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Posted by on Jun 11, 2015 in News | 0 comments

Dinosaur Erotica Is A Growing Genre


Dinosaur erotica explores the world of prehistoric penises.

From Triceratops threesomes, to guy-on-pterodactyl action, the fiction genre of dinosaur erotica is kinkier than Fifty Shades of Grey. That’s right, dinosaur erotica is a real thing. Repeat: There are modern stories about women being taken and ravished by pterodactyls and triceratops. There are actually some women that believe that nothing is sexier than getting it on with a beast that has a prehistoric penis. If they think reading dinosaur erotica is hot, than the premiere of Jurassic World on June 12, 2015, will be certainly be better than any porn. If you’ve ever imagined sex with a prehistoric creature, or are curious to know more about it, than Filthy Gorgeous has found the genre for you: dinosaur erotica.

Dinosaur erotica, part of the larger genre of monster erotica, is a sub-genre of erotic literature that involves sexual encounters between humans and dinosaurs. Works include titles such as Taken by the T-Rex, Ravished by Triceratops, and A Billionaire Dinosaur Forced Me Gay. Despite their apparent cheesiness, the genre’s titles have achieved high sales ranks and significant media interest. Works of dinosaur erotica tend to be self-published short stories and often focus on common themes such as prehistoric female hunters who save their tribes from threatening dinosaurs by having sex with them.

Dinosaur erotica is essentially an appeal to sexual fantasies. The idea of having sex with a dinosaur is outside the realms of possibility. It’s a bit like magic, where all rules become suspended, and for that reason it allows for kinds of imaginative risk-taking impossible in more standard couplings. So while some people have a cheerleader fetish, others go for firefighters. Then there are those who are really turned on by triceratops. Dinosaurs and mystical monsters aren’t exactly famous for getting people in the mood, but two authors, Christie Sims and Alara Branwen have figured out how to tap into the apparently latent demand for dinosaur sex.

Dinosaurs Had Sex From Behind

As students at a satellite school of Texas A&M, each woman was working part-time to pay the bills. Christie was a tutor and Alara worked in a supermarket. Inspired by the self-publishing success of E.L. James, Alara decided to try her hand at erotica and later got her friend involved. However, unlike her innocent and lusty protagonists, Alara didn’t walk in blindly. After doing her research, Alara realized “monster erotica” was growing in popularity, so she started writing stories for that genre. A few months later, when she was thinking about the movie Jurassic Park, “My perverse mind immediately went to work, and I pictured dinosaurs having their way with women,” she said in an interview.

While dinosaur erotica might not be for everyone, it does the trick for enough people to be profitable. The two women are cleaning up while writing books that are mostly under 20 pages. They sell for $2.99 a pop on Amazon, and while the authors won’t release their numbers, they said, “Combined, [we] make more money than our friend who has been working as an engineer at Boeing for a few years.” So what exactly is so inciting about this literature that it is causing financial success? An excerpt from Taken by the Pterodactyl might give some clues on what people find so attractive about the genre, “She fully expects to be eaten by the massive beast, but when it starts to peck her clothes away, leaving her naked, she begins to understand that the pterodactyl might have another, more deviant use for the young virgin. But can Dianne accommodate such a massive creature?”

Prehistoric Pleasures


Read Taken by the T-Rex


Read Dino Park After Dark


Read Taken by the Pterodactyl


Read In the Velociraptor’s Nest

If that excerpt made you moist for creatures from the Mesozoic Era, than it might be time for you to spend some time reading a dinosaur erotica. Is the dinosaur/ monster erotica craze crazy or perverted? Depends on who you ask. Sims and Branwen, the undisputed mistresses of the dino boner, are just good erotica writers who managed to distinguish themselves by carving out a new marketplace for their work. The basic rules of erotica apply to all erotica crazes, be they BDSM or dino: the successful books are less about the specific acts or players than they are about a writer having a good, visceral touch, and also almost all erotica is terribly written.

There are people out there that get off to the fantasies of dinosaur butt play, but out-there erotica that’s well-written can have reach people far beyond those who would self-identify as an audience for that material. How many people grow up with the fantasies about doing it with a vampire? Sexual writing, at its best, allows us to loosen up, and accept some erotic possibilities that aren’t necessarily what we are used to but which might make us better, and more open-minded, lovers later on.

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