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Filthy Countdown: 10 Of The Hottest Black Men In Entertainment

Hottest Black Men

Filthy Gorgeous presents a countdown of the 10 hottest black men in entertainment.

Written By

Jus Lamore

Jus L’amore, can be found wearing her sexy Supermom costume, while being Wonderwife…When the night strikes, she’s no stranger to unleashing her inner Sex Kitten!

I like my men like I like my chocolate: dark, white, mixed, and of course with plenty of nuts. If any of you know me personally, then you know I have never had a specific type when it comes to dating. I pride myself in being able to say that I have tasted the rainbow when it comes to male companionship, from Spanish and Asian to white boys and black, I was able to get a taste of them all.

That is why I want to pay homage to some of the tastiest fella’s I have ever seen, the beautiful black men of entertainment. Whether their fame has been obtained through movies, television, or music, these 10 men are literally dripping with sex appeal. A combination of deliciously defined abs, skin as soft as velvet, and hypnotizing chestnut eyes, topped off with incomparable talent and overflowing bank accounts and you have yourself some of God’s most finest creations.

10. LL Cool J

The man who introduced us all to the beauty of washboard abs, luscious lip licking, and lyrical love making, Mr. Ladies Love Cool James aka James Todd Smith, or as we all know him, LL Cool J. What started in 1984 and his first official record, I Need a Beat, not only launched his career but the original success of Def Jam as well. LL is not just a sex god who can rap and sing, oh hell no, this fine specimen can act his ass off with numerous blockbusters under his belt. Not to mention being selected as the host for the Annual Grammy Awards four times and counting.

9. Anthony Anderson

Not every woman fantasizes about bulging bi’s, rock hard abs, and faces prettier their own, in fact, even I am a fan of a little extra cushion on my men. Not only is cuddling much more fun but so are dinner dates and junk food binges. Once you mix that adorable face and manly stature with his comedic talent, 44-year-old Anthony Anderson becomes one desirable man. Born and raised in Compton, Anthony has been in the acting game for almost 20 years, with roles in major films like Barber Shop, Hustle & Flow, and Transformers. Currently, he is writing and starring in ABC’s hit television show, Black-ish.

8. Pharrell Williams

While Pharrell may be the smallest of the bunch, his brain and talent are definitely the largest. The man is a fucking genius in the fashion and music industry and that alone makes him one of the sexiest men on the planet. Not to mention his super cool demeanor, high fashion style, and silky smooth vocals, he is the type of dude that when he speaks, people listen. Aside from his enormous intellect, the man is sexy is his own right. Can anyone tell I want to have sex with Pharrell? Well if you haven’t caught on from my rant, this is me saying, “I want to have sex with Pharrell”!!!!

7. Terrence Howard

One look at Terrence Howard’s face and every chick and gay man is a goner. Those eyes are exotic and sexy with a splash of danger. The actual danger may not be a facade though, because this handsome 46-year-old has had his fair share of allegations when it comes to domestic violence. While I most certainly won’t praise that shit, it is hard to deny the beauty that is Terrence Howard and his incredible acting skills in movies like Hustle and Flow, and Ray. He is currently gaining much respect in the television hit, Empire as the leading man, Luscious Lion. Rawrrr, tiger, just keep your claws to yourself.








6. Laz Alanso

Another stud on the big screen, Laz Alanso started his rise to fame by being the drool worthy star in the music videos of Ms. Toni Braxton and Aaliyah. From there he has landed role after role in successful movies like, Jarhead, Stomp the Yard, and Avatar, the list goes on an on. As for the exterior package, let’s just to say it obvious why women love him. While he is pretty from head to toe, whenever I see Laz on the big screen I always get the feeling he has a little bad boy to him, and mama likes that, mama likes that A LOT!

5. Usher

For the best R&B vocalist on the list, 36-year-old Usher Terry Raymond IV comes in first place by a landslide. This guy can not only dance like MJ and sing like an angel, but his body is utter perfection. I honestly can’t even list all the songs of Usher that have killed it, but just to name a few of my fave, “My Way”, “You Make Me Wanna”, “You Got it Bad”, “Yeah”, and “Love in the Club”, not to mention the hundreds of others. He has eight Grammy Awards, 20 (yes, 20) Billboard Music Awards, and eight American Music Awards. The man is a vocal beast with the body and moves to match.


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4. Borris Kodjoe

When I first saw Boris Kodjoe act in one of my favorite movies, Love & Basketball and then Brown Sugar, I instantly fell in love. This 42-year-old Austria/Germany native is so fucking sexy it should be illegal. Between the shaved head, full lips, and those piercing eyes that scream, “I want to make love to you all night long”, 6’5 Mr. Kodjoe is the epitome of what strikingly handsome truly means.

3. 50 Cent

You cannot have a Hottest Men list without including Mr. Curtis Jackson. Forget his god given talent that has made him billions, his 10-pack abs alone are enough to land him a spot on this list. He has been writing, rapping, and producing mega hits for over 15 years now and unlike other “rappers gone actor”, his roles in movies like Get Rich or Die Tryin’ and Home of the Brave were received way above par.

2. Trey Songz

30-year-old, Tremaine Aldon Neverson aka Trey Songz is not only a producer, singer, rapper, and actor, but he might as well be a damn model with that face and body. His smile may come off boyish and sweet, but his lyrics and music video flexing show a much naughtier side to this artist. While I have heard time and time again that Trey can be cocky and big headed, let’s just hope the same accusations apply to what’s in his pants.

1. Omari Hardwick

Has anyone seen this guy’s body? Between the tattoos, exploding traps, and almost painfully handsome face, Omari is seriously one beautiful man. Not only has he been blessed with acting skills that we have seen on both TV and film, but 41-year-old Omari is also a man of the written word, expressing himself through poetry and over 4,000 poems.

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