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Filthy Countdown: 10 Of The Top Sex Products For The Modern Woman


From sex swings to crotchless panties, these are ten sex products that every modern woman should own.

Written By

Scarlett Belle 

As a recent college graduate, Scarlett refuses to follow the crowd when it comes to living her life. Working as a lingerie model to pay off student loans, she enjoys the time she has off to travel with her boyfriend to different adult entertainment conventions around the country. Her fascination for all things sexy has also lead her to write for Filthy Gorgeous.

If there’s one thing that humans can’t afford to stop doing with each other, it’s having sex. As long as machines that make it feel even better are available, you’re going to want those machines in your bedroom. The sex toy industry is booming. In the past decade or two, countless start ups have reinvented the humble vibrator, redesigned the standard dildo, and put the magic of machine-sex on the tips of your fingers. Of course, having sex is still good, but sometimes the lack of excitement and anticipation brings it down a few scream worthy notches. That is why, around this time many of us turn to sex toys and accessories. I am not just talking about a simple vibrator to masturbate with and sexy lingerie to increase the feeling of lust. Filthy Gorgeous has done research and presents ten exceptional products from Adam & Eve that all women should own.

10. Rabbit

Whether you’re buying your first rabbit or your third, make every experience a great one! Adam and Eve has a wide array of the best rabbits on the market. Many of them boast all the features of luxury rabbits with multiple duo-directional rotation settings, four shaft rotation speeds, and eight clitoral vibration functions. From slimmer, sleeker sizes, to more robust girths, rabbits come in all shapes and size. The one thing that remains the same is the pleasure you’ll receive from the vibrating ears as they focus on the clit, resulting in heightened orgasms.

For first timers, having one with a more petite and comfortable design is highly recommended. Eve’s First Rabbit may be the perfect choice for you if you are looking for a slimmer, sleeker model. Plus, since the Eve’s First Rabbit is waterproof, you can take this toy into the shower or spa. This vibrator is compatible with all types of toys and condoms and will leaving you wanting more.


Glittering Red Bow Nipple Pasties


Glittering Red Bow Nipple Pasties are hand-made in the USA of glittering pleather material that forms to curves and resists wrinkling over hardening nipples. Just peel-and-stick on clean, dry skin. All Pastease feature latex-free, medical-grade, waterproof adhesive that stay securely in place for as long as you like and until they are gently removed.


9. Liberator Wedge

Liberators are the “Sex Bed” you’ve always dreamed of but never made into a reality. Whether you are in your prime or over the hill, this wedge shaped support device will increase anyone’s pleasure. Your fantasy positions are now possible, while your current favorite ones will be changed for the better––for both of you! The extra height helps ease of entry, making any man’s penis feel larger and penetrate more deeply. Liberator shapes offers deeper penetrations, increased access and surprising new sensations. They’re a great “booster” for oral sex too! Say goodbye to position fatigue and back strain from oral and anal sex. These liberators are made of dense foam for firm, comfortable support.

8. Chemise

This quintessential, flattering piece of lingerie is perfect for any woman looking to feel sexy in the bedroom. This piece will quickly become your go-to garment for a night of seduction that lets you show off as little or as much as you want. As a confident sexy woman, you have the ability to control how society perceives you. Marilyn Monroe once said, “A dress should be tight enough to show you’re a woman and loose enough to prove you’re a lady.” I can’t think of a better example of this than a chemise. It hugs the body tightly but it has a timeless feel of femininity.

Try different styles of chemises in order to find what looks best and makes you feel sexy. Chemises are available in an abundance of sizes and styles, from revealing lace, to seductive silk. There is a chemise for every mood, personality, and day of the week! The Romantic Nights Lace Panel Chemise allows you to show off your flawless figure in this understated, uncommonly sexy chemise! The padded underwire top shapes and lifts your breasts for can’t-stop-staring cleavage. With elegant lace details on either side, it adds curve appeal, while feather light mesh feels so soft to the touch.



7. Ben Wa Balls

Repeat that first time experience without the awkwardness of being a virgin. Using Ben Wa Balls allows you to practice Kegel exercises with ease. Doing a daily strengthening routine with this product will not only strengthen the vagina, but help you to maintain a healthy sex life. As with any other skill dependent upon muscular development, the more exercise you do, the better you get. Remember that you can control the rhythms and the pressure. A powerful grip is often enough to distinguish you from his previous partners. To start the process of regaining that elasticity, the Embrace Tightening Pleasures Collection is the best step forward. Childbirth, lifestyle choices, and simple aging can affect the muscles in a woman’s pelvic area. Use the Embrace Tightening Pleasure Collection to tighten muscles, improve circulation and to experience more intense orgasms. Your lover’s erect penis will appreciate your new-found ability to “grab” him at will!

6. Restraints

Anastasia might have been new to the Christian’s kinky side in Fifty Shades of Grey, but after he used restraints on her, she quickly learned how much she enjoyed being submissive. First timers looking for an introduction to BDSM to even the most experienced Dominatrix, restraints are the easiest way to create a submissive/dominant scenario. Set up your own red room of pleasure instantly by ensnaring your lover in your web of desire – literally! The Fetish Fantasy Web Restraint System takes your ordinary bed and turns it into a fantasy bondage sex web of seduction! This sexy red and black web’s straps adjust to fit any size mattress. With a set of four adjustable neoprene cuffs let you play safely and comfortably in positions you never thought possible!



5. Glass Dildos

Luxury meets orgasms with these uniquely beautiful glass dildos. Created to be versatile, you can heat them up or cool them down to add additional sensations. From beautifully blown glass work to raised bumps and designs, each glass dildo stands apart from regular dildos. Since they are water proof, these dildos can be used in the tub without the fear of an electrical shortage. With its colorful nature and graduated shaft, the Thriller Glass Massager really lives up to its name! The glass massager has a bulbous shaft that gradually grows larger and larger to fit your preference. If you prefer short and thin, you can stop after the first two bulbs. But if you like them long and thick, then you take the entire toy! Sensory play is one of glass’s biggest benefits. You can warm your massager up with hot water for a muscle-soothing massage or a more life-like feeling during playtime. Or you can chill it off with cold water to give your lover goose bumps and rock-hard nipples!

4. Sexual Enhancers

Give your erogenous zones an extra boost of pleasure. Topical enhancers intensify the sensations you’re already feeling. Use them with your lover, or during solo play time. Whether you are looking for a fragrance that ignites lust or a lotion to help stimulate your most sensitive areas, sexual enhancers takes pleasure to the next level. Turn your arousal on with Sensuva ON All Natural Female Arousal Oil! This revolutionary formula contains a unique blend of essential oils to stimulate and excite your arousal naturally. To use, just apply a drop of this sex oil directly to your clit and massage in gently. Within 30 seconds, you’ll feel a surge of tingling, electrifying sensation on your clit as your vagina gets wetter and wetter. The sensations last up to 45 minutes. Not only is the sensation powerful, but its spicy-sweet cinnamon and ginger scent and taste will please the rest of your senses.



3. Crotchless Panties

You can’t help but to look and feel like a femme fatale when you’re wearing a pair of sexy crotchless panties. Many women might prefer to leave them on from foreplay to the big bang, because the feeling of crotchless panties excites them in way that is hard to explain. Not to mention it also serves as some delicious eye candy for your partner to to look at. I recommend introducing crotchless panties into any relationship because they are designed to be interactive. Crotchless panties are available in an abundance of sizes and styles, from comfy cotton, to classy, luxurious, and vivacious. The S.L.P. Crotchless Beaded Lovers Thong gives you a beaded panty massage while you make love. Experience natural stimulation with every thrust! The panty’s delicate black stretch lace encircles her waist and holds a loop of 12 smooth beads against her nether lips. When he slips inside, the beads roll and massage you both for intense orgasmic sensations that make sex even more amazing.

2. G-Spot Vibes

Experience the most exquisite and intense vaginal orgasms. The curved tip makes it easier to concentrate the vibrations right on the g-spot. This mystical G-Spot is something many men have never succeeded in pleasing which is why the g-spot vibrator proves to be useful. The g-spot is located 2-3 inches into the vagina, requiring skill to pleasure it or a vibrator. The Fun Factory Stronic Drei is highly recommend for any woman looking to experience a g-spot orgasms. It quietly thrusts back and forth inside you like an orgasmic mythical creature and with 10 kinds of naturally rhythmic pulses, it allows you to insert this amazing device into the vagina for hands free pleasure. That’s right, just lie back and let your Fun Factory Stronic Drei make love to you until you orgasm. Have a pillow handy to muffle your screams of joy!



1. Sex Swing

Take orgasms to new heights, literally. Sex swings allow ordinary couples to enjoy weightless sex and stimulating positions that will arouse and satisfy both of you with hearty orgasms. Perfect for anyone looking to start their exploration into the world of BDSM, sex swings are easy to set up and use. You don’t need any special strength, balance or agility to get started on the Fetish Fantasy Yoga Sex Swing. The amazing thing is you’ll acquire those skills the more you use it. Soft, plush nylon fabric feels great against your bare skin and the entire Swing is designed to support up to 300 lbs. Padded foam handles provide extra support and comfort allowing for maximum penetration.

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