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Fiction: Laid Off


After being laid off as a flight attendant, a young woman finds happiness with a man who makes her soar in this piece of erotic fiction.

Still can’t believe it happened. Had I not been laid off from my job as a flight attendant. It never would have. It’s true that every cloud has a silver lining. I really enjoyed my job, as I love to travel. When I heard that I was soon to be unemployed, I was depressed. Two of my girlfriends invited me out dancing, and I happily accepted, needing to forget my troubles. But once we arrived at the club, I didn’t feel all that comfortable. As a dark-skinned black woman, I felt very out of place in a crowd of mostly whites. So I decided I’d just hang out at the bar.

I explained my feeling to my girlfriends and they, sympathetic to my feelings, joined me. There I was with my friends, sipping a glass of wine when a couple of attractive guys approached us. As they made small talk, leading up to that “Do you want to dance?” question, I began to feel that the night would not be a complete loss. But I bottomed out when the guys headed to the dance floor with my two friends, leaving me sitting alone. I broke down in tears. As if that were not enough, I spilled my wine all over the bar. That’s when I blurted out, “Damn this lousy life!”

And that, my fellow readers, is when it happened.

I heard a sexy, male voice say, “Oh, come on, it can’t be all that bad.” As I looked up to see whose voice it was, I felt a lump growing in my throat and my heart beginning to beat faster. There, right before my eyes, was a gorgeous white man. He was about five feet ten, one hundred seventy pounds, and had wavy blond hair and a neatly trimmed mustache. He was dressed to kill.

I remember saying to myself, “God, what a man,” but because my previous relationships with white guys had not worked out, I impetuously spit out, “Oh, just leave me the hell alone.” Undaunted, he responded, “Okay, but can I at least buy you another drink?” Why I answered him the way I did is still a mystery to me, but I said to him, “Oh, sure. Buy me a drink, then take me to your car and give me a stiff cock.”

He quickly put me right in my place. “Hey, listen,” he said sternly, “I don’t know what kind of guys you’re used to dating, but I’ll tell you this. You’re a very beautiful woman, too beautiful to be talking about yourself that way.”

There was something in those words, and the way he said them, that drove me to him like a magnet. All I could do was stare into his hazel eyes. Finally, after I regained my composure, I told him that I’d love another drink, but only if he’d stay and have one with me. He agreed, and ordered the drinks.

To be honest, I can’t remember what we talked about for the hour or so we spent together at the bar. All I know is that later in the evening I found myself in his arms on the crowded dance floor. It was then that the reality hit me: Here was a man who put no barriers on love and romance. I knew that I wanted to share a night of wild, passionate sex with him.

I found my girlfriends and told them about Jeff. They were happy that I’d met a nice guy, and told me that they were both on their way home with the guys they’d been dancing with. They walked off and I sat down, wondering where I’d be spending the night.

Jeff asked what was wrong, so I explained that my friends had left with their dates and that I needed a ride to a hotel. He told me not to worry, that he’d make sure I had a place to sleep. I held him, kissed him passionately and told him I thought he was a real sweetheart.

Jeff took me to a cozy little motel with a swimming pool. By the time we arrived, I was burning hot for him. As we drove around to the room and pulled up in front of it, I leaned toward him and made a move I’d never made before. As I slid my left arm around his neck to kiss him, I slid my right hand up his thigh, stopping only when I reached his crotch.

I passionately kissed him, then told him I wanted to make love to him. I could feel his cock growing harder and harder through his pants. He told me that he hadn’t driven me to the motel expecting to get laid, but added that I was making it very hard for him to say no. I told him to come inside with me so I could show him just how hard I could really make it.

Once we were in the room, the fire started burning hot. I pushed Jeff down on the bed and climbed on top of him before he could say a word. I started kissing his lips and neck, then tore open his shirt and kissed my way down his body. I learned something about my new lover by doing this: He loves having his chest and nipples kissed and licked. I took off his clothes and had his long, hard cock in my mouth in one minute flat.

And oh, my God, what a cock! That beautiful piece of long, stiff manhood was at least two inches thick and ten inches long. And girls, I sucked every last inch of it into my throat. I’d never in my life touched such a fantastic cock before. I licked, kissed, and sucked that long, hard rod of his, and he pumped a hot load of sweet come down my throat. I continued sucking and swallowing until his big, delicious balls were dry.

After I’d sucked his fuck-rod clean, he stood me up and went to work on me. Let me tell you, this man knew how to undress a woman. He peeled my clothes off me in a more tantalizing way that I’d ever experienced, passionately licking and kissing every inch of my body as it came into view. This man was great.

Once he had me naked, he laid me down on that bed and drove me wild. He kissed his way over my tits, sucking on my nipples until I thought they would melt from pleasure. Never has any man given me such exquisite pleasure. Jeff was the first and only man to this day, to bring me to an orgasm just by sucking my tits.

He then ventured down my body, tonguing my belly button in a frenzy. He found pleasure spots I’d never known I had, and he knew just what to do with each and every one. By the time he reached my hungry cunt, my body was trembling with anticipation.

The anticipation grew to a raging fire in my hot, juicy pussy as he kissed his way up and down each leg. He’d go down one and up the other, just barely grazing my drenched fuck-hole. When I could stand no more teasing, I begged him, “Oh, Jeff, baby, please eat my hungry snatch! Suck my pussy dry, baby! I’ve got to have your tongue inside me!”

I grabbed his head and pulled his hungry mouth hard against my pussy. The juices boiled from my hot fuckhole, dripping down between the cheeks of my ass. My pussy was burning, but my lover was there to put it out. Spasms overcame me, exploding hot juices into Jeff’s mouth. My orgasm grew more intense with each tongue stroke my man laid on my hungry cunt.

When my orgasm finally died away, I pulled my lover to my lips, and we embraced in a sticky kiss.

I had to have that ten-inch fuckpole deep inside my cunt. “Fuck me, Jeff,” I begged. “Please ram that hot cock into me. I want to feel it pounding into the center of my body.” I let out an approving sigh as Jeff slid his magnificent dick deeper and deeper into my longing cunt. He slid it in about’ halfway, then pulled back, driving me insane. The third time he did this, I grabbed his gorgeous ass and pulled him forward with all l my strength, driving all of his rod into my depths. I screamed in pleasure as the head of his cock tickled the walls of my vagina. All I could think was that I wanted his cock in me every night.

Jeff pounded deep inside me for nearly an hour before pumping me full of hot cream. Exhausted, we lay in each other’s arms and drifted into a sound sleep.

I awoke first the following morning, and discovered yet another of my new lover’s turn-ons. He loved waking up to find a warm mouth wrapped around his cock. Even before my eyes were open, I had an uncontrollable craving for his long dick. When I found that he was already hard, it was too much of a temptation to pass up. Not knowing what Jeff’s re-action would be, I slipped down into position and took his gorgeous cock between my lips.

My passion and desire for his sweet come grew more intense each time I slid my lips down the length of his cock. My tongue seemed to have a mind of its own as it began swirling vigorously around the head and shaft of his rod. My head bobbed rapidly up and down. My lust for this man was overwhelming, and took control of my body.

My pussy grew wet and swollen, and I dug my fingers into it. I was strumming myself with my own fingers as fast as I could go.

My lover’s reaction upon awaking was to reach down, grab my legs and pull me up on top of his body into a 69 position. It only took his talented tongue a few short minutes to bring me to a mighty orgasm. As I felt my twat squeeze its sweet juice onto my lover’s face, his dick exploded its sticky come down my throat, causing my orgasm to be even more intense. The room was filled with the sweet, musky smell of pure lust.

Jeff slid out from under me and sat up. He then pulled me back to straddle his lap. I needed no further instructions, as I reached down and brought his pecker into contact with my pussy lips. Warm shivers ran through my body as I lowered myself onto his powerful shaft. With my back to his chest, my lover reached around me, fondled my tits with one hand and frigged my clit with the other. I rode him like a horse on a merry-go-round.

We spent the entire day sucking and fucking. Jeff gave a whole new meaning to the word pleasure. That night he took me out to eat. We went to a lovely place that featured live music. After we ate, we started to dance. The feel of his body on mine, his arms around me, and that special way he moved while dancing, had my juices flowing again. When the tension began to be too much, I asked Jeff to take me back to our room and ravish my body again.

In fifteen minutes, we were back in our room, passionately peeling each other’s clothes off.

Our bodies flowed together like water. Jeff laid me on my back, legs spread wide, his tongue working on my dripping slit. He had me in ecstasy beyond belief. Unable to take any more contact for a moment, I pushed him away and rolled onto my belly, closing my legs and concealing my snatch from his tongue. He asked me to roll onto my back, but I said, “Kiss my ass baby, my pussy can’t take any more.”

He replied by saying, “I’ll kiss your ass, sweetheart, but I warn you, once you’ve had some, you’ll always want more.” Being a smartass, I said, “So, kiss it then!”

Oh, how he kissed it. It wasn’t long before the feel of his tongue racing over the cheeks of my ass had me going wild with passion. Forces beyond my control made my hips start humping up at his lips. My pussy was exposed again, and I didn’t care. I wanted to feel him buried once again in my cunt. I told Jeff, “I want you again. I want to feel your cock slipping between my thighs and into my slit.”

It was amazing, but as the bulging head of his cock slid between my lips and just kept going, I felt as though we were fucking for the very first time. He kept slipping me his hard meat until its whole mammoth length was buried inside me, his balls lightly dancing against my clit. He reached around and played with my tits, fingering my clit at the same time. His kissing and tonguing on my neck and ears added fuel to my already-roaring fire.

Before I knew it I was pushing my ass up hard against his body, driving his cock deeper into me. I couldn’t believe the ecstasy I was experiencing. I began humping my ass against him faster, and with each stroke he seemed to go farther into my body, his dick-tip reaching deep into my canal. “Fuck me, baby, fuck my hot pussy! God, it feels so good! Bang me baby. Harder, harder, harder!”

Jeff fingered my cunt and fucked me until we exploded once more in passion. I couldn’t believe how great it felt when his hot come splashed once more against my tender insides. I awoke first again the next morning. Remembering the pleasure my lover got waking up to a blowjob the day before, I wondered how he’d feel opening his eyes to me riding his beautiful ten-inch power-rod.

I aimed to find out, so I climbed on his dick and started bucking my way to multiple orgasms. When Jeff awoke to this, he grabbed my tits and raised them to his mouth. I couldn’t ask for a sweeter breakfast. I had my pussy stuffed with cock, and my tits being lavishly attended to at the same time. I was in glorious heaven with this man.

After our morning sex, we went out to buy swimsuits. I picked out a white, thin, skimpy bikini. It looked hot, if I do say so myself. Then we were off to the pool. While lying around the pool sunbathing, a rather nicely cut nineteen-year- old woman approached us. She talked with Jeff, asking some pretty obvious questions. Her intent was clearly to drag him to her room for sex. Hey, no way was I sharing this cock with anybody. True, it’s big enough for two, but I’m greedy, so I told the girl he was mine and to buzz off. Some women!

I dragged Jeff back to the room, and we didn’t come out for the rest of the day. The next morning he had a surprise for me. I woke up to him sucking my hot, hungry pussy. We spent another morning having wild sex. I had been in glorious heaven for three days. But nothing great ever lasts. I called my mother, to brag about my lover, and found out that I’d been called back to work. We shared one last passionate moment, and then parted with tears in our eyes.

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