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Posted by on May 10, 2015 in News | 0 comments

Filthy Entertainment: Bisexual Women Smoke The Most Weed

Bisexual Weed

Bisexual women smoke the most weed.

For as long as humans have been aware of the psychoactive powers of cannabis, we have been trying to create more efficient ways to get stoned. As long as their is a desire to get high, there will be people buying and selling marijuana. As more and more states make the sale and smoking of marijuana legal, studies are being created to analyze everything in this transitional period between legalization and an arrest-able offense. From who’s buying it, to its effects both long term and short term, research about the topic has been appearing left and right. In keeping with the theme of analyzing who’s smoking pot the most, a new study has found that bisexual women smoke way more weed than straight women or lesbians.

“Mary Jane” is just a euphemism, but if she were a person, she’d definitely be bisexual. According to a study study by Dr. Margaret Robinson, who is both a research scientist at Ontario HIV Treatment Network and a bisexual, found that not only are bisexual women even three times more likely to smoke pot than women of any other sexual orientation, but bisexual women smoke even more than bisexual men and bisexual men smoke more than straight men. Basically, bisexual women are smoking a lot of weed.

Dr. Robinson found in her research that the reason some many bisexual women are choosing to smoke so much weed is because they need a way to deal. The participants in the study noted that they often feel like they have no community to turn to and because they are often told they must choose a sexual orientation, they are prone to feelings of isolation and sadness. Essentially, it’s the biphobia that can even be found in the LGBT community that keeps these women wanting to get high as a means to deal with the social issues that surround them in their search for a place where they are accepted for being attracted to both genders.

Hot Girls Love: To Smoke Weed

Many bisexual people attribute this feeling of social exclusion to biphobia, a perceived prejudice against bisexuality that can occur in both straight and gay communities. Biphobic attitudes include the notions that bisexual people just need to “pick a side” and that their orientation is just a “phase”—misconceptions that bisexual women might expect to find among their straight friends but be pained to encounter in the lesbian community. For bi women who have their identities invalidated by lesbians—who often have their own identities erased by the assumption that they “secretly straight”—biphobia seems to be a clear case of pot meeting kettle. It’s a situation that can quickly go to, well, a different kind of pot.

And it’s not just their sexual orientation. Dr. Robinson, who is herself bisexual, believes that the link between marijuana and bi women specifically could be due to the added layer of discrimination that they face as women.


For Mary Jane Lovers









“The big difference, I think, is that bisexual women are exposed to sexism as well as biphobia and homophobia,” she said in an interview with the Daily Beast. “It could be something about the anxiety we feel living at the intersection of multiple oppressions that instigates such elevated use of cannabis.”This is a text block. Click the edit button to change this text.

According to Robinson, bisexual women are often lacking in the ability to cope, because they don’t have the support system that other specific groups have. For them, because they don’t fall into the gay or straight category, they’re constantly searching for contentment and peace from the day-to-day of just being who they are. Although smoking pot is hardly something to raise massive alarms or call for an intervention, what the findings of this study do mean is that socially we’re ignoring bisexuals and not giving them the support system they need or the one offered to people of other sexual orientations. That has to change. Hopefully this study can lead the way in awareness of their struggles.

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