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Filthy Countdown: 10 Of The Most Mesmerizing Muses


From Pia Zadora to Jane Hargrave, this is a list of ten of the most mesmerizing Filthy Gorgeous Muses.

What is it about an attractive or intriguing woman that turns an ordinary man into a creative whirlwind? Beautiful women served as a muse for Bob Guccione as an artist and as a photographer. The women that are featured on Filthy Gorgeous have served a muse for photographers from the past and they continue to evoke inspiration for the future generations. All of the women that are given the title, Filthy Muse, are timeless.

In 1965, Bob Guccione, a struggling artist with an entrepreneurial imagination, started a magazine called Penthouse. Due to his lack of resources, Guccione personally photographed most of the models for the magazine’s early issues. He spent long hours, and sometimes, several days, to complete a photo shoot. Although he had no professional training, Guccione applied his knowledge of painting to his photography, establishing the diffused, soft focus look that would become one of the trademarks of the magazine’s pictorials. These images offered more sexually explicit content than other gentleman’s magazines of the era, establishing Penthouse as a well known name amongst its competitors. The ten women in this list are some of the most mesmerizing to have ever graced the pages of Penthouse and serve as a muse for photographer Bob Guccione.

10. Pia Zadora

Pia Zadora’s body made her famous in the 1980′s but her talent made her timeless. After working as a child actress on Broadway, in regional theater, and in the film, Santa Claus Conquers the Martians. She gained national attention in 1981 when she won a Golden Globe Award for her sexually driven performance in Butterfly. The film told the story of 17 year-old sexpot named Kady (Pia Zadora) whose opening scene set the premise for the entire movie. Wearing a flimsy low-cut dress that showed off her ample breasts, the voluptuous and baby-faced Zadora with her pouty lips was hitchhiking to Good Springs on the Arizona-Nevada border. She locates the shack of hermit miner who asks her, “Miss…somethin’ you want?” Provocatively, Zadora drinks fresh creamy milk from a dipper while looking at him, claiming: “I like it warm with foam on it.”

Pia Zadora’s fan base would remember her from her extensive list of movie roles, her singing career, and her famous photo shoot for Penthouse when she was 28. The mother of three posed nude for Penthouse in 1983 as part of the Guccione collection that featured her in nothing more than a well placed stars and stripes scarf. This photo shoot proved to be one of the highlights of Pia’s career because she was seen as one of the sexiest women of the 1980′s. It was this photo shoot that got her invited to parties at the Guccione estate.

9. Corinne Alphen

In the 1983 film, Spring Break, Corinne Alphen’s sexy beach scenes helped make her a Filthy Gorgeous Muse. The late, great Roger Ebert was a critic of unstinting honesty, but also had enough of an open heart and mind that even when watching a movie that bored or irritated him, he remained open to any aspect of it that could provide redeeming value. And so, in the middle of a thoroughly earned pan for the extremely mediocre 1983 teen sex exploitation movie Spring Break, he writes about something in the picture he noticed, and liked: “a young woman named Corinne Alphen, who is described as Penthouse’s 1982 Pet of the Year. Sad to say, most of the Pets and Playmates who win movie roles turn out to be sort of self-conscious and untalented as actresses.

Not Corinne Alphen. She has a dazzling smile, a great personality and a relaxed naturalness on the screen that makes the horny teenage boys seem all the more gauche. A funny little movie might have been made about her adventures in Fort Lauderdale, ‘where the boys are.’ She would have had the personality to carry it.” In the end, Ebert dismissed Spring Break as “a letdown for horny movie critics.” Despite the movie being a flop, Alphen was always sexually adventurous, just like her character in the movie. “I craved attention from the opposite sex from a very early age, ” Corinne said once. “I went to an exclusive girls’ school when I was young, and I still have a fantasy of making love with a teenage boy in a car at a drive-in. I guess that’s because it’s something I never got to do.”


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8. Gina LaMarca

Strikingly busty and voluptuous Italian-American redhead Gina LaMarca was born on June 9, 1969 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The brown-eyed and auburn-haired beauty became the Pet of the Month in the May, 1993 issue of Penthouse. Gina was then named the Pet of the Year in 1995. She subsequently appeared in several Penthouse videos and made the transition from adult magazine model to adult film actress in the mid 90′s. LaMarca was renowned for her dynamic style and highly distinctive V-shaped triangle of pubic hair which was featured in the hardcore film Zazel: The Scent of Love.

But the honor of being a Penthouse Pet still meant something, and a certifiable Penthouse Pet making a move into the porno world was still news. So it was for Gina LaMarca, the stunning redhead who was the Penthouse Pet of the Month in May on 1993. She was such a hottie that her move into hardcore was not going to be in just any movie. LaMarca made her mark in Zazel, directed by Dutch erotic photographer Phillip Mond. While the movie featured several Penthouse Pets besides LaMarca, including 1994 Pet of the Year, Sasha Vinni, none of the Pets are featured in sex scenes with men

7. Jami Dion

Dark haired, mysterious beauty Jami Dion has been known by several names: her birth name, Dahlia Grey, and her alter ego, Tami Dion. This busty and slender brunette knockout was born on February 14, 1972 in Seattle, Washington to parents of Latin descent. Grey started out in the adult entertainment industry as a stripper when she was 19 years old. It was during that period of time in her life that an agent approached her to pose for various men’s magazines. In 1992, she became the Pet of the Month in the March issue of Penthouse and graced the cover of Hustler for that same exact month. However, it was Grey’s Penthouse pictorial that caught the eye of noted adult filmmaker Andrew Blake, who convinced her to act in his next hardcore movie. Grey went on to be featured in many Andrew Blake productions, where she is often credited as Jami Dion.

After she was named Penthouse Pet of the Month in March 1992, lovely Latina Dahlia Grey started showing off her 36C-24-35 frame doing girl-girl scenes in X-rated flicks. She was, and still is, a gorgeous girl with a beautiful body. With deep, brown, pools for eyes and silky, black hair cascading down her smooth skin, she was one hot porn star for the ages.

6. Lillian Müller

Norwegian 1976 Playmate of the Year, Lillian Muller is not only a model, but an actress, a vegan, book writer, and public speaker. To date, Lillian has more than 1,000 cover stories and features in international media publications as a celebrity and supermodel. First appearing as a “Page Three Girl” in January 1974, this blonde haired, blue eyed beauty was featured five times after her initial start. Müller achieved her major breakthrough after being spotted by Suze Randall, who not only photographed her Playboy cover but her shot for a Playmate pictorial. Müller appeared in the magazine as Playmate of the Month in August 1975, and was subsequently named Playmate of the Year in 1976. It was during this time that she caught Hefner’s eye and the pair were an item for a time.

During an interview she once said, “I broke out of the mold of being a Playboy sex symbol. I’m using sex appeal for a higher purpose now. The stepping stone of my past creates curiosity and gets me in the door but I’m not about personal gratification as I was when I was younger. Those of us in the raw movement who are passionate about getting this message out are serving a power and energy much bigger than ourselves.” Lllian’s diet and lifestyle has allowed her to maintain the same sexy body she once showed off in her Playboy debut and combined with her beauty and charm, Lillian has been featured in more than 30 movies and television shows.

5. Delia Sheppard

When Delia Sheppard was the Pet of the Moth in 1988, she was an internationally acclaimed dancer and fashion model. Delia was born, as she once said, “in the wilds of Africa,” but lived in France for 4 years during the 1980′s. When asked about how living in Paris has affected her life, Delia replied, “Living there has enhanced my already passionate nature. Europeans are uninhibited and truly passionate about everything in life: cooking, shopping, art, loving…” Loving was one of Delia’s many areas of expertise. With her 34-21-34 figure, she said she could identify with the sexually uninhibited nature, ambition, inner strength, and humor of Catherine the Great, “I have the same effect on men. Their entire bodies become erect, not just their cocks… I wish to totally complete the man I love, intellectually, physically, and emotionally.”

During her time in show business, she kept her body fit because she had worked as a dancer previously, and had a profound respect for her body, “As important as it is to be in touch with your body, a more enduring facet is being in touch with your inner self.” In 2014, Sheppard worked as a showgirl in Las Vegas, performing in such shows as Splash and Showgirl Follies, Life in Feathers and Rhinestones. Although she has long since graced the covers of Penthouse, she maintains the gorgeous body that helped make her famous.


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4. Tracy Wolfe

Californian native, Tracy Wolfe, also known as K.C. Williams, was not only the Penthouse Pet of the month in June 1992, but she appeared in over 100 adult movies in her career. In addition to being a Penthouse Pet, she has also appeared in several different magazines including Easy Riders. Yet despite her fame, this busty blonde pet never let it go to her head and she always appreciated her fans. During one interview, Wolfe said, “I get cards and letters from people all the time. Believe it or not, there are a lot of guys who travel around the country just to see my shows.” With a 34C-25-35 figure, it’s not hard to imagine why she had such a loyal fan base during the height of her popularity.

This California blonde was easily able to explain her affinity for why she enjoys dancing in clubs and how it was more than just exercise for her. “I’ve appeared in a number of films, but I really prefer performing onstage. I love to tease and excite the audience…especially when I can see the impression I’m making!”

3. Cheryl Rixon

Cheryl Rixon is a hottie from down under. Prior to making her way into the pages of Penthouse, Rixon aimed for acting fame in her native land of Australia, and got some TV work that didn’t move her along particularly far. However, her striking Pet of the Month pictorial in the December 1977 issue of Bob Guccione’s flagship publication got higher-than-normal notice from the readership. At the height of the Guccione Era, Bob envisioned the Pet of the Year competition as just that, or as a pageant at least, and he produced a televised event from the Aladdin in Las Vegas. It was during that time that Rixon racked up her most awesome movie credit. There was one in particular that makes us wish she had acted more. In her role as the buxom model who suffered an entirely deliberate “wardrobe malfunction” on live television, in the 1980 comedy, Used Cars.

“My body developed very early,” admits Cheryl; so, apparently, did her mind. At the ripe young age of 16, she displayeed a talent for resourceful Yankee know-how: “I called up a famous Austalian magazine,” she recalls, “and told them that I was a modeling agency and I had a hot new model they could use. I didn’t tell them I was an agent for myself,” she said, grinning, “but I got my first job that way, and I’ve been working ever since!”

2. Brandy Ledford

Brandy Lee Ledford, also known as Jisel, is an American actress, model and the Penthouse Pet of the Year for 1992. In 1998, before she became Christian, Ledford appeared in explicit solo and girl-girl pictorials including dildo insertion in Penthouse as well as other adult men’s publications. After those photos were released to the public, a homemade video tape of Ledford having sex with Mötley Crüe singer, Vince Neil, and pornographic actress, Janine Lindemulder, was leaked to the public. It was eventually released commercially by the same company that distributed the infamous sex video of actress/former model, Pamela Anderson and Mötley Crüe drummer, Tommy Lee.

Her love for acting has only increased as the years went on and the jobs poured in. Everything from the lights, the cables, the camera equipment, the crew to the art of turning words on paper into humanity, excited Brandy and she expressed gratitude to be in such a rewarding business. Despite her appearance in gentlemen’s magazines, Ledford also has a huge sci-fi following due to her extensive work on her many sci-fi shows, including The Invisible Man, Andromeda, and Stargate: Atlantis. According to Ledford, her favorite sci-fi character to play was “Doyle” on Andromeda.

1. Jane Hargrave

One of the qualities that distinguished a Penthouse Pet from a Playboy Playmate, or any of the other girlie-mag personae of the Golden Age of Newsstand Erotica, was a certain air of refinement and sophistication. Despite the fact that Guccione’s girls were baring much more than Hef’s, there was often a kind of enigmatic aura about them. This had to do with the way the models were photographed, looking away from the camera, as if captured in a moment of private thought. Out of all the Pets to come out of Penthouse, Jane Hargrave helped set the standard for what it takes to become an icon.

At age 18, Jane began applying for modeling jobs, and quickly came to the attention of Bob Guccione which ultimately launched her career. Beginning in July of 1975, she appeared on the cover of three different Penthouse editions and was the British Penthouse Pet of the Year in 1978. Jane’s persona in front of the camera combined her natural beauty with a sense of mystery which was best captured on the cover of the April 1978 issue of Penthouse. This cover featured the young, tan, and fit, Jane, standing provocatively in an open spaghetti-strap top and a single seashell pendant necklace. Jane’s relaxed but gorgeous demeanor on that cover is considered one of the most defining moments of the early Guccione era.

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