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Filthy Countdown: 15 Most Stunning Women Of The 1980′s


Unlike the fashion trends of the 1980′s, these 15 stunning women are timeless.

The 1980′s was a decade of loud rock and roll, and outrageous fashion. Everything seemed to be supersized,  from the giant hair styles to clunky cell phones, bigger was better. Then Atari brought the video game into the American home and celebrities made movies that captured the audiences’ attention with plot lines around drugs and sex. Without a doubt, the beginning of this decade marked the arrival of some of the most enduring sex symbols in American pop culture history. Yet the eighties were not a particularly friendly time for women with large asses. With a national obsession with working out, American women were always at the gym struggling to flatten and minimize their rear ends.

But despite this obsession with getting in shape, it was also a breakout decade for an increase in public fascination of erotic material and beautiful women. With sexy celebrities like Ornella Muti in Flash Gordon, and Molly Ringwald in The Breakfast Club, people in the 1980′s were captivated by their good looks and talent. From models in gentleman’s magazines to teen romantic dramas, these 15 women have become synonymous with the 1980′s.

15. Traci Lords

The notorious underage porn star took a couple years off after the public discovered that she was an underage porn star. When Traci was cast for the female lead in a sexed-up remake of, Not Of This Earth, casting directors hissed at the thought of casting her because of the kind of message it sent. However this film would largely become known as the only non-porn movie in which Lords gets undressed. There were no robots, no gangbangs, no blood, no crying mascara, no snot, or gagging blow jobs. It was just someone having sex with this very attractive female who made the most pleasing squeaky/yelpy noise in the history of pornography. In any event, Traci is still standing, acting all over, making a bundle at autograph shows, and generally bestowing good vibes and groovy light on all those who meet her.

14. Ornella Muti

Flash Gordon might have gone for the girl next door, but for many fans, they only had eyes for the bad girl. As Emperor Ming’s daughter, Princess Aura, Ornella Muti paraded around in a tight red vinyl cat suit. Renowned for her beauty from her native home in Italy to her current one in Los Angeles, she was widely regarded as one of the most beautiful women in the world. The smoky-eyed, lithe beauty had been acting in Italian-made films since she was fifteen. For Dino Di Laurentiis’s mega-production of the low Camp sci-fi extravaganza Flash Gordon, Muti made the biggest impression, what with her staggering beauty and her effortless delivery of such deathless dialogue as “No! Not the bore worms!”

13. Corinne Alphen

In regards to the 1983 teen sex exploitation movie, Spring Break, Roger Ebert wrote about why he liked the star who was, “a young woman named Corinne Alphen, who is described as Penthouse’s 1982 Pet of the Year. Sad to say, most of the Pets and Playmates who win movie roles turn out to be sort of self-conscious and untalented as actresses.” Not Corinne Alphen. She had a dazzling smile, a great personality, and a relaxed naturalness on the screen that still makes horny teenage boys drool. Despite the movie being a flop, Alphen expressed that she was always sexually adventurous, just like her character in the movie. “I craved attention from the opposite sex from a very early age, ” Corinne said once. “I went to an exclusive girls’ school when I was young, and I still have a fantasy of making love with a teenage boy in a car at a drive-in. I guess that’s because it’s something I never got to do.”


Corrine Alphen Memorabilia









12. Farrah Fawcett

Sure, she had laugh lines around her green eyes and tiny creases that appeared with her famous smile, but her legs were always long and slender, her waist was girlishly slim, her abdomen flat, and that wild mane of blonde hair looked as thick and lustrous as it did in 1976 when she first burst onto the scene as the sexiest of Charlie’s Angels. Farrah Fawcett passed away in 2009, looking as young and beautiful as ever. Touted then and now as one of the most beautiful women in the world, Farrah Fawcett, the mother of Redmond O’Neal, always preferred to see herself as a serious actress and an intelligent woman. Fawcett was one of the few actresses who successfully made the transition from bimbo roles, in movies like Sunburn and The Cannonball Run, to acclaimed dramatic parts in films like The Burning Bed and Extremities. So serious an actress is she that she puts her art ahead of her looks—almost. “One of my favorite actresses, Anne Bancroft, said to me, ‘Never have a face-lift. ‘The kind of roles that you can play, you need some age on you.’”

11. Pam Grier

Pam Grier has been steaming up the screen for over forty years! She first burst onto the scene with her debut role in the Russ Meyers classic Beyond the Valley of the Dolls in 1970. She earned status as a blaxploitation film legend, staring in such cinematic masterpieces as Coffy, and the iconic Foxy Brown. She took over the game one karate kick and one halter top at a time until she became the preeminent black sex symbol of her generation! She never stopped working, with a never ending cavalcade of movie and television appearances stretching right into the present day. The bottom line is that she is that very rare goddess with both the perfect ass and an amazing pair of breasts.

10. Delia Sheppard

When Delia Sheppard was the Pet of the Month in 1988, she was an internationally acclaimed dancer and fashion model. Delia was born, as she once said, “in the wilds of Africa,” but lived in France for 4 years during the 1980′s. When asked about how living in Paris has affected her life, Delia replied, “Living there has enhanced my already passionate nature. Europeans are uninhibited and truly passionate about everything in life: cooking, shopping, art, loving…” Loving was one of Delia’s many areas of expertise. With her 34-21-34 figure, she said she could identify with the sexually uninhibited nature, ambition, inner strength, and humor of Catherine the Great, “I have the same effect on men. Their entire bodies become erect, not just their cocks… I wish to totally complete the man I love, intellectually, physically, and emotionally.”

9. Patty Mullen

Although Patty Mullen was well known for being a model due to her success in Penthouse, she made her debut as an actress in 1990 in the black comedy film, Frankenhooker. Although she only acted in two movies during her regrettably short-lived cinematic career, Patty first turned heads with a steamy nude pictorial in Penthouse. With her blonde hair, green-eyes, and 36-23-36 figure, she was startlingly uncommon and unique for her Irish-Italian-Norwegian ancestry. Mullen was the Pet of the Month in the August 1986 issue of Penthouse and then reappeared as Pet of the Year in 1987. Due to her popularity, she also graced the cover of the January 1988 issue of Penthouse, as well as a pictorial.

8.  Sigourney Weaver

Weaver and Carrie Fisher were the most iconic sci-fi babes of the late 70′s. Sigourney Weaver, a Yale Drama School alum whose first love is theater (she maintains a strong working relationship with playwright Christopher Durang, a schoolmate) was “final girl” Ripley in the ensemble cast of 1979’s Alien; while she was the newbie in a cast that included movie veterans such as Yaphet Kotto, Tom Skeritt, and Veronica Cartwright, as the survivor of the alien attack she was the only one who got to carry on the franchise, which she did in the blockbuster sequel Aliens which began an association with mega-director James Cameron that continues with her participation in the 21st-century 3D Avatar movies.

7. Melanie Griffith

Dakota Johnson’s mother may not have been bound and gagged like her daughter in 50 Shades Of Grey, but she’s sure not afraid to show-off her womanly figure. From Milk Money to Fear City, Melanie Griffith certainly did not hold back from baring it all. The blonde bombshell certainly stands the test of time from the 80′s until now as being one of the most attractive actresses of all time. In 2003, Griffith ventured onto the Broadway stage for a career-reviving performance in the musical Chicago. When it was announced that Griffith would play the leading role as the homicidal Roxie Hart, most critics dismissed the move as a publicity stunt and a terrible casting choice. Nevertheless, Griffith shocked the critics by delivering a stellar and widely acclaimed performance.


The Best Films Of The 1980′s









6. Barbara Crampton

Put-upon girlfriends don’t come more put-upon than Crampton in this ultra-gross-out sci-fi/horror classic. In the Re-Animator,  Crampton’s boyfriend Dan (Bruce Abbott) is pretty normal. But his science-geek roommate is both disdainful and up to some pretty bizarre shit. It all culminates with Megan strapped to a bed stark naked while the decapitated professor who started it all goes down on her by holding his own severed head between her legs. The gorgeous Crampton, who prior to collaborating with Re-Animator auteur Stuart Gordon had appeared on the soap “Days Of Our Lives,” proved as game a scream queen as there ever was, moving on to S&M hijinks in Gordon’s subsequent From Beyond. Crampton still pays attention to her fanbase and appears at conventions.

5. Hyapatia Lee

The September 1984 issue of Penthouse magazine is famous for several reasons. One of the reasons is that the cover features former Miss America, Vanessa Williams. However, the thing that made this issue not only a collectors’ item but also contraband, was the fact that the Pet of the Month in that issue was an underage Traci Lords. So who’s the final girl in this story? Hyapatia Lee. She was a popular porn performer whose gimmick was her Native American heritage. As it happens, the gorgeous Hyapatia is only one-quarter Cherokee, which isn’t huge, but it’s enough for her to apply for a casino license, and enough for her to have had the distinction of being the only Native-American adult performer in porn during her first pass at it, from 1983 to 1993.

4. Pia Zadora

Pia Zadora’s body made her famous in the 1980′s but her talent made her timeless. After working as a child actress on Broadway, in regional theater, and in the film, Santa Claus Conquers the Martians. She gained national attention in 1981 when she won a Golden Globe Award for her sexually driven performance in Butterfly. The film told the story of 17 year-old sexpot named Kady (Pia Zadora) whose opening scene set the premise for the entire movie. Wearing a flimsy low-cut dress that showed off her ample breasts, the voluptuous and baby-faced Zadora with her pouty lips was hitchhiking to Good Springs on the Arizona-Nevada border. Pia Zadora’s fan base would remember her from her extensive list of movie roles, her singing career, and her famous photo shoot for Penthouse when she was 28. The mother of three posed nude for Penthouse in 1983 as part of the Guccione collection that featured her in nothing more than a well placed stars and stripes scarf. This photo shoot proved to be one of the highlights of Pia’s career because she was seen as one of the sexiest women of the 1980′s.

3. Molly Ringwald

During the mid-1980′s, Molly Ringwald was the uncontested queen of teen movies and the poster child of suburban adolescent angst. She was known as a member of the so-called Brat Pack which included fellow stars Anthony Michael Hall, Judd Nelson and Ally Sheedy. Her three-picture run with filmmaker John Hughes established Ringwald as a teen kindred spirit who awkwardly navigated secret crushes, school dances and bitter clique wars, inching closer to adulthood by the time a triumphant pop song signaled the end credits. However, like all teen and child stars, the redhead’s flame never burned quite so bright as those important years which launched a brand new genre of youth film making. After several failed efforts to segue into adult romantic comedies, the actress starred in a 1995 film, Malicious.

2. Lisa Bonet

Angel Heart is a 1987 American horror mystery starring Lisa Bonet, Mickey Rourke, and Robert De Niro. The film, adapted from the novel Falling Angel by William Hjortsberg, earned mostly positive critical reviews but it was not a financial success. Angel Heart gained attention and controversy even before its release. In the movie, Bonet, then 19, was part of an extended, graphic sex scene with Rourke while blood dripped from the walls. Angel Heart is a thriller and a horror movie, but most of all it’s an exuberant exercise in style, pushing the limits of movie ratings.

1. Kim Basinger

In 1989, Kim Basinger played the part of photojournalist Vicki Vale, reporting on a vigilante nicknamed “Batman”, who was targeting the city’s criminals. During a fundraiser, Viki falls for Bruce Wayne, who is actually the vigilante she is searching for. The two start a relationship and Bruce meets with Vicki at her apartment, prepared to tell her he is Batman until the Joker interrupts. Before Basinger was the innocent object of Batman’s affection, she was part of a tantalizing sexual affair with Mickey Rourke in the 1986 film, 9 1/2 Weeks. This film was based on the memoir of the same name by Elizabeth McNeill about a New York City art gallery employee who has a brief, yet intense affair with a mysterious Wall Street broker. The film was completed in 1984 but not released until February 1986. The two of them take you on an erotic odyssey in this steamy story of a love affair that breaks every sexual taboo. 9 1/2 Weeks is a passionate and provocative look at love and obsession that is moving, thrilling, and sometimes shocking.

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