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Posted by on Mar 22, 2015 in News | 0 comments

Editor’s Video Download Picks: Masturbation


Three Filthy Gorgeous video downloads that prove that sometimes masturbation is more fun than sex.

Many girls insert objects into their vaginas to stimulate the feel and movement of the penis. Some of the more popular objects are candles, hot dogs, bananas, and of course, big rubber penises that are offered for sale by a number of online adult websites. For heaven’s sake though, women need to be smart about what they are using to pleasure themselves. Don’t use coke bottle, test tubes, or splintery wooden things. You won’t enjoy it when the doctor has to pick out all those broken pieces. Stick to safer options ladies and be careful about what you’re doing down there.

3. When The Ship Is Rocking, A Hottie’s Pussy Is Throbbing

Unable to sleep on the rocking ship, this hottie decides to go “all hands on deck” to please her throbbing pussy. Water and masturbation go together better than Jenna Jameson and therapy. There are a countless number of ways for a woman to masturbate. Water soothes the soul, and the clitoris. When using a shower head make sure the temperature and pressure is adjusted so that it will be comfortable on the maidenhead. Lie down in the shower on your back and adjust the body so the clitoral area is positioned to receive the weight and sensation of the water.

2. The Beaver In The Bushes

After spending a relaxing day in the bushes, she finally tames her beaver. Women have been masturbating since Eve first realized she had a vagina. After mastering the art of the vibrator, a woman should progress to her hands. Achieving arousal and an orgasm with a less probing touch will allow you to reach a higher plateau of sensitivity. It will take some time to channel your response mode to the less stimulating ritual of your fingers. Be patient because you will find a blending of sensation you would never know could be achieved with the vibrator.

1. Pleasured By Pussy Pillow

This pussy starts to purr in pleasure when a pillow is incorporated into the solo session. This hottie isn’t the only one that likes to have her pussy on a pillow. The “Jean Shorts” Pussy Pillow was inspired by Filthy Gorgeous writer, Scarlett Belle. This pussy pillow says, “skip the expensive dinner, just take me to bed.” When asked about to help create this pillow, Scarlett Belle had this to say, “Men always want my pussy. As a redhead, I am used to having men ask me if the curtains match the drapes and if they can check for themselves.”

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