert Guide to Anal Sex. Tristan built her anal empire teaching how-to workshops all over the world, and this must-have video captures her thorough presentation on anatomy, preparation, relaxation and more. After the workshop, male/female couples put the techniques into explosively orgasmic play, using toys and lots of different positions. The DVD offers on-screen graphs, along with the option of watching with or without instruction narration, and a bonus enema how-to scene.

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