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Posted by on Apr 4, 2015 in News | 0 comments

Breaking Taboo: Being Sexually Aroused By Feet


Although it seems taboo, being aroused by feet is the number one fetish in the world.

This little piggy went to the market, this little piggy stayed home, this little piggy you sucked on, and this little piggy made you cum. Ahhh, nothing a like an innocent child’s rhyme to get us on topic, eh? If you haven’t already guessed, today we are exploring the secretive yet oh so sensual world of foot fetishes and the many ways to please them.

To some men, a woman’s foot is just that, a foot, a hopefully nice-looking and well-manicured limb with no odor or fungus. However, to the other percentage of men, just the mere mention of a lady’s heel, arch, and shoe is enough to have him panting, stroking, and reaching orgasmic bliss. In fact, foot fetishism (also referred to as foot worship, foot partialism, and podophilia) is the most common sexual fetishism when it comes to “non-sexual” body parts. Dammit, I knew the guy who took pictures of my elbows and told me it was a common turn-on was full of shit. If you’re reading this, you’re a freak!

First, I think we should discuss what a foot fetishist generally craves physically and sexually. Like most sexual desires, there is no clear-cut description of arousal, different strokes for different folks, right? While you may assume soft skin, painted nails, and a 6-inch stiletto are what most men long for, you actually couldn’t be more wrong. Most common foot obsessions begin with shape and size of the foot and toes (short toes, long toes, nail length, and polish) followed by arches, soles, and foot jewelry. Another popular turn-on is foot attire (barefoot, flip flops, heels, and yes even sweaty gym sneakers) and of course odor (sweet, clean, or stinky). Lastly, every foot worshiper has a preferred method of interaction (smelling, rubbing, licking, tickling, biting, and yes, even inserting).

Now let’s get to the fun part. How to please a man with a foot fetish. The most important thing you need to know is to leave all judgments and apprehension at the door. Admitting to a fetish is not always an easy task, so if he has trusted you with this information and you are truly interested in him, then shut your mouth and get ready to point, flex, and repeat. Luckily, when someone is open about their fetish they will most likely tell you their specific likes and dislikes.

Tanya Tate Talks Feet

The foot worshipper is the man who loves to praise feet and the ground they walk on. Usually this is the primary stage of discovering one’s fetish as well as introducing the idea to their partner. This worshipper loves to suck, massage, caress, and ogle feet and toes. He finds pleasure through their appearance, feel, and smell. During sex, as he lifts your leg up for deeper penetration, he will often take a few toes into his mouth as he drives into you. He is likely to incorporate a sensual oil foot massage into foreplay and certainly doesn’t mind the idea of you exploring his body with your feet and your feet only.

The undresser gets a kick out of the removal of nylons, socks, and shoes. The idea of taking off your shoe, stripping off your thigh high, and revealing your perfect pedicure, is the equivalent of a young boy unwrapping a present on Christmas morning. Now don’t get it twisted, for a foot fetishist, the fantasy of undressing a woman’s foot doesn’t always apply to expensive nylons and stilettos. Many men daydream about worn out sneakers, slightly sweaty socks, and moist toes at the end of their foot-mania tunnel.


For Foot Fetish Fans









The foot job lover is the man who likes to be jerked off by his partner’s feet. He enjoys the feel of a woman’s foot rubbing up and down his body, fondling his package, and eventually receiving a full-blown hand job, except with feet. If you stop what you’re doing right now and Google “Foot Jerk Off Videos”, you will find porn after porn of these acrobatic meat beatings and the thousands of fans who happily watch them.

The Foot Dominator likes to take charge, bark orders, and slightly abuse feet. He is the foot fetish extremist. Like a typical Dom he enjoys role play, spanking and binding, but a Foot Dom loves to end his session by ejaculating all over those 10 tiny toes. He may only be able to cum while looking at or feeling your feet and may demand you do the same. He may compliment them or degrade them, describing how filthy they are. He may have you tie them together, tickle them with a feather, and perhaps even attack your soles with a flogger. Whatever floats his boat just make sure he pays for a spa pedicure after.

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