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Filthy Muse: Pia Zadora

Pia Zadora Bob Willoughby 1982

Written By

Baxter Reynolds

Having worked as Head Curator of exhibitions at many prestigious art galleries around the country, Reynolds is no stranger to fine art. Reynolds now works as a freelance curator for Filthy Gorgeous Media, allowing him to pursue his own personal love of erotic photography.

What is it about an attractive or intriguing woman that turns an ordinary man into a creative whirlwind? Beautiful women served as a muse for Bob Guccione as an artist and as a photographer. The women that are featured on Filthy Gorgeous have served a muse for photographers from the past and they continue to evoke inspiration for the future generations. All of the women that are given the title, Filthy Muse, are timeless.

Pia Zadora Is A Filthy Gorgeous Muse

Pia Zadora’s body made her famous in the 1980′s but her talent made her timeless. After working as a child actress on Broadway, in regional theater, and in the film, Santa Claus Conquers the Martians. She gained national attention in 1981 when she won a Golden Globe Award for her sexually driven performance in Butterfly. The film told the story of 17 year-old sexpot named Kady (Pia Zadora) whose opening scene set the premise for the entire movie. Wearing a flimsy low-cut dress that showed off her ample breasts, the voluptuous and baby-faced Zadora with her pouty lips was hitchhiking to Good Springs on the Arizona-Nevada border. She locates the shack of hermit miner who asks her, “Miss…somethin’ you want?” Provocatively, Zadora drinks fresh creamy milk from a dipper while looking at him, claiming: “I like it warm with foam on it.”

Famous Nude Scenes: Entertainer Pia Zadora Pre Golf Cart Accident

Pia Zadora’s fan base would remember her from her extensive list of movie roles, her singing career, and her famous photo shoot for Penthouse when she was 28. The mother of three posed nude for Penthouse in 1983 as part of the Guccione collection that featured her in nothing more than a well placed stars and stripes scarf. This photo shoot proved to be one of the highlights of Pia’s career because she was seen as one of the sexiest women of the 1980′s. It was this photo shoot that got her invited to parties at the Guccione estate.

“On this evening, Mr. Guccione was giving a little party. It was for Pia Zadora, a sometime actress and for the past several years, something of a media phenomenon. She had posed for Mr. Guccione’s camera and the resulting photos were to be exposed for the first time in the upcoming issue of Penthouse. Miss Zadora was most important guest that night. She sat there, tastefully in a red, white and blue sequined dress, slit up to here. The photographers at the party were crowded around her, directing her how to smile and to show a little more leg. Pia, the small, plump blonde beauty of the month smiled happily and said, ‘Once you have posed for Penthouse, what’s a little more thigh?’” – Jim Brady (Oct. 27 ’83)

Pia Zadora




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