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Posted by on Apr 8, 2015 in News | 0 comments

Filthy Countdown: 7 Of The Most Beautiful Female Country Music Stars


From Faith Hill to Taylor Swift, this list highlights seven of the most beautiful country music stars.

Who doesn’t love a good Who’s Hot list to ogle at and be jealous of? I do, I do! Instead of my usual compilation of delicious and talented men based articles like the Top 7 Male Country Music Heartthrobs article  and the 6 Of NASCAR’s Sexiest Speed Demons article, I decided it was time to pay tribute to the incredibly sexy female form and the beautiful women they belong to.

While my personal music preference may be hip-hop, rock, and dance, when it comes to the hottest babes of music, I have to give it to the naturally gorgeous girls of country. In today’s world, pop stardom consists of big booties, Barbie waists, and a wardrobe combined of Fredrick’s of Hollywood and Halloween Depot. Apparently, certain genres of music no longer seek natural beauty and raw talent.

Beyond Beauty: Sexy Female Country Singers

Except for country music it seems. Forget ass implants and nail art, country women are proud of their tight fitting Levi jeans and scuffed up boots. A type of music where songs are written for heartache and freedom rather than money and sex. Combine all of that with long legs, bronze skin, and a sexy little accent and you have yourself the all-American fantasy. Here are country music’s most beautiful female artists.

7. Jessie James Decker


Jessie James Decker may not be the most prized country artist (Okay, who are we kidding, she really isn’t all that good) but she is certainly one of the hottest. This 27-year-old Italian native oozes sex appeal, enough so that she caught the attention of Eric Decker, wide receiver of the New York Jets.

6. Jana Kramer


Actress turned music artist, 32-year-old Jana Kramer is one of the newer babes on the country music scene. With reoccurring roles on All My Children, One Tree Hill, and Grey’s Anatomy, Jana’s official musical debut wasn’t until 2012 with “Why Ya Wanna”. With her brown locks, sultry eyes, and adorable dimple, Jana’s dangerously dark looks give her a leg up in a sea of blonde performers.

5. Miranda Lambert


There are so many reasons I love Miranda Lambert. First off, her husband is Blake Shelton, secondly, she has a spitfire attitude that reflects in her music, and lastly, her pouty lips and exotic eyes make me believe she is the perfect mixture of churchgoer and naughty girl.

4. Kacey Musgraves


The wild one of this sweetheart bunch is definitely Ms. Kacey Musgraves. Known for her exceptional writing talent and controversial lyrics, she makes country music even I love. Her album, “Same Trailer Different Park” and songs like Merry Go Round, have touched such a broad audience due to her honest story telling of real life events, even the really fucked up parts. Not to mention she is fine as hell. Another badass country brunette to add to this list of beautiful babes.

3. Carrie Underwood


This 2005 American Idol winner is one blessed little lady. With seven Grammy’s and eight American Music Awards, it seems almost unfair that Carrie Underwood was also born so damn beautiful. Known for her perfectly toned legs, long blonde hair, and Miss America smile, this 32-year-old cowgirl has a top spot on my list.


For Country Lovers









2. Faith Hill


The Cowgirl Queen award goes to this hella foxy, drop dead gorgeous, and vocally gifted goddess. She is without a doubt one of the most talented women in the industry, with over 40 million records sold worldwide and 22 years of singing under her cowboy belt. Not to mention she is married to megastar and uber hotty, Tim McGraw. Faith is pretty much a real life Barbie doll with her towering height, perfect body, and flawless face. Perhaps I wouldn’t be as jealous if she were just a pretty face, but lucky for her, the girl knows how to sing.

1. Taylor Swift


Little Miss Swift might as well be president of the United States because everywhere you look, you see her name and face. Not only could she legitimately be a runway model, but she is also hands down one of the most talented artists of our time. At just 13-years old, she became the youngest artist to single-handedly write and perform a number-one country song as well as the youngest Album of the Year Grammy winner. Her stunning looks combined with extraordinary talent and goofy persona is what makes Taylor Swift number one on my list.

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