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Posted by on Dec 20, 2016 in dating, Uncategorized | 0 comments

I love him but he does not speak about himself

Not all the gents that I meet at Rochester escorts become personal favorites of mine but this guy has managed to become a favorite. He was started to meet up with a couple of months ago and since then we have been seeing each other at least once a week. I get a good feel from him but he does not speak about himself a lot. Is he shy or just worried that I am going to get too close to him.


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All the gents that I meet at Rochester escorts have got their personalities. Most of them have cheerful personalities and seem to enjoy spending time with me. This guy is different from the others. He has this calm personality and when I am with him, I always feel that I am really appreciated. Not all of the gents evoke that kind of feeling in me. This guy is really calm and gives me that sort of calm feeling that he really likes me.

Sometimes when we are together, it feels like he wants to say something about himself but it sort of stops there. What gets me is that he speaks a couple of languages. On top of that he is also really physically fit when compared to many of my other gents at Rochester escorts. To be honest, I don’t know what he does for a living. All that I know that he works in London and puts in really long hours. He says that he looks forward to his retirement as he is going to get a civil service pension.

The other girls here at Rochester escorts thinks that he works for MI6 or similar sort of organization. He is rather smart and I am sure that he could easily be doing something like that. Perhaps that it is one of the reasons that he does not like to talk about himself. Most of the time I get the feeling that he is rather a lonely guy but at the same time he seems to be happy in his own company. Not all of the gents that I meet at Rochester escorts are like that.

When he is away from Rochester escorts, and I don’t see him for a few weeks, I worry about him. Sometimes when he comes back he looks really tired and exhausted. The other week he came back from a three week absence and I noticed that he had bad bruising on has back when I gave him a massage. I did not really know what to make of it, but I did add some arnica to the massage lotion. He seemed to relax and when he left, he said that he loves the way I look after him. No one has ever said that to me before, and it was in many ways a very nice thing to say. I actually think that I love this guy. There is something special about him and I would like to spend some personal time with him.

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