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Fierce & Feminine Gallery Updates June 5, 2015


Baxter Reynolds

Having worked as Head Curator of exhibitions at many prestigious art galleries around the country, Reynolds is no stranger to fine art. Reynolds now works as a freelance curator for Filthy Gorgeous Media, allowing him to pursue his own personal love of erotic photography.



The Filthy Gorgeous Galleries aim to show an exciting blend of contemporary, vintage, and timeless works with a strong emphasis on the natural appeal of a woman’s beauty and their sex appeal. These girls are not only feminine but they are fierce and we would not want them any other way!

What does it mean to be fierce and feminine? Many women have trouble balancing the two in their own personality. For most, they cast aside their feminine natures and taken up a more aggressive, masculine stance in order to get ahead in the world. Although Filthy Gorgeous loves a dominant woman, this behavior can hinder women in more ways than one. The woman that is able to be assertiveness while still holding onto their femininity has the ability to rule the world. They know how to embrace their inner lady, and adopt the mindset of a more traditional woman with grace, politeness, and capability. Yet they also retain a mindset of being a fierce woman who knows what she wants in the world, and will use bother her fierceness and femininity to become the ultimate woman. These women have those qualities, and that is why they are celebrated.


“Sweet Jesus, you’re wearing stockings.” – Christian Grey

There’s something timeless about stockings. They not only speak of seduction, but also of sophistication. They’re mysterious and captivating, but they’re also a bit of a paradox. Proper and naughty in the same moment. Stockings are not only worn by exotic dancers, but by schoolteachers, school girls and even the girl next door.


Lari Laine was the pseudonym briefly used by Corrine Cole, who is an American model and actress; she predominately used her real name in her acting career, however, after around 1959. She was Playboy magazine’s Playmate of the Month for the May 1958 issue, with her centerfold photographed by Ron Vogel. According to The Playmate Book, Corrine Cole used a pseudonym for her Playboy appearance because her father was considering running for Congress and she didn’t want to disrupt those plans.


When it comes to being good, goodie-two-shoes-type good, Karen Sather is the goodest, for this native of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, admits to a personal innocence and purity that is almost poetic. By the time she was studying at university, Karen had shaped up into a highly promising (36-21-35) student, but she still possessed aspirations beyond the groves of academe. After a year’s study, she took a summer vacation in New York, and following two secretarial stints in the city’s 7th Avenue garment district, she came to work in the secretarial pool in the offices of Penthouse International. Spotted by Beverley Wardale, Vice president in charge of advertising sales, she was brought to the notice of Editor/Publisher Bob Guccione, who not only flew her to London to photograph this laudatory pictorial portfolio, but also appointed her as his secretary. “I believe, you see, that every woman should have a career and be able to support herself.” she says in the carefully modulated voice that once won her (wouldn’t you have guessed it?) first prize for vocal solo in the Wisconsin State Music Contest. ”I’d like to become Bob Guccione’s fully-fledged personal assistant.” says Karen. “I don’t believe in the Women’s Lib philosophy, apart from the concept of equal pay for equal work, and I see working for Penthouse as the foundation of a long-term serious career in publishing.”


When Penthouse was in its heyday, women’s breasts reigned supreme. But over the past several decades it appears that the media generally has been paying increasingly greater attention to the lower region of women’s two dominant anatomical protrusions. So might it be possible that more men actually prefer to ogle a woman’s buns than her bust? The battle between Tits & Ass has begun. Which side are you on?

In this auction you will see 35mm slides and 120mm negatives taken by Penthouse founder Bob Guccione. It showcases models such as Danielle Deneux, Jolanta Von Zmuda, Joanne Latham, DeVina Celeste and Avril Lund just to name a few.

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