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Posted by on Jan 5, 2015 in News | 0 comments

Elizabeth Berkley’s Sexy Scene In Showgirls

The first movie to receive an NC-17 rating with intentionally provocative content, Showgirls leaves very little to the imagination. The imagery is racy and sensual, cheesiness aside. Elizabeth Berkley starred as a struggling stripper turned showgirl in Las Vegas. This scene ranks at #6 in Filthy Gorgeous Media’s 15 Sexiest Stripper Scenes here. [NSFW] The film may have been universally panned but it’s hard to find anything to criticize about her moves in the pool. What the plot is lacking in substance it at least makes up for in sexiness. Elizabeth Berkley does a great job at playing a seductive stripper using her moves to move her way up in the entertainment world. Although many other women were offered the role before Elizabeth, (Madonna and Angelina Jolie among them) she owns the persona in this scene. Seriously, Kyle MacLachan basically just had to sit back and enjoy the view while she rode him like a seahorse. Lucky guy. Showgirls was released in 1995 as a drama film starring former teen star, Elizabeth Berkley. Berkley plays a street-smart drifter, Nomi, who makes it to Las Vegas and goes from stripper to showgirl. Through this journey to the top, Berkley is pressured into to lap dancing for an entertainment director and her boyfriend, Zack Carey, (Kyle MacLachlan). After giving them an explicit nude lap dance, causing Carey to orgasm, Berkley is paid the money she was promised. This scene and others created significant controversy about the amount of sex and nudity and was rated NC-17 and audience restriction was strongly enforced nationwide.

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