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Fiction: Measuring His Member


In the erotic fiction, Measuring His Member, Jack joins in a threesome with Walter and his wife.

I was in a local strip bar tossing back a few beers, when Mother Nature called. I had been getting pretty horny watching the babes strut their stuff, so sex was on my mind as I entered the men’s room and stepped up to the urinal to relieve my bladder. A moment later, this tall, well-built black guy came in and stationed himself next to me.

Now, I don’t make it a habit of checking out the size of other men’s cocks when I go for a whiz, but my peripheral vision told me that I should take a better look to verify whether what I thought I saw was really there. I just about choked when I glanced over. This guy’s dick was so big he could have used it to swat mosquitoes off his ass! He noticed my amazement, and with a sly grin at me he said, “Hey, man, it seems I’ve caught your attention.”

I grinned back at him and replied a little nervously, “Look, I usually come to this place to see big tits, but Christ, that thing looks like a birth defect! How fucking big is it, anyway?” His reply just about blew my mind. He said, there was only one way I could find out!

He proceeded to explain that he wasn’t gay, he was happily married, but that he and his wife had done some swinging, and he wondered whether I’d be interested in going to his place to help him ball his wife. “You said you like big tits,” he said. “Well believe me, my woman’s got one of the firmest sets of tits you’ve ever seen!”

“Fuck, I’ve never done anything like that before,” I replied. “But I’ve got to tell you, it’s always been a fantasy of mine to watch a well-hung guy screw his wife while she takes me down her throat.”

The piss finally stopped pouring out of his monster, and he gave it a few shakes and lifted it back into his pants. He introduced himself as Walter, and I told him I was Jack. He said he didn’t live far away, and suggested I follow him to his place. We arrived at his home, and when we got inside he called for his wife, who was upstairs. “Get down here, woman,” he shouted up to her. “I got you a nice young stud here. How would you like to blow some white cock?”

I wondered how his wife would reply to that, and I was both surprised and relieved when she shouted back, “Only if you’ll let me swallow every inch of it!” Walter and I went into the living room, and a few minutes later his wife arrived, wearing a very sexy see-through negligee. I nearly shot my load right then and there. This woman had a really mammoth set of tits, with huge, dark nipples. She was very good looking too, with dark eyes and a bright smile.

Walter introduced her as Beverly, and as I stood up to shake hands with her, she pulled me toward her and put my right hand on her left breast. I squeezed the huge melon and planted an open-mouthed kiss on her lips. She snaked her tongue into my mouth. Beverly asked Walter who had the bigger cock, him or me. I laughed and told her that my right arm was barely a match for what he was carrying! Beverly giggled and said she didn’t care what size my cock was, she would still enjoy sucking and fucking it. Next she asked me whether Walter had told me how big his cock was. “No,” I replied. “Walter said there was only one way for me to find out. Does that mean you’re going to tell me?” “Why don’t we measure it?” Beverly suggested. “There’s too much there for me to handle alone, don’t you think?”

Beverly fetched a tape measure from somewhere and told Walter to take off his clothes. Within seconds Walter had stripped naked, his magnificent tool hanging to his knees. I remember thinking at that moment that I would have to write to you guys about this experience, although most readers probably won’t believe me when I describe Walter’s dick.

Beverly handed me the tape measure, then knelt down in front of Walter to take his big sausage between her lips. I wasn’t sure how much of that monster she would be able to take. Luckily, Beverly was one of those women with a large jawbone and a very large mouth to match. She puckered her lips into a beautiful roundness and leaned forward onto her husband’s weapon. She let out a soft moan as the apple-sized head of Walter’s cock entered her mouth. She fellated his lance slowly, and he drew in his breath with a hiss. She quickened her pace, easing her mouth forward and backward on his shaft, and each time she took a bit more of it between her lips.

I asked Beverly how much of his cock she could suck. She slid that big dick out of her mouth and told me she was very adept at deep-throating. “I can take most of it down my throat, and I can take all of it up my pussy,” she smiled. By now Walter had a raging hard-on, and Beverly said it was time for the “measurement man” to make his calculations. “Look, folks,” I said, “I’m not gay, but I’ve just got to hold this big prick in my hands. I know I’ll need both of them.” Beverly told me I’d have to use both hands anyway, in order to measure it correctly.

I grabbed Walter’s whopping cock in my right hand and began jerking it. It was so large that I couldn’t get my hand fully around its incredible circumference. “Jesus Christ, Walter,” I gasped. “Your dick is so thick!” I placed the tape measure against the base of his cock and rolled it out to the head. Beverly assisted by putting both hands underneath it to hold it steady.

I couldn’t believe what the tape measure told me. “Holy fuck, Walter! This thing is sixteen inches long! Christ, how big around is it?” They both had big smiles on their faces as Beverly took the tape measure from me.

“We can measure that when I’m done with you.” Beverly said with a smile. Then leading me by the hand, she brought me into her bedroom.

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